21 April 2017

Only The Best Food For My Babies

Our Decision to Breastfeed

Looking back it was one of those decisions that just felt right.  It was free, it was all natural, and it would help to speed along any weight gained through pregnancy so for me it was a win win for the both of us!  I decided to breast feed Julia even before she was the size of a golf ball.  All natural seemed like such a no-brainer decision.  Why didn't everyone breastfeed?

I found the reason out the minute Julia was a few days old. Perhaps not all moms chose to breast feed because of the intense pain they experienced while doing so!  It hurt so bad those first few weeks and no I was not doing it wrong!  It just plain hurt.  I can still remember being in agony every time she latched on.  I would literally see stars.  Once we got into our rhythm of breast feeding and pumping during the day so John could feed Julia bottles at night (so I could sleep for a few uninterrupted hours) the pain subsided and we breastfed like a champ until 10 months.  Julia started weaning herself off and I didn't realize why, until I took a pregnancy test and discovered we were pregnant with baby #2!

Mark Ciro

When Mark was born everything about his birth and his feeding was different.  His birth was by far my favorite.  It was quick, easy and done in the water.  Having a water birth the second time around was so relaxing.  Mark latched on quickly and our breastfeeding story was easy and I can't ever being in pain.  We stopped breast feeding right around 13 months and Mark started drinking soy milk.  

Micah Justice
Four years went by and we had our second son Micah, my feeding situation with Micah was rough!  He couldn't latch properly.  I bled a lot in the beginning when I nursed him which made it so painful and I would try to pump but that hurt too.  Then I would get mastitis.  I was a hot mess.  We stuck with it and I had a lactation consultant come over to the house to help me, within an hour we figured out the problem and he was fine.  I nursed Micah until is first birthday and then we stopped just like that!  (I was also 3 months pregnant at the time with Amelia)

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Julia 6, Mark 5, Micah 1, Amelia (in the belly)

Amelia was born into a very busy little family.  Julia was 6 1/2, Mark was 5, Micah was 17 months when she joined us.  We were so thankful to add another girl to the mix!  Julia was praying for a baby sister since she already had two brothers.  And she just knew we would have a girl!  She was completely right.

We breastfed Miss Amelia Susanna without any problems, and at 5 months old we started introducing barley cereal and then baby food.  Vegetables first and then fruit.  We breastfed until Amelia was 10 months old and then we went straight to almond milk which she LOVED and drank it straight from a sippy cup.  I would've nursed her forever because she was such a dreamy easy going baby but I had dental work and the meds they put me on were too strong for her to have while breast feeding and she was starting to be so mobile and breastfeeding less and less anyway so it seemed like perfect timing.

I am thankful I listened to my body each time and did what I felt was right for our kids instead of just doing what everyone else was doing at the time.  I stopped breastfeeding when I was ready and when I felt my child was ready.  In my opinion once they were walking and talking it was probably time for them to start a sippy cup.  That was just what was best for us.  

I have learned that the way you feed your child is your choice!  No one can make you feel guilty or tell you that are doing it wrong.  You and your doctor can make those big decisions together.  I always started solids once my babies were 5-6 months old.  I had BIG BABIES.  Both Julia and Mark were 8lbs babies and Micah and Amelia were 9lbs.  In my opinion they were completely able to wait until 5-6 months for solids.  I started their first "meal" of rice cereal or barley cereal at night time.  We would do that for a week or two.  Then we would start trying out all the veggies and then the fruits.  I loved giving them baby food!  And none of my kids had any allergies.  We started peanut butter and jelly sandwiches right around 9-10 months old and they LOVED peanut butter!

Micah had a slight allergy to strawberries, but he loved eating them so much that we would keep trying them and after a few weeks he would no longer get a rash and I figured he wasn't allergic anymore.  If you know Micah you know of his deep love for fruits and veggies and PASTA!

That is our feeding history with our kids.  I have got to tell you something.  Feeding them and watching them grow has been the joy of my life.  There has been no greater moments for me in motherhood than breastfeeding my babies and holding their hands and looking into their eyes and holding them close.  And sitting them in a high chair and feeding them something new and watching their facial expressions has been so fun and hilarious.  Especially when serving them peas!  In my opinion it's best to start with the veggies first because it will broaden their palate and then they will truly enjoy the fruits that much more!  But either way you do it, formula, breastfed, rice cereal, barley, whatever you choose will be perfect for you and your baby.  That's just how it works.  They all even out in the end!  It has to be what is best for you and your situation...it just does!

