30 June 2010

Abby off to Belize

Abby and I at the Weaver's house! She's a beauty!
I've known Abby and her family since I was a little girl at Sayre Woods Bible Church.  Her mom, Lisa, and I are very close, she is a dear, sweet friend to me.  Now I have the privilege of mentoring young, beautiful, 16 year old Abby.

We meet every other Wednesday for Bible study and we memorize Scripture together.  She is a sweetheart.  She is a godly young woman who loves Jesus and loves serving Him.

On Friday, she leaves for Belize for 10 days.  She will be teaching Bible stories to the children there at a camp.  I am so proud of her.  I will be praying for traveling mercies, and a great time of learning and fellowship with her other friends and peers who are going.  Abby attends Timothy Christian School, the same school I taught at, and about 15 other students and  a leader are going to Belize to serve!

What a blessing to be able to go on a missions trip as a teen!  My first missions trip was to China with my husband in 2005 and it was awesome!  Seeing God work in the lives of people all over the world is an amazing experience.

God bless you Abby! I 'm so proud of you sweetie!  xoxoxoxo
Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

The Power of a Praying Wife: Week 6

Chapter 5: His Affection

1 Corinthians 7: 3 "Let the husband render to his wife the affection due her and likewise also the wife to her husband."

On Monday I had you all take a Love Language Test. According to Gary Chapman there are 5 basic love languages (Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, and Acts of Service). Each of us has one or two maybe that we really "speak" the language of love through.

Today's topic, His Affection, goes along with Physical Touch. We all grew up in homes where either we were shown a lot of affection or very little, or somewhere in between. I believe that whether it was right or wrong, those experiences do shape our love language. I grew up in a home where physical touch was just not done. I'm sure as a baby it was different, but as a teen I can't remember my parents hugging me or kissing me, or touching me really. That definitely shaped my love language because I became a person that secretly craved physical touch but never openly talked about it. I wanted to say to my parents, "Why don't you hug me? Why don't you kiss me hello or rub my back or pat me on the head?" but never felt comfortable to verbalize that. It's definitely something I feel I missed out on and would have loved receiving from my parents, but they have never been touchy-feely type people. Do they love me? Of course! Did they show affection as a form of love? No...

So as an adult it was awkward for me at times to hug and kiss people I care about. It was almost uncomfortable, but slowly as I grew closer to the Lord, more mature, and secure in my faith and who I am as a woman of God, I realized that giving affection isn't wrong or uncomfortable. Now as a mommy, showing my children affection is extremely important! I show them affection when they are good, when they've misbehaved, when they fall, when we are laughing, my affection and love is unconditional.

I think it is very interesting that I fell in love with and married a man who was very affectionate (see tomorrow's post on Love Languages and Physical Touch). He definitely filled a hole that was missing in my life. I didn't know I needed affection, and at times I felt it weird to hold hands in public or drape an arm around his back or have him do the same. Somehow, affection felt wrong.

When we were married I realized how important it was for me to step out of my comfort zone and be more affectionate towards John. Because I learned that John's love language was physical touch I realized that just because I didn't necessarily need affection to feel loved, he did, and because I loved him and wanted to meet his needs, I made a choice to take the initiative to hold his hand, or cuddle more.

John is one of those people who grew up in a family (Italian) where physical touch is HUGE. As an outsider hugging and kissing family members from his side of the family was A LOT of work for me in the beginning. But now I've learned that is how I show them love. I'd much rather write a sweet card, or tell them I like how they look, or do something for them, but affection is key. It's not my preference but I love them so I do it. Love is a choice.

I can expect that at any given family function I will hug and kiss about 30-40 people. And when John comes home I'd love for him to take out the garbage or take out the dog, he'd love for me to sit down, relax, and greet him with a hug and kiss. It's not my nature. I like to do something to show I care. Making dinner, cleaning the house, folding his clothes, all those things are my way of saying, "See how much I love you!" But he doesn't care about a clean house or folded clothes, he wants my affection...and so, I am doing the best I can to make an effort to stop what I am doing and give him a hug and kiss! Actually, it's a lot more fun than doing dishes, anyway ;).

So, this week is all about AFFECTION! Whether you feel like it or not. Whether it's your love language or not. Since you love your husband, go out of your way to greet him in love, and in affectionate ways!


