03 March 2009


I feel so blessed to be Julia's mommy. She is such an amazing little girl, she's my baby, but I feel like I can't call her a baby anymore because she is growing up so fast. She has been doing so well learning her sign language. Today she learned "play". She knows how to sign, "please, thank you, more, eat, mommy, daddy, dog, all done, and now play". I feel like it has helped her a lot to be able to sign because she can tell me what she wants, but there are times when I don't get it fast enough and she still gets frustrated.

Lately I've been noticing that she gets very frustrated when she is playing by herself and something doesn't work out the way she wants it to. Like today after I changed her I left her onesie on and took off her little dress, so she was walking around the playroom withe her dress on her head and was having a blast, but then all of the sudden it got stuck and it really made her so mad, or it wouldn't stay put. I tried to help her but she still got all cranky. It's funny how I will run to fix her problem so she will just be happy, but maybe sometimes I should just let her work out her own little dramas.

In just 3 short months I will be a mommy of 2 and I just wonder how it will be raising two kids. Will I be able to keep my cool and do it? Will I ever get a normal night's rest? Will my parents and in laws drive me crazy? (that's a given). Will John be able to help me the way I need help? Will our dog Paris survive less attention. (poor dog, she barely gets any now that Julia's here). Oh, Lord, I pray you give me lots of wisdom!
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