18 June 2010

Locked Out: Funny Story, Well, sort of

Last Friday I gave the realtor our key so he could make a copy for our lock box. Yes we put our house on the market. We are in no rush to sell, we love our home, but we feel God wants us to do this right now so we are going ahead with it. Anyway, Rick needed an original key to make a new key and my key and our spare were not the originals, John's was. So John left work that day with no key, no biggie, it's not like I wouldn't be home when he got home, right???

Well, it was a crazy day, I ended up having dinner at my mom's that evening, got home around 7:30, gave baths, put the kids to bed, and by 9:30 I was passed out in our bed. At 8:30 I got a text from John that he was on the bus and due to arrive in an hour or so. Poor guy works over 70 hours a week!!!

Well, at 11:40 pm the doorbell rang, I crawled out of bed, actually grumpy that I had to walk downstairs to open the door for my husband...I barely said hello, meandered back to our bed, when John comes up the stairs and says, "I've been outside for almost 2 hours." He said it so calmly, and all I could do was say, "NO!!!!" It just dawned on me that the poor guy had no key!!!! He was throwing rocks at the window, texting me, calling my phone (which by the way was on the kitchen counter and was no help)...and yet, he wasn't even mad at me. I felt awful! I felt like the worst wife ever. All I had to do was slip a key under the doormat for him and text him it would be there...but no, for 2 hours the poor guy put together new garden lights for our walkway...

That's our locked out story...yep, I still feel bad about it! And to think I answered the door in a huff instead of apologetically!!! How rude! Oh, honey, please forgive me?!

The End


  1. Oh, Kristi, I love you! You are so real!

  2. Oh my goodness. That's one of those moments when you don't know whether to laugh or cry! I had a similar thing happen recently- I got mad at Josh for putting my black dress in the laundry (it stained one of my favorite shirts!). He calmly told me that it was me who had done that particular load of laundry. I felt so horrible! Good thing our husbands are so understanding. =)

  3. John definately uses his time wisely!!!! That's a husband who really loves you!!! That happened to me and Chuck at my aunt and uncle's house! We locked them out and my cousin had to let them in!!! Those things happen! We were so tired that we never heard the doorbell or the knocking in the rain!!!! It's always funny after it's over!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

    Kathy Hoberg McCain


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