Contact your spouse sometime during the business of the day. Have no agenda other than asking how he is doing and if there is anything you could do for him.

29 June 2010

The Five Love Languages: Part 2 Quality Time

Part 2: Quality Time

My favorite, favorite love language is Quality Time!

This is a picture of me and my honey spending quality time in Cape May in 2006. We were celebrating 3 wonderful years of marriage at the Queen Victoria Bed and Breakfast. Cape May is a favorite spot of mine because it is near the ocean, you can watch the sunrise and sunset, you can walk the boardwalk, you can walk slowly, you can talk face to face, you can hold hands and stroll near the shops. You can work on your tan...oops! (Poor John can't do that) Just spending time together and enjoying the other person's company and undivided attention is so important.

Quality Time means no interruptions.

Quality Time means listening with your whole body. By that I mean, your eyes are looking at the person's eyes, your hands are not busy working, your feet are not busy walking around, you are still. Your ears are obviously listening and you are listening with every ounce of energy you have. I don't know about you, but I can tell when someone is really listening to me, or is too busy to listen but is pretending to, or has other things on their mind, or would rather be doing something else.

It means no phones, no computers, no television, no work. In this day and age that is hard, but really important to give up when trying to be attentive to those we love.

Quality Time means enjoying each other, thinking about the future, remember the fun times in the past, and making wonderful present day memories.

Quality Time with friends means talking on the phone for the only hour your kids are asleep (thank you Suzette for always listening and giving me great advice).

Quality Time means going out for tea and laughing so hard your cheeks and sides hurt (thank you Christy, I love your company and sense of humor).

Quality Time means meeting up for lunch and catching each other up on your lives, things you may not know because you don't see each other every day. (thanks Lisa, I love our lunch dates)

Quality Time means sitting on the couch and watching a chick flick with your sister til 12 am at night, eating popcorn, drinking hot cocoa and barely watching the movie because you are laughing so hard and talking, talking, talking. (I love you Sara, what would I do without you, my sister and best friend?)

Quality Time means meeting for prayer once a week and not having a time limit, sharing your heart, opening up, confessing your faults, asking for prayer for your family, walking for miles because the problem you have is still being worked on and solved and discussed with your friend...(Oh, Debi, I love our prayer times!)

Quality Time means visiting with a friend who just had a baby, and just sharing her joy. (Rayna, Liz, and Cinz, what an honor to see your babies be born and watch them grow! I love you guys and your little ones)

Quality Time shows the people you love that you are willing to sacrifice your time and spend it with them because they are important to you. So clear some of your schedule today to spend quality time with a loved one!

28 June 2010

The Five Love Languages Part 1

Well my friends, today I want you to take a quiz and have your hubby take it too. It's super fast. It will tell you which of the Five Love Languages you have. This is from the book by Gary Chapman. John and I both read the book during our engagement and it really helped us learn about each other more. The five languages are: Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Quality Time and Gifts.

The Five Love Language Test.

So click on the sentence above and take the 30 question test...

Years ago, when I took it (8 years ago) My top two were Quality time and Gifts...and John's were Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation. I took the quiz over to see if mine would be the same and I tied between Quality Time and Acts of Service. I laughed out loud! As a stay at home mother of two, I can tell you, that if you want to show me love, then take out the garbage, fold a load of laundry, prep my coffee in the morning and I will feel LOVED! I love having my friends over and spending time with them, even if all we do is sit around and talk, and over a hot cup of tea or coffee is even better.

I have to mention my friend Christy H. here. I'll never forget she came over to visit me right after I had Julia. Julia was maybe 2 weeks old. I was tired. I was worn out. I was so out of my element. I missed teaching. I missed my "old life" before all the demands of being a mommy (plus my hormones were raging), the minute she walked in the door I burst into tears. I told her how hard it was, my fears, my weakness, how overtired I was, I complained that poor Julia wasn't on a schedule yet! Ha! Poor thing. She listened. She hugged me. She encouraged me, and then she proceeded to ask me what did I need...well, I had Julia on Dec 31, and now it was the middle of January, John was working, and the Christmas tree was still up, and for some reason it was driving me mad. So Christy, the wonderful friend that she is, went up into my attic!!!! God bless her! Got the big box for decorations, took all the ornaments off, wrapped them, and put the tree outside! Okay, three cheers for Christy!!!