Check out this links if organic formula is something that is best for your family!

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20 April 2017

Thirty Something...

My beautiful 30 year old (YOUNGER) sister Sara

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." --C. S. Lewis

I have loved being in my thirties.  

In your twenties you have so many doubts and insecurities. At least I did.  But in your thirties you start to feel grounded, comfortable, confident.

It's the first time I felt truly happy and I don't care what other people think.

I spent a lot of my teen years and 20's comparing myself to other people and wanting what other people had and wishing I was different.

Now I spend more of my time being thankful to God for His timing, for where He has placed me, and with whom I am surrounded and for my purposes in life.

I appreciate people more.  All people.  All ages.

I listen more.

I genuinely feel people who are older and wiser than me have a lot to teach me and want to hear how they have done things, why they have done things a certain way, and take as many tips and advice as I can.

I enjoy learning new things.  Always have but now it's thrilling to learn something new and pass it on.

I talk more! I finally have found my "voice".  My husband will tell you I have always had a voice, and never struggled to tell him exactly how I feel.  But that's because I have always felt comfortable with him.  Finding my voice and speaking my truth took a long time.  He has helped me to believe in myself and trust my instincts because he has always trusted and listened to me and since he thinks I am the "expert" in our house he makes me feel so valuable and important it makes me feel like I have the right to be myself and say how I feel.

I have come to realize that the people I surround myself with truly does impact the way I view and feel about myself.  And therefore I choose friends that I admire and people who inspire me, not people who bring me down or are negative all the time.

I am less defensive.  I want to work out issues and resolve things instead of being passive aggressive. I much rather peace than drama!

I appreciate my parents more and realize that some of what they did was not necessarily to hurt me but maybe they truly did have my best interest at heart.

I am less selfish because I realize the universe does NOT revolve around me and my family.  I realize that putting others first does in fact feel good and in turn blesses me in the long run.

Having children has helped me to see that I need less than I thought I did and has taught me that I could survive on very little sleep and still conquer the world the next day (Thanks to Jesus and coffee.)

I am more confident.

And it has nothing to do with me per se I just feel more comfortable in my skin.

I can remember growing up wishing my skin were darker, wishing I didn't have curly hair, wishing I was taller, wishing all the things young people wish when they don't appreciate who they are.

But once you are older, and you realize who created you, and why you were put on earth, and how much value and worth you have because of Him, you are like, okay God, let's do this!

It's the first time in life I have felt like I know what the heck I am doing.  I have some street cred and it's all thanks to experience, marriage and motherhood.

The thirties have been awesome! I get to share this awesome decade for a few years with my sister Sara before leaving it for the 40s...something tells me if the thirties have been this good and eye opening the 40s will only be better :)

"In the end it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years."  Abraham Lincoln


19 March 2017

5 T I P S: Surviving After School Time to Bedtime

We all know that crazy time between 3:00-8:00p.m.  It's loud, it's chaotic, there's hungry people hovering over the kitchen counter, there's homework to be done, and there's after school activities to get ready for and of course a parent is needed to drive the children there, AND there's remembering everything for the next day of school.

It's enough to make any normal, sane parent completely C R A Z Y!

I've talked to my two closest friends about this time over coffee and by the end of the conversation we all felt like hyperventilating.

Let's be honest, just surviving homework with one child is rough, let alone add 2, 3, 4, or more.

Dinner has to be prepped and cooked.

Everyone wants a snack.

People are fighting over electronic devices.

Toddlers are whining to play outside.

And poor mom (me) is crouching down in the corner of a the dining room chugging her 3rd cup of coffee just to survive the next 5 minutes, let alone the next 5 hours!!!

Tip 1

Prep your meals.  

No, I'm not kidding.  I'm completely serious and this is the only way I survive motherhood.  I have a plan for pretty much everything starting with MEALS!  And now that I have older kids I have them help me plan Sunday night (sometimes I plan the month in advance, most times I plan a week or two in advance) and Monday morning when they are in school I food shop for the week.  Get your kids involved because the more they can help plan things, the better chance you have of encouraging them to eat their dinner.  The calm you will feel knowing that dinner is already prepped, thawed, or in the crock pot will do wonders for the post school stress! Know what meals you are making ahead of time and plan accordingly when you food shop.  To read more about my meal plan strategies and how I gather meals for the week/month click here.

Tip 2

Collect lunch bags/boxes at the door and proceed to the kitchen counter to pack them for the next day.

