30 September 2013

October Goals 2013

Goodbye, September!

The School Year is under way...now it is time to get those holidays planned and prepare the house for guests, prepare for colder weather, and prepare for upcoming birthdays and festivities!

1. Organize the kids closets better.
2. Get my donation bins ready and out of the house.
3. Prepare our shoe boxes for children over seas.
4. Summer clothes away--fall/winter items out!
5. Take our family pics for Christmas Card 2013
6. Start deciding which holidays we will host...Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years, New Year's Eve...or where we will go.
7. Start Christmas Shopping.
8. Start wrapping our Christmas books and videos for the 24 days before Christmas.
9. Make Christmas lists with the kids.
10. Decide what to do for Julia's 6th birthday!!!


27 September 2013

Practicing Gratitude

Just Be Thankful

If someone were to ask me, "Kristi, what are the top ten things you are most thankful for this very moment?" This is what I would say:

1. I am thankful that my husband comes home early when he knows the night before was exceptionally difficult with Micah and sleep training and he takes the kids to Awana and picks them up for me.  Having him be so attentive to my needs is just exactly what I needed tonight.

2. Having a happy 6 month old even when he has a cold.  I'm super sad that Micah has the sniffles, but really thankful from all the crawling and joyful screams that he is still a happy guy.

3. I am thankful that my big kids constantly just go with mommy's flow.  It just makes for a smoother day when I can say, "Guys go potty and put socks and shoes on we are headed to the library and then the teacher store!" And they actually stop playing and just do it.

4. Super thankful for decaf coffee right now because it is hot and delicious and tricks my body in thinking I am getting the real deal!  

5. I am equally as thankful for my Kheurig that made the cup of coffee as I am thankful for my crock pot that made the awesome batch of chicken soup that was great for our bellies tonight.  Just a few minutes of chopping led to such a scrumptious, feel-good, tasty meal.

6. Truly thankful for my mini-van, although it could use a huge vacuuming right now, it carries us from here to there and everywhere during the week and is more like a house on wheels than a vehicle.  I love the smooth ride, the roominess for everyone, and the talks we have as we drive.

7. Exceedingly thankful for my sweetheart daughter who can be somewhat bossy at times (born leader) very outgoing (super friendly) and extremely sensitive to others feelings around her (my most favorite trait).  She continues to do well in school, although she does like to just guess at answers at times (especially when she's tired).  I love that she still gives me a hug and kiss at night...she has gotten very affectionate lately...and secretly I love it!

8. Then there is my two boys...frick and frack.  Or as Dr. Seuss says Thing 1 and Thing 2.  I love my Marky and Micah boy aka Mr. Dimples.  Both of them love to laugh and be silly.  Mark is definitely more of an introvert, but at home he is such a ham.  Micah is just a love bug and is an extrovert.  He smiles all the time.  Just like his mommy!  I can't tell you how often people say, "He looks just like you!" It warms my heart.

9.  I'm thankful for this season of my life where I am caring less and less what OTHER people think! Finally!!! It has only taken me 35 years people!  What a relief and what freedom it brings to not CARE what the naysayers say.  I appreciate life on this earth more and I am able to let their comments roll off my back like a duck in a pond.  I think the more confident you become as a woman, a child of God, and an experienced Mom you realize...what other people say really doesn't matter.  As long as you put God first...every thing else just seems to fall into place.

10. I am so thankful for my new schedule this year.  I am still involved in MOPS, BSF, Awana, Gymnastics, and Co-op but the things I said no to this year have left me able to enjoy my evenings at home with my family, I am able to enjoy dinner with my kids and I finally don't feel so rushed all day long.  Who knew?  Sometimes saying no to good things makes life even better!

Thank you Lord...this life you have given each of us is so good.  I am blessed because of all you have done for me.  


26 September 2013

Avoiding Mothering Comparisons

Connection rather than Comparison

I love my MOPS group.  We meet twice a month and for 2 and 1/2 hours (childcare included) I am always blown away by the amazing moms in the room and how God uses this program Mothers of Preschoolers in such a mighty way.  Our slogan is that better moms make a better world.

This past week at MOPS our video was on this topic of "comparisons" between moms.  I can relate to this topic so well and so can ALL of us as moms.  The job of motherhood is so unique in that it is the hardest job in the world, and yet we wouldn't want a life without our kids.  I can't even imagine my life (good days or bad days) without my children.

I think because the job is so difficult and we are so hard on ourselves, we start to compare our lives to the next mommy because we think somehow they are doing better or have it all together or are outdoing us somehow and we feel like failures.