That was an act of service and quality time all wrapped into one. She does stuff like that all the time for me, she comes over and we spend girl time together, talking over a meal and she does the dishes for me, cleans the highchair tray, dries the dishes, puts them away, then we sit and have tea. She will never know (well she will if she reads this) just how meaningful that is to me.

All of this is to say, that if you know the love language of your family members, your spouse, your friends, and then you do your best to show them you love them by "doing" things through their love language, you start to speak their language and show them just how much you care in a way they totally need and understand.

Sometimes a little bit of knowledge can go a long way! Speaking the love language of the people around you can make a huge impact! I've also noticed that I'm really good at loving people the way I want to be loved, but I may need a little extra work in the areas that are not my love language. Isn't it ironic that John and I have completely different love languages? Opposites attract, right? It's true! But when you are dating and courting your spouse to be it is easy to love them in their love language because all you want to do is make them happy. Your greatest joy is seeing them smile!

So take the Love Language Quiz/Test...have your spouse take it, have your friends take it and share your results with each other! It makes for really good conversation. After you take the quiz can you please post me your own results!?! I'd love to hear what your love language is! Consider it a homework assignment!

One Person

"Remember to the world you might just be one person but to one person you might just be the world."

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

25 June 2010

Marky Man's new happenings

Let's see, what can I discover today? Each day now, I'm noticing that Mark not only gets more curious, but that he is definitely getting more independent and he's able to "entertain" his little self.

By holding onto someone's hand, or scaling a wall, or holding onto a table he walks all around picking up toys, eating his snacks, drinking from his cup, and basically following Julia and I around anxious to see what we are up to.

I've been taking the kids to Dorbrook Sprayground quite frequently. We've gone 3 times in the last week, (Saturday, Father's Day, and this past Wednesday with friends). Mark absolutely loves the water. I'm usually left in the dust while he and Julia squeal with delight and run in the water (well Mark crawls). Although Mark does crawl back to me for a quick hug and snuggle!

It's been so nice to just put them to bed at the same time at night and even most afternoon naps. Mark barely cries anymore, and if he does, it lasts for like 2 seconds before he snuggles on top of his pillow and sucks his thumb.

There's no mistaken that he knows how to say Da-Da and Ma-Ma, but still no Julia. Julia does enough talking for him and he loves tickling her. The two of them sit and laugh and crack each other up. As hard as having kids close together is (and now that Mark is one I think I'm in the easy zone, especially since now he barely nurses, only 2-3 times as opposed to 6-7) it's a blessing to see them play together, and learn together, and grow together.

I wonder what adventures we will get into today!

24 June 2010

Miss Julia's new happenings

Yesterday I had on a pair of blue/green dangling earrings and Julia REALLY wanted earrings! When did this happen? How does she know how to see something, and then imagine herself with it, and ask for it? So, since I have no real issue with her getting her ears pierced and John wants her to be able to ask and want her ears pierced not just have it done to her, I said, okay, well, you have to ask your daddy. At 6 am this morning, I took her out of her crib, she ran into our bedroom where daddy was getting dressed and proudly announced, "Daddy, earrings!?! Daddy earrings!?" I didn't prep her or say a word, this is just how her little brain works. She remembers the smallest events and tiniest details. I love this about her.

Julia for the past 3 weeks has really gotten into brushing her own hair (and Marky's poor guy...I think I need to buy her a baby doll with real hair!) Whenever she sees my big pink comb that I use in the shower she brushes her hair and stands in front of the mirror. This will keep her busy for hours. She's a girly girl for sure.

She also now copies how I sit and how I watch a movie. If I cross my legs, she crosses her legs. If I hold my head in my hand and lean it sideways, she tilts her head and holds her head in her hands. Then she studies me some more and practices my facial expressions. When she catches me watching her she starts laughing and then I say, "Are you copying me?" And she smiles!

Julia now is too busy to ever finish a meal (although mommy does not stand for this very often) I'm trying to teach the kids that we eat meals as a family, even if our "family" is just us three for each meal most of the time. I'm trying to teach them that we sit together and stay together til everyone is finished. But if I get up to put a dish in the sink, she puts her dish in the sink. If I start cleaning the table, she cleans the table nearest her. If I'm encouraging Marky to eat his food, she starts talking and coaxing her brother to eat. If I get up to answer the phone or the door, she escapes to the playroom! Oh the beauty of no high chair!!!