I know this sounds crazy but it works and it's done and you don't even think about it.  It's a routine.  You greet the kids at the door.  "Hi, how was your day, can I see your lunch box and your homework folder?"  My kids sit at the counter eat anything that was leftover from lunch and they tell me all about their day and I tell them all about my day (I got this from my sweet friend Laura and the article she posted recently.  Kids love to hear about your day and then want to share about their day).  As you are talking you are placing apples, clementines, granola bars, juice boxes, water bottles into their lunch boxes and packing their snack for the next day.  I leave them on the counter and in the morning I make their sandwich.

**Another Tip:  When you buy crackers, pretzels, cookies, almonds: buy snack size zip lock bags (the super small ones) and fill the snack bags ahead of time and stack in a pantry or drawer, then when you are lunch/snack packing that part is already done. (Thanks Beth!  My amazing neighbor/friend from across the street who also has 4 awesome kids gave me this tip last year).

Tip 3

Check homework folder at the door.

I have found that kids completely forget they have homework.  Even if they just wrote their assignments down on their homework pad at 2:45pm.  I like to collect their folder at the door look through it and take out what needs to be done.  I leave it on the counter so we can all see it.  I am all for letting kids snack and play for 30-60 minutes to decompress after school.  I let them go in the back yard and run and scream, jump rope, ride their bikes, but by 4:00 you better come inside ready to get down to it!  I like homework done before dinner because I like dinner time to be relaxing.

**Bonus Tip: Keep back packs by the front door at all times.  Anything that needs to go back to school tomorrow should be there with the back pack, gloves, hat, gym shoes, show and tell, this way nothing is forgotten and it's all in plain view!

Tip 4

Teach them to be responsible.

Listen, we can't do it all.  We just can't.  This crazy busy time is a great way to D E L E G A T E.  I actually hate this but am really trying to do this more because I want my kids to be responsible kids.  I want them to learn to wash the dishes, wash their own clothes, fold their laundry, make their beds, put their laundry away, put the cap back on the toothpaste...(for the love of pete put the cap back on!)
So after homework time I assign some chores honestly to keep the busy, but also to teach them that we are a team and that mommy and daddy can not do everything.  Everyone needs to pitch in.  So while I am helping Julia with homework, Mark might be putting his laundry away.  When I am doing spelling review or reading with Mark, Julia is organizing the toys in the basement or cleaning up the office.  I even have the big kids help me with setting the table, putting the condiments out, getting the drinks ready.  And after dinner we clean up the kitchen together.  (Let me tell you I would love to do this all by myself because it's cathartic for me but teaching them life skills is super important).

**Make them read.  I never met an adult who complains about their parents having made them read a lot when they were young.  Reading is awesome.  I make my kids read at least 20-25 minutes more than the teacher suggests/requires.  I don't care if it's a magazine, a novel or a picture book but make them read!  We do mandatory DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read)  And even though Micah and Mia can't read they've been read to so much they just copy the words from memory or make up their own story.

Tip 5

Enjoy them.  Read the extra book.

Guys, my Micah is turing 4 this week.  Did you hear that?  My baby boy is turning 4 and this summer Amelia will be 3.  These kids are growing up.  It's all happening faster than I thought it would.  So even during the stressful hours of the day I try to take a deep breath and enjoy them.  I try to enjoy watching Mark teach me his latest Kung-Fu spin side kick.  I try to enjoy Julia telling me every single detail about her day.  Every.  Single.  Detail.  I try to enjoy Amelia trying on her 7th pair of click clack shoes and skipping down the hall.  And I definitely enjoy Micah riding his swing car back and forth from the play room to the dining room to the kitchen to the foyer over and over and over.  Because one day it will just be me and John.  They will be all grown up and conquering the world and all I will have is the memory of the loudness that once filled our home.  (Ok, so now I'm crying...thanks.)  

I learned from a wise mom that the hour leading to bedtime is really a "fill my love tank" hour.  Everyone wants one more book, one more hug, Julia wants one more tip or bit of advice about surviving third grade girl drama, Mark wants to show me one more origami plane he can create.  They all need to be filled and this is a great time to talk to them about Jesus, to go over how they can be a blessing to others in their class.  It's a great time to tell them why you think they are special.  I think of all the cruel things they may hear during the school day and sometimes they just need to be loved on and encouraged and built back up.  So my advice is, no matter how tired you are, read the extra book they ask for, sing one more silly song, share a story about how you felt as a child, share a time where God really "showed up" for you.  Use the bedtime hour (because let's face it sometimes it takes a lot longer than you expected) to fill their love tanks.

