16 January 2012

Rainforest Cafe Birthday Bash!

Julia Star is now 4...birthday lunch at Rainforest Cafe
Lord, you promised me that my kids would stay little forever, didn't you?

Well, it happened, New Year's Eve came and went and my precious baby girl Julia became 4! No longer a baby, no longer a toddler, sniff, sniff, but a truly big girl now, and mommy is...mommy is...very, very happy for her.

Part of me wants her to stay a peanut.  But for a girl who is 90th percentile, has long athletic strong legs, and weighs 38lbs...let's face it she hasn't been a peanut for years.

But you know what?  She is oh so tender with her brother Mark, and somehow seeing her mother her brother just melts my heart and fills me with peace, that yes, she is growing up, but she's growing up in a lovely way, and so it really is tolerable.  I mean look at her, does she look happy to be 4 or what?

The kids loved the Cafe.  It was empty at first, but we had reservations at 11:30 so we got a tour, great seats by the waterfall and we could walk around and explore without interrupting anyone's lunch.  Plus it's a family place and after a bit lots of families poured in and were very friendly.

Mark loved this place just as much as Jules did.  They loved all the animals, the rainstorms, and the sounds of thunder.

We saw gorillas, frogs, elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, and snakes!

Mom, am I five yet?  No, Julia.
We ate lunch and then visited the huge gift shop.

Mommy, can we take him home?
The gift shop was awesome.

At lunch when I prayed over the food and blessed Julia I got choked up as I said the words..."thank you for allowing Julia to be born, she has made our life so full."  And I meant every word.  I'm so thankful for her.


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