21 May 2012

Home School Convention

ENOCH on Saturday

This past Saturday, we attended a home school convention to purchase Julia's Kindergarten materials and Mark's Pre-K materials.  Oh my I was in school heaven!

I made one big mistake though and joined the line for the used books...you know the long line that wrapped around and around?  Well, I was up front, and John and I divided and conquered, he took Mark to the robotics vendor while Julia and I waited on line.  But nobody told me that this would be a mobbed section and that Julia and I would risk our lives to look through some books...totally not worth it...I did get a few good reading books for the kids, but I got out of there as soon as I could...these home school parents were INTENSE and on a mission...there was no browsing, there was get it, grab it and go!!!  But you live and learn...next year I will either go alone, or skip that part.

But I was happy to have John come, he has never seen that many home schooling families EVER, he was amazed.  It was really neat to share the day...although he didn't realize how INTENSE I would be, I mean after all, I had my mental checklist of Saxon Math, Manipulatives, Reading curriculum and Science and History supplements I needed...there was no dilly dallying for me.  I wanted to get our stuff, order what wasn't there to save on shipping, get as many materials as I could so I could go home and PLAN!

And after an hour and a half we were done!

My reading materials will ship within three weeks, our Pre-K year will end officially on June 15 when we do Field Day with our Home School group...we will take a few weeks off and mid July we will do a practice week or two to get the school flow going but on July 30th we begin our official KINDERGARTEN year with Julia and Pre-K for Marky!  To say that I am excited is an understatement!

We got home, fed the kids, and put them down for nap time...and I sat at the kitchen table covered with all our materials and stared our lesson planning...

I pray that God blesses our school year...I know He has lots in store for all of us to learn, and I can't wait!

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  1. i went to a great hs conference in march. so many great speakers....i left so excited and refreshed! i have my list of curriculum i need and plan on getting that ordered in june. i am SO excited to start planning!!! i totally get what you mean :)


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