22 February 2016

Ireland: Julia's Presentation

Ireland: The Emerald Isle

Ireland is a beautiful, green country.  It has horses, sheep and dogs in it's green fields.  In Ireland the people eat mostly potatoes.  Potatoes are a very important part of Ireland's cooking.  They also eat oatmeal, bacon, and cabbage.  On Christmas they eat Irish Christmas cake.  It is full of fruit and nuts and usually covered with marzipan and a frosting made of sugar and ground almonds.  

Ireland has many castles.  Blarney Castle is one of the most popular buildings in Ireland.  It is located in the city of Cork.  Dancers often wear fancy costumes when they perform Irish dances at school.  The Catholic Church runs most schools.  Children and adults play soccer but in Ireland it is called football.  Students go to school from ages 6 to 15.  They also wear uniforms.  At home, many young people wear blue jeans and T-shirts.

 I interviewed my Uncle Dennis because he has been to Ireland.  He traveled to Shannon and Adara.  It took 5 1/2 hours on the airplane.  He said the people were very nice.  His favorite food to eat was lamb, fish, potatoes, Irish soda bread, scones, and fish and chips at the pubs.  He said the weather was beautiful.  Some days it was rainy, drizzly or foggy.  The people say, "it's a fine place for the ducks!"

In Ireland they accept American money and the Euro.  He also said in town you will find store fronts, pubs, trinket shops, craft stores, and more pubs.  He couldn't stop talking about how kind the people were.  The kindest he has ever met.  The people speak English with a Brogue accent.  Children learn Gaelic in 6th through 8th grade.

Thank you!

Julia is 8 years old and this is her 5th time presenting at the Social Studies Fair at CCOB homeschool coop!

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