02 October 2019

And so, The Adventure Begins...

In Revelations 21: 5 it says…”Behold I am making all things new.  Write, for these words are faithful and true.”

God is in the business and beauty of making things new.  He molds us, changes us, stretches us and challenges us to newness.

The seasons change.  The weather changes daily.  Our feelings change.  Our bodies change.  Our babies grow into little people.  Our lives are constantly in a state of change and newness.  Once you start getting comfortable you can rest assured that change is eminent and that newness is up ahead.

I really don’t like newness as much as I thought I did.  Newness means change.  I like the norm, the predictable, and the safety in knowing exactly what I can expect will happen. 

God doesn’t change.  His love doesn’t change.  But we do!  Our circumstances are constantly making us adapt and embrace change.

I read a quote recently that I loved, “So, I close my eyes to old ends And open my heart to new beginnings.

This year is another new beginning for us as now we have a middle schooler!  Julia will be 12 in a few short months and she is blossoming into this WOMAN right before our very eyes.

And so, the adventure begins…

Part of me says…”I’m not ready for this!”

The other part of me says, “Girlfriend, you literally have no choice!”

The best time for new beginnings is now.

As we embrace this new beginning for our family of having a Pre-teen I know that God is working and preparing our hearts and minds for all it is we will have to accomplish and teach our children.

I am still amazed by the job of parenthood.

It is such a daunting task to raise little humans into adult humans.

I still remember bringing her home that first wintry day.  She barely fit in that car seat.  She was all cheeks.  She was fast asleep as we both stared at her and wondered how the heck the doctors and nurses were allowing us to bring this precious babe home.  Where was the book that came with her?  No book?

Now, 4 kids later, we are experts at parenting right?  Wrong!

WE are Still learning, still growing, still being molding by Jesus each day.

Praying we are doing the right thing each step of the way.

We are entrusting all of them to Him. We are pointing them to Him.

This morning as we put everyone in the car, backpacks, lunches, instruments.  I saw Julia staring at her phone.  My first words were…”Julia we need Jesus before we need our phone, put your phone away and read your Bible.”  And as I said it I felt like such a hypocrite…how many times do I wake up and stare at my phone before pausing to even think or talk to God.

We fail.  We fall.  He’s still there.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” Albert Einstein

If you are a parent out there, reading this, today just remember how blessed you are to be called Momma!  As hard as it is, it truly is a gift. 

And when I pause long enough to think about it all I feel is gratitude.

I follow God’s lead and keep following Him as we raise our 4 kids. 

And so, the adventure begins…


01 July 2019

50 Million Things

As a busy Mom of 4 I feel like the minute I wake up until the moment I go to bed there are "50 million things" that I have to do.  I want to do them all and I want to do them well.  Very often I feel overwhelmed and full of anxiety.  I find myself having to write things down or text myself lists to remember everything.
I have to plan birthday parties.
I have to plan play dates.
I have to keep up with my friends.
I have to support my husband in his career.
I have to go to work and excel in my career.
I have to feed my family dinner.
I have to pack lunches for camp.
I have to work out.  (Guys...I don't do this...but I HAVE to)
I have to check in on my parents.
I have to have quiet time with God.
I have to go food shopping.
Do you ever feel like you just can't keep up?  Do you feel like you just want everything to stop, and wait, and for everyone to be quiet so you can think?
There are times I actually tell the kids, "Please stop talking/fighting/yelling, Mommy is trying to think."
What does a person DO when there is so much to DO?
I refuse to get discouraged.  I know this is just "a season", but I wonder does every mom/parent feel like this?  Do you all feel like you are on a gerbil wheel going at the fastest pace possible and you just want to get off and sit?
I miss nap time.
I miss reading novels.
I miss the quiet.
I miss free time.
I think for me I need to start prioritizing my "50 million things."  I need to start saying what I have to do and what I need to do.
And too often my list is about everybody else's needs and not my own and definitely not about God.  #selfcare
I feel like what I NEED the most is quiet time with Him so that I can actually prioritize properly and less of doing all this other stuff.
I Still haven't figured it all out yet.  I Still feel like there are 50 Million things to do...
But God has got me!  I literally have the best husband a girl could ask for.
And sometimes the bravest thing to do is say...I need help.

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