11 May 2012

A Secret

"Mommy, I have a secret...."

 Many of you will be celebrating Mother's Day this weekend.  I can't wait to spoil both my wonderful Moms.  Tomorrow I'm headed to Taekwondo for a Mother's Day workout!!! And afterwards John and I are going to the park with the kids where John is preparing us a very special picnic.

Children are such a blessing.  What a gift they are...they start out so small and dependent, and then begin life's journey of walking and talking and holding your hand.

I've always always wanted children, I think I was just afraid at what kind of Mother I might be.  But God has knit such a special place for both my children deep in my heart and I love hearing my name...Mommy.

Yesterday, at the park...we sometimes go for an hour before dinner.  Mark was so happy to be there he just ran towards the monkey bars...after a few seconds he came over to me and said, "Mommy, I have a secret."  So I knelt down and he whispered in my ear..."Mommy, I love you SO much."  And there it was.  My Mother's Day present.  Neatly wrapped for only my ears to hear.  He loves me.  They love me.  Nope, I'm not always perfect.  Yes, sometimes it is tiring.  But the love and the memories we've made as a family.  The love is absolutely the best part.

Happy Mother's Day to all.


  1. How cute! My now 3 year old says little things like that all the time. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Crying over Marky's secret! BEST PRESENT EVER! Happy Mother's Day dear friend. Love and kisses <3

  3. Happy Mother's Day, my friend!


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