29 May 2012

Big Ed's BBQ

Marky's Dream Come True

I'm just a normal mom wanting to make life grand for my kids.  I try my best to spoil them during their birthday.  I listen listen all year for all the things they love and try to smoosh them all together in a weekend or so to bless their little pants off!

Well, for Mr. Marky boy nearly every day we drive by Route 34 to get to Old Bridge to go to the library, church, taekwondo, the grandparents house or the mall.  And nearly every day Mark sees Big Ed's BBQ on the right side and he asks me, "Mom, when I get big can I go there?"  Now why you may ask would he want to go to a restaurant he has no idea about?  Well, the outdoor decorations are of silly pics of animals and the place looks fun, and he happens to LOVE Baby Back Ribs (yes, we are still vegetarians, but no on May 25 we were not, lol).  Once we were at a neighbor's house and I watched as 2 year old Mark devoured at least 3 ribs...I was in awe.

 So, after we went to the Turtle Back Zoo, and rested a bit, we headed to Big Ed's BBQ for some ribs and french fries...there was no calorie counting at this birthday weekend!!! It was time to celebrate!

 Seriously, can these two be any cuter?  I want to eat them up!!!

 Aunt Debi and Uncle Tio came and all the girls sat on the one side and all the boys sat on the other!

 Mark and Julia both shared some salad with us and had ribs and french fries with lots of catsup!
And a huge chocolate milk.  I've never seen Mark SO happy before!!! I'm serious...he was filled with joy as he gobbled up the ribs.

mmmmm, ribs and chocolate milk
 And then he ate the BBQ ribs...and got extremely, extremely, extremely...

 dirty!!! but seriously, he ate a lot and had fun, and was so happy!

 Here's to you Marky!  Can't believe you are 3 now!  And honey, Mommy and Daddy and Aunt Debi and Uncle Tio and Julia...loved spoiling you!!!


  1. Little ones eating ribs is such a fun sight! And they are one of those foods where it it totally ok to get dirty :) What a great momma your kids have! My brother-in-law (who just turned 8 years old a few weeks ago) requested my hubby smoke ribs for his birthday dinner. A special birthday treat indeed!

  2. So sweet! What a great experience and he looks so happy!


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