22 January 2012

Steakhouse 85 Date Night

I love my family.

Sometimes, though it's nice to slip away and hold hands with your guy...your man.

Since John preaches on Valentine's Day weekend (Feb 12) most likely it will be very difficult to have a date that weekend, and so today we celebrate each other in New Brunswick.  A cute little college town with clean streets and great restaurants to choose from.

My amazing in laws are taking the kids for us, and allowing us to have this evening ALL to ourselves!  I'm really excited to be with John and talk and just have couple time.  We need it.  It charges us up and knits us closer together, and fills our marriage Love Tanks up!

I wish every weekend could be a date night, but our commitment is at least once or twice a month!

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  1. Sounds like a great night! xoxo C


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