My little girl is growing up so fast, she asks so many questions now.

*Mom, what's that?
*Mom, what happended?
*Mom, is Paris naughty?
*Mom, why is Marky crying?
*Mom, where is daddy?
*Daddy's working?
*Who's that mommy? (if I'm on the phone)
*What's the matter, buddy? (to Marky)
*Marky, you like your toy, yeah?

She also says "my" for her pronoun I...which is very sweet (I correct her, sometimes)

Me: Julia come downstairs for breakfast! (She was asking daddy for earrings)
Julia: My cleaning up mommy!
Me: Julia I have muffins, raisins and watermelon!
Julia: No want it...

I am trying to keep up with all the neat things that she and Marky are saying and doing but so much happens in one day I feel like I'm failing to write it all down!

23 June 2010

The Power of a Praying Wife: Week 5

Chapter 4: His S*xuality

Truth be told I wanted to skip this chapter! I'm blushing as I type and feeling rather inadequate as I share, but I am "not ashamed to talk about what God was not afraid to create." My Pastor says this quote a lot, especially when talking about love and marriage and reading through the Song of Solomon.

Okay here goes...

This chapter focused on keeping our husbands a major priority in our life. They should obviously not be the last person on our list by any means. I think at the beginning of marriage it is a lot easier to make your husband a priority because you do not have children and all their needs and demands to meet. Having a career and keeping house is a priority also and finding a balance is key.

I don't know about you, but have you ever been stretched so thin that you felt like you would break? As women, we have so many priorities and needs to fill and meet. We want to be good moms, serve at our church, be good homemakers, have successful careers, stay close to our extended families and our friends, and of course be great wives. But at the end of the day we are tired. We have been pulled in every direction possible. We've been tested and stretched by the kids. We've tried to keep the house presentable, we've tried to run all our errands, bring in extra money if possible, type a quick email to a friend, be creative with meals, run to the post office, cleaners, the bank, the grocery store...the days are so long, and by the time you put the last kid to bed, fold the last bit of laundry, pack the last lunch, and prep the coffee for the next day, oh, and feed the dog...you and I are tired...so tired in fact that the last thing on our mind might be, "How can I make life wonderful for my husband? How can I meet his needs?"

Sad, but true. Finding a balance with all of our priorities and placing our husbands as a high priority is key for having a great marriage. And also having good communication, because sometimes we are just so tired, and other times we really miss them, but they are busy.

A few mentors of mine have always shared the importance of having a date night (even when you have kids, keep this up, and this is very hard, because babysitters are hard to find and expensive to pay for, but it should be a priority, right) My pastor shared with us during marriage counseling that getting away at least once a year, just the two of us, would be beneficial to our marriage, and that doesn't mean a cruise or European vacation, it could mean the kids stay over at grandma and grandpa's or auntie and uncles, and you and your husband get an evening all to yourself. Date nights are also important to schedule at least once a month! And I've been known to ask my in laws and family members to do it when we were counting every penny b/c sometimes paying for a sitter is not an option.

A date night sets the tone and gets the two of you in sync and caught up with each other's life, because sometimes when you are pulled away by your career or kids it's as if you are running two separate ships. Getting caught up and having that face to face talk is very important and isn't it wonderful not to be interrupted by crying, whining, or a smelly diaper?

It's important to make s*x a matter of priority in your marriage because your husband's needs are your priority and vice versa. Open communication and meeting his needs is vital whether you feel like it or not. And believe me I'm not only talking to you but to myself. It's never easy, but it's a choice, and I love my husband and so I want to make the right choice, don't you?

We need to have a godly perspective in every area of our life and marriage and if our only perspective is what our needs are and what we feel like doing then we aren't considering God's perspective. We knew that when we married our bodies were no longer our own. Stormie says, "We owe each other physical attention and we're not to deprive one another." God says our body is to comfort and complete our mate.

Let your husband know you love him by holding his hand when you are walking together, or sitting close to one another when you watch a show. Really listening when he is sharing about his day at work. And saying I love you before they leave to work and when they come home. Many times I find myself not really giving John my full attention when he arrives, because I may be cleaning or washing a dish, but I'm really going to practice stopping what I am doing before he leaves for work and when he gets home and really pay attention to him. Just because I love him and I want him to know that he too is important to me.

