08 June 2010


Okay well, if you've met me you know I love people. I love talking to people, laughing with people, connecting with people, sharing with people and basically just loving on people. We really do a lot of SOCIALIZING throughout our weekly schedule. Whether it be at the library playing with other kids in the play area, library craft time, or library family time, going to the park, visiting with friends, scheduled playdates, or even just a trip to the grocery store, can be a great learning tool for your kids and a socializing adventure.

At the library Julia learns all about sharing with others and taking turns. This has been more difficult lately, but I'm praying the more opportunities she has and the more consistent correction I give, we will make head way. At craft time we share the glue sticks, scissors, paper, and crayons. At the play area we share the barn, the blocks, the puzzles. During story time we learn how to sit quietly next to friends without poking, or distracting our neighbor.

At the park we take turns going over the wiggly bridge, we wait patiently for our favorite swing, we celebrate everyone's swoop down the slide.

Visiting friends we learn other people's house rules. We meet new pets and learn to be kind (even if the dog is small and yappy). We learn to take our shoes off before jumping on someone's bed (don't ask, Miss Lisa let her :)) We learn how to sit in different people's furniture. How to care for other people's toys. We enter with a smile and say, "Hello!" When we leave we say, "Thank you for having us! I love you!" And give everyone hive fives or kisses and hugs (depending on comfort ability of course, and trust me, kids at 2 years old know their own personal space...it amazes me). We ask before touching someone eles's things, and we say, "Can I play with that?" And if the answer is no, we do not cry...for too long. And we never, ever put someone eles's toy in our mouth, ever (Mar-ky!!)

At playdates we share all our toys and offer plenty of options. We learn that everyone is special and ring around the rosies is fun with lots of people and holding hands. We learn that if someone is in trouble, it's nice to keep them company, unless mommy says, "No, time outs are serious."

We read books out loud to our friends who may not have heard that story (or in Juliaese...that's Julia's own special language...some words are super clear and some words only mommy knows, and some words, well, let's face it we are still learning our vocabulary). When our little friend's leave we say, "See you later, I'll miss you!"

At the grocery store we say "Hi!" to everyone who makes eye contact with us, and sometimes even very busy people say hi. We practice using our inside voice and say sorry if we forget because Marky did something funny or we see something we REALLY like! We are still learning we shouldn't call gray haired people "Grandma! or Grandpa!" because they may not be.

At the register if the clerk says, "What's your name?" We say, "Hi, I'm Jul-a" (Julia pronounces her name Jul-uh or JuJu, not Ju-lee-uh, who knows why, but it sure is sweet). And we always say, "I'm 2!!!"

Socializing is not only my favorite thing to do, but I'm hoping to pass on the art of loving people to my little ones! It may take some time, but hey, you are never to young to learn how to behave around people. Good manners and being a good host/hostess is definitely important. So the next time you are out today and see a person, whether you know them or not, offer a smile, say hello, and love on them. People love to be loved.


  1. kristi, simply put == youre the best! looking forward to thursday! i invited june...but she didnt call me back..whats that about??

  2. What a great reminder! It is so important that we teach our children to be friendly.

  3. Looks like they're having a blast! :0)


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