31 May 2012

Grandma's Letter

"Some people, like flowers, give joy just by being."
Today Julia received a letter from Grandma Donna.  As I read it to Julia all she could do was shine bright and beam like the sun.  Here is what it said:

 My dear Julia,

I was so blessed and proud that you were my granddaughter- when I visited you Sunday for Mark's Birthday.  What a beautiful, young lady you have grown up to be!  You greeted me at the door with a warm kiss and guided us inside your home.

You played so nicely with your friends Emma and Hannah throughout the evening and didn't act mad that Mark was getting all the presents because it was his birthday.  Instead, you played nicely with him too and acted just like a grown-up sister would!

You brought joy to my heart!  I am very proud of your behavior!  And I am so proud of your Mommy too--because she is teaching you how to be a lovely, young lady!

I love you so much!

Thank you for working so hard to be kind with such grown-up manners!   We are so proud of you--and I know Jesus is too. :)

Love and Kisses
xxx ooo

Grandma Donna & Grandpa Greg

Me and My Mom (Grandma Donna)
Thanks Mom for writing such a nice card to Julia.  You made her feel so special to get mail.  Your words ministered to my heart.  I didn't even prep Julia on how to act at the party, there was so much to prep just to get ready for the company, and yet she did everything we would expect her to.  I'm so proud of her and so grateful you recognized this good behavior!  Sometimes we forget to compliment her when she is doing such great things.  But we really try to when we remember she is only 4 and she is really such a sweet heart to her brother.


  1. Stopping by from the blog hop...this is such a SWEET letter from grandma!! What a blessing she is to your Julia! God bless:)
    XO, Barbara

  2. Oh my goodness, your babies are precious!!

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