22 June 2017

Summer Bucket List

Tank Tops, Flip Flops, Nothing Fancy

We are so excited to be all together as a party of five this summer!  And when days that John works from home or is off a party of six.  I love asking the kids where they want to go and what places they want to see, and hear what people they want to visit.  It broadens my perspective and opens my eyes up to their world.  

Summer time is all about re-connecting as a family, going on some fun day trips, play dates out in the back yard with the slip and slide and loads of ice pops, and honestly a little bit of nothing.  I'm looking forward to not having to drive every single day to a million different places.  Yes, we will do our weekly trip to the beach and a field trip here and there, but my soul needs a bit of rest from the hustle and bustle that the school year naturally brings.

The kids and I each made a list last night of fun things we want to do and fun places we want to go and beloved people that we want to see.  We took our lists very seriously.  Then my hubby came home and when I was upstairs giving bath time he decided he wanted to make a bucket list.  He gave all of us a big laugh!  My son Mark (the rule follower) thought Dad's bucket list was NOT FAIR at all.  My husband thought it was completely fair and he told the kids he took it very seriously. 


My blog posts will be sparse this summer as you can imagine how busy it will be over here occupying four very different, very opinionated, very high energy kids is!  I'm really excited to do some organizing and planning for our upcoming school year.  I look forward to no homework at night time and tons of reading with the kids.  We always like to review our math facts for a few minutes each day.  We usually set a family goal about how many books we will read over the summer.  I'm pretty sure it will be a full one and it's always nice to have a plan or a list to check off when we do visit the place or see the person we had on our list.

One last thing, we will be keeping a Summer Journal.  Partly because I want to sneak some writing in from all the kids, and partly because I love composition notebooks.  During each week we will choose a journal day, maybe Thursday or Friday and recap what we did that week, what we saw or collected at the beach, the playdates we had, etc.  And in August we will invite the grandparents over and have a Summer Recap Dessert Night.  Then the kids can show their grandparents their journals and practice their amazing public speaking skills (one can dream) and enjoy some strawberry shortcake with the family.  It's all about the daily memories and making the most of every moment.  

Have a great summer!

Team Mac

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