03 January 2012

Back to normalcy

I love Christmas time, christmas carols, christmas gifts, nativity scenes, decorating the house and tree, BUT I really love putting the tree outside, unraveling all the garland, putting away the wrapping paper, and getting things back to normal.

Happy New Year!

Today was our day to get things back in order and ready for a great new month, and new year!

John worked from home as me and the kids did our normal Monday routine of food shopping, drop off at the cleaners, and library book return.

When we got back home Daddy was still in his pajamas working diligently with two laptops on the dining room table and lots of paper and pens, and his Blackberry going.

It was nice to have him in our presence as we sort of did our thing, but could stop by for a hug or kiss.

Today I scored some awesome grocery deals at Shop Rite.  Ronzoni pasta was only 49 cents a box!  And I got cheese tortellini for $1.99, and four boxes of cereal for $6!  It was a great day for food shopping...normally I spend around $40-50 a week on groceries and today was only $36!

We got home in time to prepare lunch, play with our christmas and birthday gifts, organize Julia's room, do 3 loads of laundry, write out Julia's thank you cards, and have some tea!

I feel really good when the hampers are empty, and the sink is empty and the clothes are folded and put away!

My January calendar is already full, but I'm looking forward to having Tuesdays just for us since we will not be doing Bible Study this month, we took a winter break.

But we still have Mops, Awana, and Gymnastics!  And we are really contemplating roller skating lessons for the kids...it's only once a week on Wednesdays and the price is very reasonable...I'm just thinking maybe we should wait so Mark can do it with Julia...because it's for ages 3-6.  We took the kids rollerskating this weekend and it was a hit!  They absolutely loved it and so did John and I!

Well, the tree has been down since 12/26, all the cards have been taken off of the doorways and card holders, the decorations and garland around the house have been boxed and stored in the garage, and now its time to get back to normal.

* We have new chore charts
* School project on Thomas Jefferson
* Reading/ Math lessons
* Circle Time
* Awana and Bible memory
* Library Time
* Gymnastics

I'm excited for what God has planned for 2012!



  1. It really is so nice to get things back to normal. We have missed the Little Gym for a solid month now and I miss going!

    Our little family was blessed enough to have Hubs work from home full time as of September. He had been commuting about 1.5 hours each way for ten years. It is so amazing to have him around for hugs and kisses :D

    God surely does have exciting things planned for you! I cant wait to read about them :D


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