10 June 2010

My Debi--My family

Last week I visited my wonderful prayer partner to chat and pray. My kids love going to Aunt Debi's house because it is a comfortable place and feels like home. Both Julia and Mark have been visiting Aunt Debi since they were in the womb and once they were born. Aunt Debi and Uncle Tio (it's our inside joke...Uncle Ev) our dear church friends who are our family now.

Since New Year's Eve Julia has slept over Aunt Debi's house twice now in an upstairs bedroom in her pack and play, and so I really think she thinks this is her second house. She just goes right upstairs now to look for her room. Mark on the other hand is getting used to the doggies and learning how to scan and walk around the place, and basically he does whatever big sister JuJu does.

When I first had Julia, Debi would come over to help me and she would just do anything I needed her to do, she would fold clothes for me or hold the baby while I ran an errand. She would go with me on long prayer walks. I loved walking in to find her praying over my Julia...and she's done the same for Marky.

Aunt Debi you are a huge blessing to us!!! We love you. I've come to learn that family doesn't necessarily mean blood related. Sometimes family is just the people who love you no matter what, and accept you for who you are. Family is the people who listen to you when you are sad and they give you godly advice when you need it. They always give you the benefit of the doubt and they don't judge you. They know you aren't perfect, but they love you just the same. You can be yourself and relax and not to pretend to be something you aren't.

Thank you for always making us feel right at home in your house. Thanks for going out of your way to come to my house to pray when it is too much for me to travel to you. Thank you for making me a priority. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for being my friend who really listens when I need you to. Thank you for all the meals you've served us. Thank you for all the prayers you've prayed for us. Thank you for not caring when Julia spills something at your house, or jumps on your bed, or doesn't want the dogs in the house. Thanks for pouring her grown up drinks, and making things fun for her, and letting her taste test whatever you are cooking, even the onion! LOL

You are the bestest and we love you!!! And Julia loves your bed! Mark likes Uncle Tio's side :)


  1. Kristi

    That is so precious and they are such sweet loving people!

  2. What a treasure to have friends like that! You are so blessed!


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