03 May 2012


Your Birthday

This year poor John's birthday is two days before his sister's wedding...how do you even compete with that?!

But we have found ways to spoil John ever since February, Valentine's Day weekend...

John preached on Sunday, and it was the first sermon his dad heard him preach, Jack, his dad, loaned him his IPAD to use during the sermon which made the sermon so cool because of the upgrade in technology...the teens and young adults loved it!

Later that day, Grandpa Jack bought John his own IPAD for his birthday (very early) because he was so proud of his sermon and so proud of his son, and he knew this year John might feel a little slighted...isn't Grandpa Jack great?

Although John has been away on business this week the kids and I were able to organize part of the garage, buy dad some presents at the mall, frame some new photos I got of the kids, and draw him some pictures.

Happy Birthday my darling!!!

I can't wait to spoil you after the wedding too!  I'm so glad you are older than me!!!!!!!!!! Well, until June 1st comes that is.


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  2. New follower here from Mingle with us blog hop! Can't wait to read more of your blog!


  3. New follower from blog hop! Your site looks great! I look forward to learning more about you and your beautiful family.

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  4. Happy Birthday John; I am sure Kristi will make it extra special xoxo M, C, & e


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