Walsh Visit

On Saturday morning, Christianne, Grant and Judah came over for the day and to spend the night with us.  It was our Missions Conference at church this weekend and both Christianne and Grant did some speaking!  Christianne spoke to the women Friday evening at church and Grant gave a sermon Sunday morning.  Both did a great job.

Judah, their son, will be 3 in July.  Julia and Judah are buddies!  They had to work on sharing, but overall they were very sweet to each other and loved sitting at the table together for meals.  Mark called Judah, Yoda...very cute!

We got close to Grant soon after he proposed to Christianne in Paris! (On the Eiffel tower, very romantic).  We have been staying in touch, and praying/supporting their ministry in Philadelphia.  These two are a dynamic couple and they are going to do great things for Christ no matter where they go!  Grant and John love to talk about the Bible and theology and current events, and Christianne and I love to share each other's hearts and now that we are both mommies we talk about the kids a lot!

There was a lot of laughing in our house on Saturday, and it was really nice to have my whole family home (John was out of town for a week) and good friends around.  While all the kids took naps and Christianne went out for lunch (a missionary is always busy keeping up with friends when they are in town) Grant, John and I had lunch and talked.

After dinner, Grant, Christianne, John, and Judah headed off to church for an evening of fun (They played Bible or Not the game show from our local Christian radio station.)  Grant and Christianne were life lines and ten contestants competed.  I'm happy to say my husband placed THIRD!  Go John!  It was such a fun night because they all came back buzzing with excitement.

Don't laugh but while my kids were playing and watching a movie, I was busy prepping breakfast for the morning, making the coffee, setting the table, and making sure everything was just right.

And of course I made sure Judah and Julia would be seat buddies.

Then Mark was off to bed and Julia and I got busy fixing up the pull out bed downstairs for Grant and Christianne.

Julia wanted to test it out to make sure they would be comfortable of course!

The next morning we all ate breakfast together.  John made a nice breakfast, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs and chocolate chip/blueberry/strawberry pancakes with a banana topping!!!  He out did himself!  Once everyone had their coffee and was full everyone got busy getting dressed, cleaning up and taking showers.  I only had to worry about Julia and Mark getting dressed even though they were going to stay home with me.  John was going to go to the first service at 9:15.  Then I would get dressed and drive the kids to church only so John could jump in my SUV and drive home with the kids in tow and so I could hear the 11oclock service.  Grant did fantastic!  What a great sermon and what a blessing to have them over!

I'm always reminded when missionaries come to speak or spend time with us that we can all Light up our world with the love of Christ.  We don't have to travel to distant, or foreign lands to do so.  God may lead us to do that, but sometimes He keeps us in a certain spot just to illuminate that area with His love.  So wherever you are, wherever you live, Go light your world with the gospel of Christ's love.  Share your heart, your story, your testimony with the people around you.  Let your faith be known!


  1. What a fun visit! Julia and her little buddy are so cute together. =) I love spending time iwth missionaries, they have the greatest stories and are always so inspiring to be around!

  2. Oh, so wonderful! Glad you had a great time with them :)


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