On that note, let's work on making our husband's a priority this week by this week's LOVE DARE:

Prepare a Special Dinner at home, just for the two of you. The dinner can be as nice as you prefer. Focus this time on getting to know your spouse better, perhaps in areas you've rarely talked about. Determine to make it an enjoyable evening for you and your mate!

*Do you know his greatest hopes and dreams?
*Do you fully understand how they prefer to give and receive love?
*Do you know his greatest fears and why he struggles with them?

Scripture to ponder...

1 Corinthians 6: 18-20
1 Corinthians 6: 13
Proverbs 5: 15-19

22 June 2010

A Dream is a Wish your Heart makes...

Late at night when the kids are asleep I start to dream about what our life will be like when the kids have lives of their own...

Will we have house in Cape May? I've always loved the shore...

Will I own my own card shop and Boyd's Bears? Will John and I have our own Bed & Breakfast and host lots of important people? I can picture myself in an apron sharing tea with ritzy folks and listening to their wild adventures. John is of course fixing something or researching something on the computer, on a ladder cleaning the gutters, or out for a long jog on the beach.

Will the kids become doctors or lawyers, school teachers or missionaries to far off places? Where will they study, at Harvard, Princeton, Community College...go straight to working or serving?

There will be lots of sunrises, and sunsets, and plenty of walks on the boardwalk. John will take me to the best restaurants, and I will spend my day in the card shop, and on the weekends at the bed and breakfast, and at night on the veranda with John with homemade sun tea and a good book. I'll still be writing my letters to friends and sending care packages to my kids, or grand-babies :)...

We will travel during the winter months to places like London, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Paris, Israel, and Egypt. We will see the sights, the pyramids, the Eiffel tower, artwork, paintings...and taste fine wines and delectable chocolates. We will have chocolate danishes and cappuccinos. And we will be able to have a whole conversation without being interrupted or having to change a diaper. We will eat when we are hungry, and sleep when we are tired. We will enjoy naps again! Oh, John remember how we used to love to nap on the weekends? I miss our nap after church on Sundays and our strolls in the park or museums.

Right now the days are long...but the years are short. And soon it will just be me and John again, and I can't wait for those days!!! It makes me think of a song by Selena...Late at night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of you...and I wish on star, that somewhere you are thinking of me too, cause I'm dreaming of you tonight, til tomorrow I'll be holding you tight!

Oh, I love dreaming about the future!

20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the 3 Dads in my life. I love all of you very much and you all have taught me great things.

Daddy, thank you for your calm spirit and peaceful way. I love how you can sit back and relax and take pleasure in the quiet things in life. Thank you for allowing us to come over and play at the drop of a hat. You are very good with Julia and Mark and they love you. I love your perseverance through difficult times and the way you cling to Christ for hope. Dad, one of my most favorite memories of us as a family is the many months I was home-schooled after my foot surgery during my Sophomore year. We were able to cook together, watch old movies together and get very close. I am very thankful for that "foot healing" time because I got to know you better as a person.

Dad (Jack) For the past 16 years I've gotten to know you. I love your sense of humor, your confidence,your ability to tackle any task, your determination, and your handiness. Many a time we have called you for help and within minutes you were at our doorstep, to pick up Paris, or fix a water heater. You show us you love us in many ways, and we love you too. One of my favorite memories of us as a family was when you became a Master in Little Rock, Arkansas, and during the ceremony you pointed at your students and your family, because I believe you felt that without our/their support you wouldn't be where you are today. That was so very special.

Honey, oh John, you have outdone yourself as a husband, father, and provider. Your ability to work hard, and use your gifts and skills astounds me. I am so thankful for your love and compassion and tenderness. I know that together we can accomplish much for the Lord. One of my favorite memories is serving with you in China on our missions trip. We never knew that leading a team of students would be such a daunting task, and such a servant-type task, but Christ had us learn a valuable lesson, that even when you lead, your real job is to serve. Honey, I know things are tough at work right now, the hard long hours seem endless and I miss you a lot, but I know God will pull us through and bring us closer even in the midst of difficulty. We are a great team!

Happy Father's Day!

18 June 2010

Locked Out: Funny Story, Well, sort of

Last Friday I gave the realtor our key so he could make a copy for our lock box. Yes we put our house on the market. We are in no rush to sell, we love our home, but we feel God wants us to do this right now so we are going ahead with it. Anyway, Rick needed an original key to make a new key and my key and our spare were not the originals, John's was. So John left work that day with no key, no biggie, it's not like I wouldn't be home when he got home, right???

