23 January 2012

D. E. A. R. time Home School Monday

I'm pretty sure Julia could read for hours.
DEAR time stands for Drop Everything And Read!

This is a newer part of our weekly curriculum.  And both kids are expected to gather several of their favorite books (Julia always chooses princess books) and (Mark loves his Spot and Blues Clues books) their "job" is to sit quietly for 10-15 minutes and READ.

Yes, I'm serious.  They read.  Reading a book and sitting quietly is something all children can do if they are taught how to do it, and if they are given guidelines.  I did this daily for my 3rd and 4th grade students after lunch and it was wonderful.  Even I, as the teacher, and now as the mommy, sit down with my OWN reading material and read.  It's important to model what you want your kids to do instead of just expecting them to know how to do it.

The kids sometimes sit next to me or sit on their own blanket. (I make it special and we all grab our favorite soft blanket and pillow and our pile of books or magazines and we sit near the fireplace).

These are our rules:

1. Sit quietly
2. Read your books or magazines (We have lots of Clubhouse Jr. and Highlights magazines that are fun)
3. Do not disturb anyone who is reading

Mark loves Spot books
This particular day was a Saturday, and when John walked in the first thing Julia did was say, "Daddy, ssshh we are reading."  John couldn't help but smile.  She wasn't being bossy, I promise, she was sharing our special moment because he never saw us do DEAR time before and he came ready to talk.  He was so excited to grab a book and read along with us.

When you are done reading, you can rest
Why I LOVE DEAR time:

1. I get a chance to read my own materials.
2. We all get quiet time and a break from each other (very important for siblings too)
3. The kids get to use their imagination when they don't know how to read all the words yet.
4. Afterwards we talk about our books, and Julia always knows the plot of her books just by taking in all the pictures.  Mark gets to expand his vocabulary and describe his books.
5. It's a calm down transition time before nap or after a meal.
6. Teaches your child independence
7. Teaches your child how to use a book properly (which way to turn pages, not to read upside down, be gentle with books, etc.)
8. Structured part of the day
9. Get excited about READING
10. Kids get to pick their own books to read

DEAR time is our new favorite time, won't you Drop Everything And Read with us?



  1. DEAR time is the best! xoxo C

  2. I love that! I'm going to add that into our day :)

  3. Drop Everything And Read! What a great idea! My husband and I are both avid readers and our girls love to look at books and be read to, but I have never allotted a special time for all of us to read to ourselves each day. I am going to start doing this on a regular basis! Thank you!


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