24 January 2012

Organizing my World

I like lists, clipboards, paperclips, desk tops, clear counters, empty hampers, folded clothes, and "everything in it's place."  That's just me.

I make lists and enjoy crossing off each item.  Sometimes I add more to my list as I'm doing a job.

It's just how I am, take it or leave it.  It's how I accomplish much throughout the day and keep my head clear.  I like to make a list for the week and accomplish it in the same day...I know, I'm weird.  But I don't sit still and I don't do well doing nothing.

Organization and excellence are my goals.  On this particular day when I made my list I had 23 items (I added two people I HAD to call for advice)...by the end of this day I finished 19/23 things...and boy was I TIRED.  I probably should have done maybe only 10 things, but some were rather easy, and some I HAD to do to prep for MOPS for Tues morning...and I can do 10 things during nap time!

When I'm bored I organize my space.  Like today I organized three cabinets because John had a meeting at church and the kids were sleeping at nap time...what better way to use my time than organize and get rid of items we weren't using.  I think in the last 3 weeks I have visited Good Will 3 times!  After the holidays it was "out with the old in with the new"... we got new comforters...we donated our old ones and throw pillows.  We got new towels we donated the old ones.  A friend of mine knew of someone who had 4 kids and just lost all of their belongings in a fire...I went through drawers and the kids closets and found 3 bags worth of clothes to share.

I set my goals high, and cross off things when I'm done.  I make a list Monday and give myself til Friday to complete anything.  Then on the next Monday I start a new list...

This blog I love: Echoes of Laughter...the woman is AMAZING at organizing.  She has almost 1,000 followers and it's no wonder, she's got so much to share.

My top 3 things I need to organize for the months of January/February are:

1. Our downstairs office.
2. Our home school supplies/books/curriculum
3. Our bedroom closets

An awesome website that I recently joined (thanks to Gina) is Cozi.com...you can organize your WHOLE life with all your electronic gadgets like computer, Iphone, etc and your hubby can see all the lists you make!  It's pretty fabulous. Your calendar, to do lists, reminders for important dates, shopping lists, menu...all of it is all on one website and the website can text you to remind you of things or remind your spouse...it's AMAZING!

I'm writing them down for accountability so I know I will set my mind to work on them!  What are your organization projects this month?  How will you meet your goals?  What do you need to do to meet them?  Take pictures of before and after!


  1. Just letting you know that I tagged you in my last post! : )

    I wish I had your organization skills!

  2. Hi Kristi! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog and becoming a follower! I hope some of my ideas work for you! That is a pretty long list you made for yourself...you got a lot done in one day! Holy cow! I hope your week is going great and don't forget to take some time to yourself! Angie xo


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