15 September 2014

This Crazy Life

Life With Four Little People

In my wildest dream we have five children and live on a farm.  But after three kids life was so full and so busy I couldn't have imagined, and I would never have even dared to picture life with more kids than we had at the time.

But now she's here!

And life is busy, chaotic, crazy, and quite honestly wonderful all at once.  

Noise: There is so much of it!  It ranges in volumes of peaceful slumber to everyone asking for something all at once, the boys running and screaming, Julia singing, John asking where his wallet is, and Amelia crying for more milk.

Toys: They have multiplied and they are everywhere.  In every room there is a lego piece, a weapon of some sort, usually a sword, a barbie doll with no clothes, blocks, books, and an American girl doll or two.

Clothes: The laundry has quadrupled!  Literally!  When you have a newborn you are always washing burp cloths and onesies, but now there is the normal amount of clothes and there is no way I can possibly keep up.  I'm at, at least 2 loads a day, and 3 or 4 on the weekend.  And there is always a pile of clothes in our white basket waiting to be put away...

Boxes: With our move, there are a few lingering boxes in our room and Amelia's nursery.  And the garage has a few waiting for us to get to at some point.  Since we had so many people just come over and offer to help we are so far along on the process of being moved in, and we've only been here 2 weeks.  Thankfully, I think by October it will feel like we've always been in this house.

Crying: Well, someone is always getting their feelings hurt, or falling, or needing some extra attention.  The key I am learning is that it's okay for the kids to wait and be patient with mommy.  I can't meet every need all at once, but with God's help, I sure am trying to love on everyone and not let anyone feel like the "middle child".

Meals:  Loud, because we don't just eat, we talk, we pray, we act silly, and we comment on how great the food is, especially when dad cooks!  We have been so blessed to not have had to cook thanks to friends and our church family.  We have been steadily fed and that has been a huge blessing and one less thing for me to think about.  I will start my meal planning in October!  

Bath Time: Wet!  Julia likes to shower in our new shower, but sometimes she forgets to close the shower glass doors...Mark and Micah take their bath together, and there is a lot of bubbles, a lot of splashing, and a lot of water...EVERYWHERE.  But, since we have an awesome back yard, and since the kids are outside everyday on their bikes, or digging, or hunting for sticks and bugs...bath night is EVERY NIGHT!

My Love: John and I have not had any date nights or breaks, but at night, when it's finally completely quiet except for the squeaky wood steps, or Amelia's heavy breathing sounds from her crib, we are able to take a deep breath, sigh a huge sigh of relief, high-five, and say, "We did it!" We talk about how we traveled Europe, how God continues to bless us, and how we are thankful for our 4 kids, even if life IS crazy right now.


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