Well, it was a crazy day, I ended up having dinner at my mom's that evening, got home around 7:30, gave baths, put the kids to bed, and by 9:30 I was passed out in our bed. At 8:30 I got a text from John that he was on the bus and due to arrive in an hour or so. Poor guy works over 70 hours a week!!!

Well, at 11:40 pm the doorbell rang, I crawled out of bed, actually grumpy that I had to walk downstairs to open the door for my husband...I barely said hello, meandered back to our bed, when John comes up the stairs and says, "I've been outside for almost 2 hours." He said it so calmly, and all I could do was say, "NO!!!!" It just dawned on me that the poor guy had no key!!!! He was throwing rocks at the window, texting me, calling my phone (which by the way was on the kitchen counter and was no help)...and yet, he wasn't even mad at me. I felt awful! I felt like the worst wife ever. All I had to do was slip a key under the doormat for him and text him it would be there...but no, for 2 hours the poor guy put together new garden lights for our walkway...

That's our locked out story...yep, I still feel bad about it! And to think I answered the door in a huff instead of apologetically!!! How rude! Oh, honey, please forgive me?!

The End

17 June 2010

16 June 2010

The Power of a Praying Wife: Week 4

Chapter 3: His Finances

This was a super short chapter, but this chapter could have been written by my husband the financial advisor. He is now working for Morgan Stanley and he loves his job and let me tell you, he is good at what he does. John went to Pace University in NYC and majored in business and finance and his mind just works around numbers and percentages and he is super analytical. Let's just say he's everything I am not...which does not make me bad, it just makes us a perfect match because he has taught me so much about budgeting and credit cards, and savings and investing.

John is very wise with his money, and very frugal. Sometimes I like to tease him and say that his pockets are sewn shut, but in all honesty, I know God has blessed us financially because of how faithful John is with tithing and with conserving our money. And John by no means scrimps on the important things, when he plans a European vacation or thinks ahead to plan a birthday or anniversary surprise he spares no expense.

He teases me and says I am a grazer type shopper where I get a little here and there, and he is a one time big spender.

One thing I've always appreciated about John is that he has never been the type of man to withhold information to me or act like his salary is his salary and when I was teaching and making a salary I did not do that either. We share one checking account and savings account and we have a very open relationship about our finances. Our main goal is to use it wisely and honor the Lord with the money He has blessed us with. John does this really cool banking system on the computer where the software he has automatically graphs in a pie chart all our spending each month. This way we can see how much we spend on food, clothes, entertainment, tithe, school loans, our mortgage, etc.

Before kids, I'm a little embarrassed to say because this was very out of line, and trust me I've gotten a lot better, but John showed me the pie chart and there was one month where I spent like $400 on clothes. Even though we could afford it, the message was clear, my spending was not careful, but out of control, I wasn't being a good steward. Boy have I learned my lesson.

Stormie O'Martin was sharing in this chapter that finances can really put a strain on any marriage if both partners are not doing their share of being responsible, having a lack of money, or huge debt can be the source of many arguments, bitterness and hard feelings.

Of course she also mentioned the importance of tithing...now when John and I got engaged, John was a new believer, just baptized and still learning all the "ropes" of how to live for Christ and honor Him with everything in his life. John grew up with the mentality that you can never have enough money and you work hard to be successful. Money was put on a pedestal and he never wanted to not be able to provide for us as a family...his main focus was to make a lot of money so we would never have to worry. But as God softened John's heart he learned to trust God with a new Taekwondo school, he learned to trust God by tithing faithfully, and he learned to trust God with all his finances. And God poured out his blessings on us. After 9/11 John left a NYC finance job to start his own karate business in NJ. That was scary for both of us because we wanted to buy a home, we had to pay for our entire wedding and honeymoon. John's school opened up in September of 2002 and guess what? He had 80 students the first month! That is unheard of. Let's just say he was well paid and the students tuition covered all the schools bills. What a blessing!

Since then we've kept our wallets and hearts open to the Lord and just have learned to trust him. I am thankful for all of John's hard work because now that we have kids I have been able to stay out of work for 3 years to be at home with them! Another huge blessing!

