24 June 2010

Miss Julia's new happenings

Yesterday I had on a pair of blue/green dangling earrings and Julia REALLY wanted earrings! When did this happen? How does she know how to see something, and then imagine herself with it, and ask for it? So, since I have no real issue with her getting her ears pierced and John wants her to be able to ask and want her ears pierced not just have it done to her, I said, okay, well, you have to ask your daddy. At 6 am this morning, I took her out of her crib, she ran into our bedroom where daddy was getting dressed and proudly announced, "Daddy, earrings!?! Daddy earrings!?" I didn't prep her or say a word, this is just how her little brain works. She remembers the smallest events and tiniest details. I love this about her.

Julia for the past 3 weeks has really gotten into brushing her own hair (and Marky's poor guy...I think I need to buy her a baby doll with real hair!) Whenever she sees my big pink comb that I use in the shower she brushes her hair and stands in front of the mirror. This will keep her busy for hours. She's a girly girl for sure.

She also now copies how I sit and how I watch a movie. If I cross my legs, she crosses her legs. If I hold my head in my hand and lean it sideways, she tilts her head and holds her head in her hands. Then she studies me some more and practices my facial expressions. When she catches me watching her she starts laughing and then I say, "Are you copying me?" And she smiles!

Julia now is too busy to ever finish a meal (although mommy does not stand for this very often) I'm trying to teach the kids that we eat meals as a family, even if our "family" is just us three for each meal most of the time. I'm trying to teach them that we sit together and stay together til everyone is finished. But if I get up to put a dish in the sink, she puts her dish in the sink. If I start cleaning the table, she cleans the table nearest her. If I'm encouraging Marky to eat his food, she starts talking and coaxing her brother to eat. If I get up to answer the phone or the door, she escapes to the playroom! Oh the beauty of no high chair!!!

My little girl is growing up so fast, she asks so many questions now.

*Mom, what's that?
*Mom, what happended?
*Mom, is Paris naughty?
*Mom, why is Marky crying?
*Mom, where is daddy?
*Daddy's working?
*Who's that mommy? (if I'm on the phone)
*What's the matter, buddy? (to Marky)
*Marky, you like your toy, yeah?

She also says "my" for her pronoun I...which is very sweet (I correct her, sometimes)

Me: Julia come downstairs for breakfast! (She was asking daddy for earrings)
Julia: My cleaning up mommy!
Me: Julia I have muffins, raisins and watermelon!
Julia: No want it...

I am trying to keep up with all the neat things that she and Marky are saying and doing but so much happens in one day I feel like I'm failing to write it all down!

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  1. Oh, I loved it! Such a great post! JuJu, you are growing up so quickly! Brian is the same way about having Addie's ears pierced. She loves playing with "eh-eh" but when I try to touch her ears to show her where they would go, she wants nothing to do with them. Oh, well. I want to know when JuJu gets her ears pierced!


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