This season will surely pass and soon they will be middle schoolers and high schoolers and...


15 March 2017


When someone you love dies it just is indescribable.  The pain you feel, your heart, your mind, and body just can't comprehend it.  You want the world to stop and mourn with you.  But nothing stops.  Time keeps going and all you can do is pick up the pieces of your brokenness and continue.

This past February (February 13th) my Uncle Mark lost his battle to cancer.  He was diagnosed in 2009, took treatment, went into remission and then it came back with a vengeance.

This past May (2016) he and my Aunt Marie came over to visit with us.  They stayed only 2 days but looking back on those 2 days with him I am so thankful he was here, under our roof, playing with our kids, laughing with family.  I can still hear his laughter.  It filled the room.

He preached his last sermon in September of this year.  He didn't know it would be his last.  He was such a fighter.  He was always so positive.  Only 3 weeks before he passed we were texting back and forth, John was on the phone with him, and Uncle Mark was asking me about my Dad's health.  Everything seemed like he was going to get past this and get right back into ministry and preaching.

But God had other plans.

Attending his memorial this past week, I learned two new things about Mark.  It wasn't just us that loved him and his legacy will continue on.  We traveled to California March 2-4th to be with Aunt Marie, his son Paul and the rest of Marie's family and to celebrate Mark's life.

I was so surprised to see so many people from the community and his church come to the memorial to share how Mark encouraged them, blessed them or made them feel loved.  The most impactful messages were given by my Aunt and cousin Paul.  I still to this day cannot believe they got in front of a huge crowd to give testimony to how great a man Mark was as a husband, a father, and a friend, when their loss was so great.  They were so brave.  I know they made Mark so proud.

The trip was harder than I thought it would be.

Losing my uncle has been so hard.

Explaining to your 9 and 7 year old the man they loved is now with Jesus was not as easy as I anticipated.  Through all of this I have learned the grace of God.  He allows us to keep moving, keep breathing, keep going.

Mark wasn't just an uncle, he was a dear friend, my husband's mentor, he was a man I loved so much I had to name our first son after.  His love spoke volumes.  He loved God with all of his heart, mind and soul, and whenever he came to visit that's what we talked about.

His legacy continues because he shared Christ with so many and now those men, and women and children are being bold and telling others the truth about the gospel.

One of Uncle Mark's favorite hymns was, It Is Well With My Soul, as they played that song at the memorial and showed pictures of him and his family and friends and his many trips over seas on missions trips I thought to myself, what a great way to honor him.  To be able to sing and say to God even in the midst of all this pain and sorrow It Is Well With My Soul, couldn't be more fitting.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.  And I can see Mark with Jesus now worshipping his Savior and both of them sharing that deep laugh that fills any room.


14 March 2017


Hey mama,

I see you.

You are one busy lady.

Preparing meals, packing lunches, cleaning dishes, washing clothes, checking homework, wiping noses, planning parties.

You give your time.

You give your talent.

You give your love.

And sometimes it feels like no one sees you.

I do.

I watch how kindly you spoke to your daughter.

I saw how you encouraged your son.

I love the way you look at your husband.

I see every time you put something down that you want to do (like read a book) to help someone else.

Keep it up.

You are amazing.

Just so you know, not many people on earth will notice what you do.

You may not always hear, "Good Job!"

And sometimes the people you love the most will forget to say Thank you.

But remember, I see you, I love you, and seriously, you are amazing.

Nothing you are doing today is in vain.

I know it may feel like it, but I promise, everything you do has a purpose.

You have so much value.

And life is more beautiful and wonderful because of all that you do.

So, mama, hold your head up high.

Know that all that you do does not go unnoticed.

Know that I am watching.

I see you.

And I care.

And did I mention, that you are amazing (fearfully and wonderfully made)?

Get back out there.

Put your hair up in a top knot.

Throw on some leggings.

And go conquer the world.

I love you...


06 February 2017

The Monday Blues

Every Monday Morning

I wake up to the sound of Micah yelling, "Mommy can you wipe me!"  Amelia is carefully tucked in the bed next to me since her current wake up time is 5:30am and she just falls back asleep in our bed.  I can hear Mark and Julia making breakfast downstairs...and I realize I am alone, I am the only adult at home, and my better half is off to work.

Needing to get big kids off to school, pack lunches, brush little ones teeth, get breakfast out and put away, dress the littles, get juice, make coffee, find coats, gloves, hats, shoes, make sure back packs are at the front door...it is a busy fast-paced routine but there's no one else to lead it but me.

