02 July 2010

"I'm just a MOM!"

Being a MOM is the best ever!!!
Last night, my friend Holly and I had a movie night! John came home early and put the kids to bed for me. 

Holly and I watched the A-team, and got to catch up on some much needed girl time.

At 9:40 I pulled out of the theater and saw the dreaded red and white lights of a cop car flashing me to pull over.

Panicked, I obeyed, wondering what in the world could I have done wrong.  I wasn't speeding.  My seat belt was on.  I wasn't talking on my phone!  What? What had I done wrong?  The cop comes over with a flashlight and ordered me to show him my license and registration...my hands were shaking as I looked for both and handed them to him.  I asked him, "Did I do something wrong, officer?"  No answer.  He looked over my paperwork, and with a smirk asks, "Is this a new car?"  Before I could answer yes, he reached in my car and turned on my head lights...oh no! Are you kidding!!! Now, I'm thinking to myself, "Kristi, you are such an idiot...this proves you need to get out more! 

The officer laughed and said, "You didn't have your headlights on."  "I'm so sorry!!!!!!!!" I said, like a million times.  He laughed and asked me "Do you work around here, you look familiar?"  I sighed with relief and replied..."I'm just a mom." (definitely wanted to cry at this point).  Then he laughed out loud and said, "Just a mom, that's the hardest job there is."  With that, he handed me back my info and left.

Note to self: Drive at night with your headlights on...


  1. Oops! I've done that before. =) I'm glad you didn't get a ticket or anything! hapy 4th of July, dear friend!

  2. i used to say "just a mom" when people asked what i do. now i say it confidently..."i'm a MOM!" xoxo

  3. You are not JUST a mom. You are a WONDERFUL mom! And don't you forget it!

  4. thanks guys! I meant it more like, I'm just an innocent mom trying to have a fun night out and wishing I wasn't getting pulled over right now!

  5. Soooo cute!! haha!! I love it!


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