20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the 3 Dads in my life. I love all of you very much and you all have taught me great things.

Daddy, thank you for your calm spirit and peaceful way. I love how you can sit back and relax and take pleasure in the quiet things in life. Thank you for allowing us to come over and play at the drop of a hat. You are very good with Julia and Mark and they love you. I love your perseverance through difficult times and the way you cling to Christ for hope. Dad, one of my most favorite memories of us as a family is the many months I was home-schooled after my foot surgery during my Sophomore year. We were able to cook together, watch old movies together and get very close. I am very thankful for that "foot healing" time because I got to know you better as a person.

Dad (Jack) For the past 16 years I've gotten to know you. I love your sense of humor, your confidence,your ability to tackle any task, your determination, and your handiness. Many a time we have called you for help and within minutes you were at our doorstep, to pick up Paris, or fix a water heater. You show us you love us in many ways, and we love you too. One of my favorite memories of us as a family was when you became a Master in Little Rock, Arkansas, and during the ceremony you pointed at your students and your family, because I believe you felt that without our/their support you wouldn't be where you are today. That was so very special.

Honey, oh John, you have outdone yourself as a husband, father, and provider. Your ability to work hard, and use your gifts and skills astounds me. I am so thankful for your love and compassion and tenderness. I know that together we can accomplish much for the Lord. One of my favorite memories is serving with you in China on our missions trip. We never knew that leading a team of students would be such a daunting task, and such a servant-type task, but Christ had us learn a valuable lesson, that even when you lead, your real job is to serve. Honey, I know things are tough at work right now, the hard long hours seem endless and I miss you a lot, but I know God will pull us through and bring us closer even in the midst of difficulty. We are a great team!

Happy Father's Day!

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