Often I am thinking about the fun we had the past 2 days as a family.  Weekends are sacred and we use every bit of our time to spend with each other, all the while getting things like housework, meals, and oil changes done.  Somehow there's no schedule on the weekends but the time feels longer and knowing John is home is such a comfort to me always because once he's at work I don't have any one's hand to hold, no one to make me laugh, and no one to be my right hand the way that he is.

There is so much to be said for routine, work and schedules...some of my favorite words, but when you have 4 kids and very little time to your self or miss being around adults for some reason the start of the work week is the hardest for us.  I find that John texts me the most at the beginning of the week and most of the texts start out with, "I miss you."

Our life is not quiet, it's not without moments of chaos, crying or craziness, but when everyone is under one roof it is comforting, it's everything that makes home, home.  And when even one of us is missing the void is felt.  Micah and Amelia constantly ask me, "Where are Mark and Julia?"  "Where is Daddy?"  Even though I have told them a million times that the big kids are at school and Daddy is at work so mommy can stay home with them, I think they feel the emptiness and the absence and just can't seem to understand why they need to leave.

And let's just say the moment when 3:00 hits and Julia and Mark come bursting through the front doors to tell us all about their day, Micah and sometimes Mia if she is awake are ALL smiles and ALL ears.  It's almost as awesome as it is when John comes home at night.  It's that collective scream of "DADDY!"  And you can't help but feel the joy.

To every parent that leaves Monday morning...you are dearly missed whether we remember to tell you so or not.  Life is better with you.

Here's to another Monday...!


11 January 2017

Her Journey...Not Mine

The first born...

We have such high hopes, so many dreams, so many expectations for all of our children, don't we?

But that first child... is it just me or are they almost magical?  There's something you just can't explain. There is a bond that is deep and an extra special feeling of knowing that that particular child made you a mom.  And because that child is older they tend to be your right hand.

In our experience we waited 4 years before we even started trying to have a baby.  We wanted to travel and establish "us" first.  After that it took almost 2 years for Julia to get here. The first year just trying to "get pregnant" and the second year just being pregnant and planning and waiting and reading every single book on parenting, sleeping schedules, discipline, food charts, we wanted to get it all right...

We lived in a different house when Julia was born and I can remember how every nook and cranny was filled with "her" from her high chair to exer-saucer, from her toys and mounds of clothes the minute she was with us it was all about this beautiful baby girl. I kept reading books on how to be a good parent.  I kept praying for her and asking for wisdom and guidance.  And I still remember that winter, snowy day driving her home and sitting in the back seat with her and thinking..."We get to bring her home?!...like what do we even do?? How are these nurses and doctors even allowing us to bring home this human??  Are we even ready for this?"

Then she started talking and crawling and walking and before we knew it this baby was no longer a baby, she was a person!  She was a girl with opinions and wants of her own.  She was crawling by 8 months, and talking up a storm by 10 months.  She was always so aware of her surroundings and her blue eyes were always captivated by people.

This whole time I kept wanting the best for her.  The best schooling, the best surroundings, the best books, the best learning toys.  I wanted her to experience as many new places as possible and I wanted her to love people and learning so we were always going to play dates, and gymnastics, and library story time.  I wanted to expose her to as many positive experiences as possible and I was so excited to see her joy as she made friends and learned new things.  It was always a double blessing.

We started doing homeschool officially when Julia was age 4, we enrolled in a homeschool coop and started doing social studies projects, and buying curriculum.  I wanted her to learn to read so badly by age 5 because I wanted to be able to say, "I taught her how to read," but like any average kid it finally happened around age 6.  I was so intense with homeschool at first.  I was so structured and so hard on myself.   Julia always loved the painting, and coloring, and reading books and she has the best imagination there is.  I love watching her play to this day because there is such a happy go lucky free spirit about her.

She is so different from me.

I always tried growing up to please everyone and succeed.  Julia just enjoys being and having fun.  She is so comfortable in her own skin.   Life is simple with her.  It is never complicated.  I am learning that now that she is almost 9 that this is all about her journey.  

She is going to have her own precious walk with the Lord.  She is going to learn to depend on Him and her faith is going to grow with each of her life experiences.  I can't deepen her faith or make her grow.  I can guide her.  I can be a good example.  I can teach her to pray and read the Bible and show her what it means to follow Christ but she is going to have to choose to walk that road.

