01 May 2012

May Goals

21 May Goals

1-Make John's birthday special!
2-Enjoy my sister's wedding
3-Continue teaching kids to read
4-Learn about the Fruit of the Spirit
5-Start planting herbs in my garden
6-Bless Kathy Puzyr's family with a Meal
7-Entertain my Ladies Bible study group at my home
8-Enjoy our last MOPS meeting
9-Entertain some teacher friends at my home
10-Throw Marky a fabulous 3rd birthday party
11-Visit the zoo
12-Organize the garage
13-Organize my closet
14-Attend Enoch Homeschool Conference with John
15-Buy Julia's Kindergarten Curriculum
16-Have a Marvelous Mother's Day
17-Dinner with Rosalie and my parents
18-Secret Encourager Reveal Program
19-Hang out with the Lovely Lambertsons
20-Take Mark to Big Ed's BBQ because he keeps asking to go
21-Take the kids to their 3 year old and 4 year old well visit

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  1. Great list! My church talked about the fruits of the spirit during the service Sunday and they've been in my thoughts. It must be a sign from God I need to learn more about them! :):) I'm a new follower from the blog hop!! I look forward to reading more of your lovely blog! :)


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