17 September 2014

Rolling Her Eyes

What to do when your kid hates school...my mommy melt down

First let me be honest, I had a melt down last week.  Between baby hormones, new house, new routine, starting homeschool, and dealing with 4 little people, I really just couldn't take anything not going just so...and so, when we started our normal day of math, reading, writing, etc...and all the big kids were giving me an awful time of it, and micah was loud, and mia was well, hungry, I guess I just lost it, and to make matters worse...it was only 9:30 am....why does time go so slowly when you need to survive til after dinner when Dad gets home?

We had just sat down to start school, and the big kids wanted to play in the back yard, or their room, or watch t.v. and why mom, why do we have to do school????

And then she did it.

She did it right at me.

With a sigh, and an eye roll, she placed her head on the kitchen table like she had done a research paper, a science experiment, and a board exam...and she was too tired to do anything else!!!

Who was this child?

Why didn't she love school like she did for the past 4 years we've been doing school???  

Not only was I over tired from being up at night with a newborn, still healing from delivery, and slightly crazy from a move, but my kid, the teacher's kid, had the audacity to NOT LOVE SCHOOL!!!

Did she not know that in public/private school they are doing work from 8:30-2:30!  Hello!  I wanted a good attitude and I wanted it now!

So what did I do in my mature 36 year old way?  I had a mommy melt down.  Really mature!  I gave my kids the "school lecture" filled with: "you don't know how good you have its" and "after all mommy does to make your day special!"

And then I cancelled school and sent them to their rooms.  

And then I called my best friend.  

And cried...

And said how I just can't do this and how nothing is going the way I planned, and that my beloved daughter ROLLED her eyes at me! (God bless you Suzette for putting up with me on the phone!)

And would you believe it while I sat their on the phone, holding a newborn, watching micah play, my daughter brought me a glass of water and asked, "Mom, are you ok, why are you crying?"

Talking it out and getting some great homeschool advice and ideas was just what I needed.  I always feel better after a best friend pep talk, don't you?

This week...we have managed to complete school 9-2pm with structure, routine, and no eye rolls (wink, wink).  I think Suzette was right, every one struggles the first few weeks of school with getting back into the groove.  I'm thankful we survived and are ready to move forward to a good year of school.


One can never predict what their kids will do!


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