She is going to make her own friends at school.  I pray everyday that she makes wise choices in the friend department.  We have been praying about and for her friends even before she was born.

She is going to make mistakes and need forgiveness.  She is going to learn to grow from those mistakes.

I can remember thinking (when I was pregnant with her) how am I going to raise a strong little lady?  Then she was born and I realized that she has a lot of strength already.  

God has given me a daughter who knows what she wants and finds a way to make it happen.  

It truly amazes me every day that we bring children into this world, but that God paves their journey.  We can do our best and our part, but there is so much that they have to learn and discover on their own.  For me that is both exciting and terrifying.

This year especially I have had to surrender a lot of control over Julia and Mark as they go to school and are not homeschooled for now.  One thing I loved about homeschooling was the control of who their friends were, and the things they were exposed to and learning and the environment in which they learned.  

I know that we did the absolute right thing for both of our kids and I have no regrets whatsoever.  I loved homeschooling but I also felt I was dragging Micah and Mia to things and sticking them in a nursery for hours instead of giving them the quality time they needed.  This year I have been able to truly invest in my littles and I am loving it!  From mommy and me swim class, the library story time, to a christian homeschool coop called Big Kids where Micah and Mia get to learn all about God with kids their age.  

This doesn't mean we will never homeschool again, in fact we are praying about next year and are almost 90% sure we are homeschooling.  But so far this year has been such a great change for us and I have loved watching Julia in particular blossom where she has been planted.  We keep praying that she will grow into a young lady that fears God, that she will walk in His ways, and continue to be that joy filled free spirit that sees the sparkle in everything.

Watching your first born child (actually any of your children) grow and mature is the coolest thing (and scariest thing).  I am learning that it is so important to take each day one at a time.  I'm trying not to look too far ahead, but to prayerfully consider the next best step for her and for us.  And I am mindful that this is her journey...not mine.


09 January 2017


Psalm 51:10 "Create in me a clean heart, O God; restore within me a sense of being brand new."

Why do we have to read the Bible?  What if we can't remember all the things we read?  What if we can't pronounce all the books of the Bible, all of the places, all of the names?  Why do we have to take time each day to read it?  What difference does it really make?

John and I sometimes do church at home on Sundays with the kids.  We take out all the kids instruments, the guitar, the tambourine, the triangle, the maracas (Amelia's personal favorite) and we sing our favorite worship songs and dig into the Word.  It isn't long.  In fact sometimes it is only 15-30 minutes.  And part of that time is asking Micah to sit still and Mia to be quiet, and Julia to put the guitar down, and for Mark to stop spinning on his head...but we are all together for one purpose and that is to worship, pray, and learn more about God.

This particular Sunday (John doesn't know I am writing this--I promise) John out did himself with getting all the kids ready, and he sat them all on a blue yoga mat (and they stayed there!) and he got Micah and Mia peanut butter on a spoon and low and behold we were actually able to read from the Bible and really answer some questions.  We were reading in the book of Colossians.

Our verse of focus was on Colossians 3:2 "Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth."

John gave this awesome analogy and he didn't make it up but he heard it somewhere and it stuck with me and the kids and was completely perfect.  I started to tear up even.  He brought up the point that many people ask, "Why do we have to read the Bible?"  There is so much in the book.  There is so much information.  Why do we have to take the time to read something that is so hard to understand sometimes?  And John heard of a man telling a young boy to take a basket and fill it up with water and come back to me.  The boy obeyed.  He went to a nearby well filled up the basket (which was of course filled with holes) and went back to the man.  

But every time he filled the basket with water by the time he brought it back the basket was empty.  But the man kept telling him, "Go fill it again."  So the boy finally said, "Why do I have to keep filling up the basket if by the time I bring it to you it is empty?"  The man said that many times we feel like what we are doing or reading makes no difference, but look at the basket now...how does it look?  "Clean," the boy replied.  Well, that is why we read the Bible.  He cleans our hearts from the inside and that changes us.  That is what makes us different.  We may not be able to memorize the whole Bible, or remember all the facts, all the places, all the names, but every time we open up God's word we can be sure that He will use it to clean us, and change us and that will make every difference.   

Maybe that is a silly analogy to you, but I needed to hear that message.  I needed to hear that every time I spend my time reading the Word and meditating on a verse, or praying, or doing what I know is right, it does matter.  Because sometimes it can feel like maybe it doesn't matter.  It can feel like it's just something else we HAVE to do or something else to check off on a list.

I am thankful for that message of being clean, and I love that God can make all things new.  

Happy New Year.

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