22 July 2010

New Friends...God always provides!!!

Julia and Tabitha on the swings...Julia followed Tabitha everywhere!
New Friends!!!

Two weekends ago we had a blast with John Lee and his family.  Sharon and John opened up their beautiful home and even though it was kind of a rainy day, we still had our BBQ and fun on the swing-set with all the kids.

We got to their house at 10 am and left around 2pm (right before a "I really need a nap badly melt down could happen")  Mark was so comfortable, right at 1pm he fell asleep and slept soundly for 40 minutes.  Of course he woke up just in time for watermelon...his favorite fruit!

I love how the kids all did their own thing, but were friendly with each other too!
My husband John, met John Lee at a Jars of Clay concert.  It was such a random meeting, both of them were on line to go back stage to talk to the singers and managers and they struck up a conversation (John Lee has a Christian magazine in publication and was doing an article on the band), they realized they both worked in the city together and decided to have lunch the upcoming week.  From then on they've been like best buds (Thank you Lord for providing a godly man for my hubby in an      industry where godly men are few and far between) they meet for lunch at least twice a month if not more and we've gone out as couples to a restaurant and now we've had all the kids together.

John Lee with all the boys (his own son and his two nephews Nate and Joel)

I love how the two John's are so much alike too.  They both had their cameras outside taking pics of the kids.  They both have a son and a daughter.  They both love the Lord.  They both have AMAZING, godly, beautiful, well-spoken, very intelligent (okay I'm getting carried away) wives.  They both are in the finance industry.  And they both love talking about the Lord and martial arts movies! 

Mrs. Lee with all the kids in their lusciously delicious garden!
John Lee's parents live with them (okay let's just say their house is ginormous...when we pulled up Julia asked if it was a castle, LOL) and they have this amazing garden in the back yard, Mrs. Lee grows her own lettuce, melons, tomatoes, peppers, herbs...it was out of this world.  What really made me fall in love with her was, she picked a bunch of stuff for us to take home, and she liked my curly hair! LOL  She was so generous and so sweet and kept fussing over us and serving us.  She was so great!

All in all it was a great family day...God always provides friends in the least expected places at the least expected times.  You just have to be open and willing to talk to a stranger sometimes!  I'm so glad, John did!  John Lee's sister Anne came over with her two sons, and she became my new best friend, I don't think we stopped talking from the time we were introduced.  She was talking to me about how she used to live in East Brunswick (we are trying to buy a home there) and all the best restaurants there, how she grinds her own coffee, how she juices her own veggies to stay healthy, how she makes homemade cupcakes and is a super fanatic about how they come out, she makes her own frosting too.  We talked about the Lord, our churches, our pastors, our kids, how long we've breastfed each kid...I mean we talked about everything it was so fun.  I wish I took a picture of Anne and John's wife Sharon, but we talked so long while John was outside taking pics of the kids that I didn't get a chance, but just picture two really special ladies! 

John Lee's daughter Elizabeth, she's 6 years old
I think at first Elizabeth wasn't sure if she wanted all these kids at her house, but after a few minutes of playing she was an excellent hostess and showed all the little kids a lot of her toys and shared very nicely.  Julia loved all her dolls and doll clothes, and her play house, but her favorite part was...yup, you guessed it, jumping on their beds!  Go figure...

Julia and Jacob (he's 3)


  1. that looks like so much fun!
    That is awesome that your husband met him that way and it turned into a great friendship. The Lord works everywhere doesn't he?!

  2. How wonderful! I love her garden! That is the coolest thing!


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