09 January 2012

Photo Coasters, a Kindle, a Quilt, a Watch and a New Faucet

Every year God showers His blessings on us at Christmas time.  And this year was no different.  We really scaled down our list and only got each other a few items (especially after Mr. Wonderful got our family a new flat-screen for our basement) but the items we got each other were super personal and really needed!

For example, I had been hinting since my birthday that I would love a Kindle!  And after John bought the TV I thought there was no way I'd get one at Christmas but he spoils me and got me one...I have two books so far that I've ordered and I'm still learning how it works but I love the leather cover he bought for it...it makes it look like a journal almost.

He kept teasing me on Christmas morning saying, "All I got you were socks and Tupperware," and yet he also bought me a much needed watch, and Violeta (our good friend who KNOWS watches) told John just what type to buy.  He has great taste because I told him I wanted something simple and this one was perfect.

My dear bestie, Christy, got me photo coasters that she made HERSELF.  Who does that!?!? She knew I loved the photo shoot pictures we took in November (she actually recommended the photographer) and she printed them, bought the ceramic coasters, followed a blog step by step, by using a resin and a BLOW TORCH and made them for us.  Everyone who comes over picks them up and they are baffled when I say a friend made them.  I absolutely love them.  Click here to read the blog and see how to make them yourself.

By far, my favorite gift was the Pottery Barn Eloise quilt I got from my amazing MIL and SIL who always get me the best gifts at Christmas.  I guess because they ask what I want and get exactly that!  I was so happy when I came home and made my new bed with it...(I'm redecorating our bedroom to make it more Victorian and feminine) and even John liked it, which goes to show you how beautiful it is.

And my darling husband bought a new faucet for our kitchen sink and my FIL and a friend actually installed it this week!  I LOVE them!  It's the coolest faucet ever with a long, sleek, high neck (great for rinsing large pots).

God was so good to us this year!  Thank you John, Judy (Mom), Laurie, Christy, and Jack (Dad)...you guys are the sweetest!



  1. I can't wait to see the room when it's done! The bedspread is beautiful!

  2. I love your bedspread! It's my favorite one from PB too! I agree with the above post...can't wait to see your room when it's done! Love your taste! xoxo C


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