17 September 2014

Rolling Her Eyes

What to do when your kid hates school...my mommy melt down

First let me be honest, I had a melt down last week.  Between baby hormones, new house, new routine, starting homeschool, and dealing with 4 little people, I really just couldn't take anything not going just so...and so, when we started our normal day of math, reading, writing, etc...and all the big kids were giving me an awful time of it, and micah was loud, and mia was well, hungry, I guess I just lost it, and to make matters worse...it was only 9:30 am....why does time go so slowly when you need to survive til after dinner when Dad gets home?

We had just sat down to start school, and the big kids wanted to play in the back yard, or their room, or watch t.v. and why mom, why do we have to do school????

And then she did it.

She did it right at me.

With a sigh, and an eye roll, she placed her head on the kitchen table like she had done a research paper, a science experiment, and a board exam...and she was too tired to do anything else!!!

Who was this child?

Why didn't she love school like she did for the past 4 years we've been doing school???  

Not only was I over tired from being up at night with a newborn, still healing from delivery, and slightly crazy from a move, but my kid, the teacher's kid, had the audacity to NOT LOVE SCHOOL!!!

Did she not know that in public/private school they are doing work from 8:30-2:30!  Hello!  I wanted a good attitude and I wanted it now!

So what did I do in my mature 36 year old way?  I had a mommy melt down.  Really mature!  I gave my kids the "school lecture" filled with: "you don't know how good you have its" and "after all mommy does to make your day special!"

And then I cancelled school and sent them to their rooms.  

And then I called my best friend.  

And cried...

And said how I just can't do this and how nothing is going the way I planned, and that my beloved daughter ROLLED her eyes at me! (God bless you Suzette for putting up with me on the phone!)

And would you believe it while I sat their on the phone, holding a newborn, watching micah play, my daughter brought me a glass of water and asked, "Mom, are you ok, why are you crying?"

Talking it out and getting some great homeschool advice and ideas was just what I needed.  I always feel better after a best friend pep talk, don't you?

This week...we have managed to complete school 9-2pm with structure, routine, and no eye rolls (wink, wink).  I think Suzette was right, every one struggles the first few weeks of school with getting back into the groove.  I'm thankful we survived and are ready to move forward to a good year of school.


One can never predict what their kids will do!


15 September 2014

This Crazy Life

Life With Four Little People

In my wildest dream we have five children and live on a farm.  But after three kids life was so full and so busy I couldn't have imagined, and I would never have even dared to picture life with more kids than we had at the time.

But now she's here!

And life is busy, chaotic, crazy, and quite honestly wonderful all at once.  

Noise: There is so much of it!  It ranges in volumes of peaceful slumber to everyone asking for something all at once, the boys running and screaming, Julia singing, John asking where his wallet is, and Amelia crying for more milk.

Toys: They have multiplied and they are everywhere.  In every room there is a lego piece, a weapon of some sort, usually a sword, a barbie doll with no clothes, blocks, books, and an American girl doll or two.

Clothes: The laundry has quadrupled!  Literally!  When you have a newborn you are always washing burp cloths and onesies, but now there is the normal amount of clothes and there is no way I can possibly keep up.  I'm at, at least 2 loads a day, and 3 or 4 on the weekend.  And there is always a pile of clothes in our white basket waiting to be put away...

Boxes: With our move, there are a few lingering boxes in our room and Amelia's nursery.  And the garage has a few waiting for us to get to at some point.  Since we had so many people just come over and offer to help we are so far along on the process of being moved in, and we've only been here 2 weeks.  Thankfully, I think by October it will feel like we've always been in this house.

Crying: Well, someone is always getting their feelings hurt, or falling, or needing some extra attention.  The key I am learning is that it's okay for the kids to wait and be patient with mommy.  I can't meet every need all at once, but with God's help, I sure am trying to love on everyone and not let anyone feel like the "middle child".

Meals:  Loud, because we don't just eat, we talk, we pray, we act silly, and we comment on how great the food is, especially when dad cooks!  We have been so blessed to not have had to cook thanks to friends and our church family.  We have been steadily fed and that has been a huge blessing and one less thing for me to think about.  I will start my meal planning in October!  

Bath Time: Wet!  Julia likes to shower in our new shower, but sometimes she forgets to close the shower glass doors...Mark and Micah take their bath together, and there is a lot of bubbles, a lot of splashing, and a lot of water...EVERYWHERE.  But, since we have an awesome back yard, and since the kids are outside everyday on their bikes, or digging, or hunting for sticks and bugs...bath night is EVERY NIGHT!

My Love: John and I have not had any date nights or breaks, but at night, when it's finally completely quiet except for the squeaky wood steps, or Amelia's heavy breathing sounds from her crib, we are able to take a deep breath, sigh a huge sigh of relief, high-five, and say, "We did it!" We talk about how we traveled Europe, how God continues to bless us, and how we are thankful for our 4 kids, even if life IS crazy right now.


14 September 2014

The Sweetest Neighbors

Home Sweet Home

Well, we are finally home and settled and not living out of boxes!

Everyone has their own space and we are still working on making Miss Amelia's room the sweetest for a baby girl.  Right now she's still living in our room in a sweet bassinet-like/crib our new neighbors gave us.

We are surrounded by great neighbors, just like in our old neighborhood in Aberdeen.  The weekend we moved in all of our new neighbors came over, introduced themselves, and brought us meals!  For real!  The hospitality around here is amazing.  I can't wait til I'm on my A-game so I can whip up a batch of muffins or brownies to thank all of them.  

And the oddest thing is...everyone has 4 kids!  Right across the street from us is a sweet family with 2 girls and 2 boys right around our kids ages.  Julia and Mark were besides themselves with excitement.  And the first weekend they walked across the street to shake Julia and Mark's hands to say: Welcome to the neighborhood!  Who does that?!  I was so impressed and so was Julia!  She ran in to tell me right away, she said, "Mom these kids are so respectful!"

Looking back over the past few months...I can see how God worked it all out.   I knew He would...but I was so scared, so afraid, and I worried about how we would handle the move, the new baby, etc.  But God surrounded us with help from all different sides, from people I didn't even expect, and just a continuous overflow of blessing that whispered, "Kristi, didn't I tell you I would take care of you?"  

And all I can say now is..."You did it Lord, thank you, thank you so much."

Amelia Susanna joined our family two days before the big move!


09 September 2014

So glad she's here!

Amelia is here...

For me to say that the kids and I are smitten with this little princess is an understatement.

Mark asks to hold her every 10 seconds.

Micah shares his cars and toys with her by putting them (ahem, throwing them) into her crib.

Julia rocks, sings, and holds Amelia as if she were her own daughter.

And me?  Well, you've guessed it...I am loving all the baby snuggles, the bonding, the hand holding, the long gazes, and her constant need for mommy. 

I can't speak for John, but I know he's in love too.

Julia in particular has always wanted a sister.  She predicted we would have another baby and that it would be a girl.  Wishful thinking I thought.  But she was right!

Amelia was born wednesday night, 8/27, at 10:49 pm.  She was 9.6 lbs and 19 1/2 inches long.

She has jet black hair....chubby cheeks, blue eyes and completely reminds me of Julia as a newborn.  She is such a good baby too.  Bless you sweet Amelia.  We love you!
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