17 January 2012

Heaven is for Real

I recently read this book and absolutely loved it!  My friend Roe let me borrow it, and I kept wanting to read it but never had a free minute.  Then I found out my dear friend Rayna who was pregnant with her 6th child had a miscarriage, and when I reached out to her to see how she was  doing she said this book really gave her peace about their loss.  Then I posted on facebook about this book and another dear friend of mine, Jamie, who recently lost her sister who was only in her twenties after just having a newborn, told me she read this book after her sister, Tara's death, and this book gave her comfort and peace I just finally MADE time to read it.  And once you start this book you are on a roller coaster ride with the parents from how they dealt with their child's hospital stay and apendix bursting.

It is a true story and it is about how a little four year old boy experiences what heaven is like.  His parents don't even realize it til after they leave the hospital and start hearing bits and pieces of their son's heaven trip.  It is AMAZING.  And since I have a four year old you can hear the innocence in their son's answers and thought processes and how he explains meeting Jesus, and John the Baptist, and oh my goodness, his sister that his mother miscarried!  I cannot do the book enough justice.  You just have to get it and read it and find out for yourself.  It just goes to show you that children CAN understand the simplicity of the gospel.  You don't need a seminary degree to feel Christ's love and value.

And the you just grow to love the Burpo family, Todd, is a pastor and he and his wife are just the lovliest, sweetest couple.  God was so good to them in the midst of so much stress and difficulty.  I pray that this family is truly blessed for sharing their story.


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