08 June 2010

The Power of a Praying Wife: Week 3

Chapter 2
His Work

All men relate to their work somehow. On one end of the spectrum you have a lazy man who takes no pride in his work, and his laziness will destroy him and on the other end you have a workaholic who works so much and strives so hard they have no time for family, friends, or even God and still they are not satisfied.

Stormie Omartin says, "On one hand is laziness-avoiding work out of selfishness, fear, lack of confidence, depression or apprehension about the future...the opposite extreme is workaholism-obsessing over work to the exclusion of all else and losing one's life in the process."

So, what is the answer about how men should relate to their job? There needs to be a balance between these two extremes! In both cases the lazy man and the workaholic won't be happy with themselves or feel fulfilled.

Stormie says fear plays a huge factor because many men find their identity in their work. Men want to feel appreciated and succeed at what they do, and so if they feel like they won't achieve these goals then they feel like a loser or failure.

From experience I can tell that the more encouraging I am, the more I try to show him the good things he has done in business decisions, when I shed light on his strengths, all these things really help to boost my husband's confidence. Let's be honest, we all want to hear, "You are doing a good job!" I think sometimes we get so sidetracked with our own thoughts, and plans for the day that we may forget to be encouraging, or we may even be waiting to hear, "Dinner smells great! or The house looks spotless!" That we forget to be the encourager.

Ecclesiastes 3:13 says there is nothing better for a man than to, "enjoy the good of all his labor-it is the gift of God." God created man, and therefore, God knows that men seek to be successful at what they do, and that their identity is tied up in what their career is.

A man who has a sense of purpose, a man who knows his creator and has a relationship with Jesus, can find joy and fulfillment in their work.

Praying for your husband's work and praying for him each day as he heads off to work is super important. Sometimes I am so busy with making breakfast for everyone, making sure John grabs his lunch, and taking care of the dog, that I forget to send John off with a proper send off, a prayer for the day. And sometimes I am downright cranky because I wish I had more sleep (not something I'm proud of, but God convicted me, so I had to write it, see I'm honest!)

Stormie said, "I've observed that people who have had actively praying parents seem to find their life's work early...they had a sense of purpose and destiny that propels them in the right direction." I loved that she mentioned this because it reminded me not only the power of praying for my husband's work, but for my children's work someday!

I don't know about you but I've met too many high school seniors, too many college students (in liberal arts or no major at all...nothing wrong with liberal arts, but if you are paying money to go to school you should know what you are studying and what you "want to be when you grow up!") who have no idea what they want to do. They have no purpose. They are lost. They end up working at jobs that they aren't happy with and they don't have joy in what they do!

As wives let's pray these things into our hubby's life:

1. Their eyes would be open to see what God wants them to do
2. For God to reveal doors of opportunity that no man can close
3. Pray that God has your husband where he wants him to be
4. That God will lead the right people into his workplace and remove people who are troublesome
5. For our husbands to find the perfect balance between work and rest
6. For them to not fear about the future or worry about making enough money
7. Pray their day at work goes smoothly
8. Pray that God blesses the work of their hands in favor, success, prosperity, and also that their work brings them fulfillment
9. Pray for strength, faith, and vision
10. Give him confidence in all his business endeavors!!!

Scripture to ponder...
I've written down just a jist of the verse, but look up each verse in its entirety and insert your husbands name where it makes sense and pray scripture into his life.

*Romans 12:11 fervent in spirit serving the Lord
*Psalm 1:3 never wither under pressure
*Proverbs 22:29 a man who excels in his work
*Proverbs 23:4,5 Do not overwork to be rich
*Matthew 16:26 gains the whole world but loses his soul

Love Dare
Ephesians 4:32...be kind, tenderhearted to one another...

Today's love dare is to say nothing negative to your spouse (nothing negative at all) And do one unexpected gesture as an act of kindness!

Some Kristi examples:

1. Make his favorite dessert
2. Make his favorite dinner (I'm grilling steak and making homemade mashed potatoes)
3. slip a love note in his briefcase, or lunch
4. send an email with a Bible verse or a few reasons why you are thankful for him
5. text him "I love you"

You get the idea...have fun blessing the man you've been given as a gift!


  1. Wonderful post! Thank you for being an encouragement.

  2. I agree with Suzette! I have really enjoyed rereading this book! Thanks, Kristi! You always have good insight and love hearing your ideas to help me come up with ideas!!!

    Kathy Hoberg McCain


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