Commit your finances to God and He will bless you! Be good stewards of all He brings your way.

Pray that your husband will:

1. Find it easy to give to God and others
2. Have wisdom in handling money wisely
3. Make good decisions in how he spends money
4. Be open to God showing him how to plan for the future
5. Find the perfect balance in spending needlessly and being miserly
6. Always be paid well for the work he does
7. That God will multiply your money so that it goes a long way

Scripture to ponder... (this is only parts of the verses)

Luke 12: 29-31 Do not seek what you should eat or what you should drink, nor have an anxious mind...
Ecclesiastes 5:19 As for every man to whom God has given riches and wealth...
Proverbs 28:27 He who gives to the poor will not lack
Psalm 37:25 the righteous will not be forsaken
Philippians 4:19 God shall supply all your needs


"Whatever you put your time, energy, and money into will become more important to you. It's hard to care for something you are not investing in. Along with restraining from negative comments, buy your spouse something that says, "I was thinking of you today."

Kristi ideas:

1. A card
2. Their favorite candy bar
3. Movie tickets
4. Favorite DVD or CD
5. Favorite store bought dessert from a bakery (my hubby loves those tri colored cookies from the Italian bakery...hope he doesn't read this b/c I think I may just have to get him a few)

15 June 2010

Friend: My Poem

Friend by Kristi Anne

Is there anything better than a friend?
She listens
She shares
You know that she cares

Is there anything better than a friend?
She writes
She knows
Each day your friendship grows

Is there anything better than a friend?
Doesn't really matter

Is there anything better than a friend?
She's there when you need her
You're there when she needs you
We are thankful to God
He created me and You!

I love my friends!!!
Happy Birthday Christy W. I love you so much and you've blessed me in so many ways!

14 June 2010

Luke's Graduation

We had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends in Doylestown, PA. The Weavers have been my family since I was about 13 when Christy became my "adopted mom" and best friend/mentor. We are 15 years apart and share a June birthday. I love my Christy. Her family has been my "babies" since they were born. I've changed diapers, babysat, cuddled, taken to the park, gone to birthday parties, and vacationed with them. Christ brought us together and I am soooo thankful. Now, Bill and John are buddies too, they are lifelong seminary students (we tease them since they are both still working on their degrees) but they both LOVE the Lord and have a passion to preach the gospel and serve others.

Luke, "my baby" now totally grown, just graduated from Plumstead Christian high school. It's funny because Luke and John get mistaken for brothers all the time, even at this party, Lisa Coyle told me John was playing volleyball, and I go, "Lisa, that's Luke!" LOL

Bridget, Luke's sister, will be 15 next month, and Ben, the youngest, just turned 9. My time has really flown by!

Some other favorite friends in these photos are the Coyles, and Julia has a crush on their son Zach, she asks for Zach ALL THE TIME...she follows him like a lost puppy. She wants him to play with her, pick her up, push her on the swing, and just be in the same room, or she asks, "Where's Zach?" And Zach is almost 14 and is very good about it.

Uncle John DiMare, and godfather to Marky was also at the party and they had some special bonding time. Marky is getting better with allowing others to hold him. As a matter of fact, Christy held him for quite some time, and I had to go looking for her and Marky!

Just wanted to also say that Bill and Christy were excellent hosts, they made us all feel comfortable and welcome, we were the last to leave, because well, we never like to say goodbye (we live about an hour and 30 minutes away) and because we always feel like we are at home.

We love you Weavers!!! Congrats Luke! Can't wait to hear how well you will do at Messiah College in PA, and I'm praying you make the baseball team!!!

11 June 2010

Our Family Growing Up By the Day

As you can see, pictures amaze me. I just can't believe how quickly time is going by and how fast the kids have grown and developed this past year. Julia is almost 2 1/2 and Mark is now 1. I'm thankful that John and I can officially say we are the parents of two wonderful children. A spunky, and super bright daughter Julia, and a cuddly super mellow son, Mark.

Thank you Lord for my family. These three people make each day a blessing. It doesn't matter how many dishes I wash, or loads of laundry I do. It doesn't matter if they always match or perfectly behaved. It doesn't matter if I get 10 hours of sleep or 5...my job is to love them, serve them, and be the best mommy and wife I can, and to do that Lord, I need all your love, strength and wisdom every day!
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