02 May 2012


I am so thankful I listened to wise advice when I was considering ballet for my 2 year old jumping bean.  Julia is a graceful, dainty, little thing (with VERY strong legs and arms like her Daddy) but she DOES NOT sit still for very long.  I wanted to involve her in a sport other than the family art of Taekwondo (although this January at the age of 4 she did join and is doing wonderfully).

I figured ballet would be a great girl sport for her to teacher her poise, grace, and discipline...what was I thinking at age 2?  All this jumping bean likes to do is run, skip, jump, leap, twirl, and roll everywhere!

Gymnastics has been the BEST fit for my Julia.  She LOVES going every Friday.  It's the best hour of her week, that and AWANA.

She loves the freedom of the sport and all the different events, floor, beam, trampoline, bars, and rings.  You should really see her beam routine...she is amazing.

Mark loves our Mommy and Me Gymnastics class too.  He has come out of his shell, follows directions, does forward rolls and backwards rolls properly.  They both listen well to their coaches (which is a very important thing for me, I wanted to make sure they obey authority outside of the home).

 Here is a picture of Julia working on her beam routine with Miss Kim her coach.

She displays a lot of balance and coordination and follows instruction well.  She takes it very seriously.

Mark amazes me with how fast he came out of his shell this year with coach Miss Michelle.  He does a lot of his moves on his own and tells her, "I want to do it myself!"  Which, for Mark to be bold and independent shows he is really confident about something...it has made us so proud of him this year.

yes, Mark wears his hat to gymnastics!  He is now learning handstands and headstands.  I'm thankful for the staff at our gymnastics club, they treat us like family!  I can't wait for the day after my birthday because it is Julia's recital!!!!


  1. Lovely pics...she looks so enthusiastic and plaeased with herself! my now teen loved her gymnastics and only recently gave it up to concetrate more on studies....but it gave her such fitness, posture and flexibility...she could never last a ballet class either!

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