The speaker, Shauna Niequist, a bestselling author (Bread & Wine) who is a believer in Jesus and a mother of two boys brings up the fact that about 5 minutes of looking at Facebook or Pinterest and you can walk away feeling miserable.  She even laughed as she said and who actually does all of the things they pin anyway!  It is SO true.  I can get on Facebook and start to see someone else's vacation pictures, or awesome post about someone else's kids, or see someone pinning about chore charts and start to feel so competitive and very unsettled.  I start to feel like why can't we go on more vacations?  Why can't mark and Julia be more like that great kid?  Why haven't I created a chore chart in 2 years? Why?  Why does that happen?

Why is it so easy to start looking at someone else's life (only a glimpse of their life and usually the most positive side...because how often to we post negative things or pictures of our kids when they are fighting or misbehaving?) and wish that our life was just like it?

Shauna said this sometimes happens because we may have trigger spots or vulnerable spots in our own lives or bruised places and when another mom comes up to us and says, "It's a miracle you made it here right?" or "My, you've got your hands full?" or "What did mommy do to your face?" (when they notice a bruise or bump, because you know kids never fall down, right)

I will never forget the time I brought mark to the library after he got his first stitches on his head and a mom came up to me and goes, "What Happened????" and as I explained that he tripped and fell on the coffee table she looked at me like I was the worst mom on the planet....it took me months to return to the library.  I felt so judged.  I felt so humiliated.  Now, of course maybe that mom was just curious.  But to me, it felt like I was a failure as a mom.

Shauna goes on to say that we as moms really need to check our language with other moms.  We need to practice connecting with other moms instead of comparing with them or saying things that might make them feel less than.  So for example, say you see a boy come to your Sunday School class with a black eye, don't say, "What did your parents do to you?" instead what is more helpful, talk to the mom and say, "Kids fall, I know mine do, it's no big deal, it's a part of life."  Instead of making the parent feel judged connect with them, tell them a time when your kid fell and share how you felt.  Don't try to make yourself look good, because trust me, no parent enjoys seeing their kid fall, get stitches or have bruises.

Practice the Art of Gratitude

Also, instead of comparing yourself to the local Super Mom out there with 8 kids, who still cleans her floor on her hands and knees, whips up a batch of delicious chocolate chip cookies, and homeschools, practice the art of gratitude.  Think of what you are thankful for instead of comparing and wishing for the things you don't have or don't do.  I am SO guilty of this.  Shauna suggests at the dinner table, go around and have everyone say something they are thankful for, whether it be Grandma Donna bringing us to the park, or Aunt Laurie baking with us, or the new sneakers mom got for Awana, whatever it is practice be thankful and content for what you do have!

I also love how Shauna mentioned that if you walk away from Facebook or Pinterest feeling lousy everytime...ask God, what may be off balance in your life (and honestly take a break off these online things...I've done this and it really helps you focus on what REALLY matters!).

Remember that God made you just the way He made you for a specific purpose.  Maybe you don't crochet or knit or sew (that would be me) BUT maybe you are really good at making your girlfriends laugh, or singing, or putting together a great outfit.  Whatever the gifts God has given you be happy with them and USE them!  God made you.  He shaped you.  He gave you this life, this story, and His love for you is great.  Don't try to be anyone but you!

I have found that as I connect with those Super Moms, I realize they are human just like me, they have hopes and dreams, and struggles, they aren't perfect and their "carefully edited sparkly" world is only a part of who they may be...


25 September 2013

Good Mom/Bad Mom

Am I Messing Up My Kids? by Lysa Terkeurst

My Wednesday Book Club

A little girl, asked where her home was, replied, "Where Mother is."
Yesterday at MOPS we had such an amazing video/topic on Avoiding Mothering Comparisons that I have to share what I learned with you (maybe tomorrow?) It was so so so good to sit there and soak up all the truths about how we as moms need to be better at how we talk to each other, stop competing, and just really be the best moms we can be without feeling like failures because we don't live up to someone else's Pinterest page.  We can all be Mommy of the Day without making another mom feel less than.

This week's chapter: Is it possible to escape the Good Mom/Bad Mom trap?

This chapter so resonates with me because I am SO incredibly guilty of having ups and downs during the day (emotionally wise) because of setting such high expectations for myself and for my kids.  It is very damaging and can be so discouraging because of course I want to be Good Mom all day long, but I constantly feel like Bad Mom because I am not able to cross off all the things on my list of to-dos.  Have you noticed that the more kids you have the longer the list gets?  And the older your kids get the longer the list gets because you have so many more out of the home activities and commitments.

So one minute I am praying with my kids that Daddy will have traveling mercies flying to Chicago...GOOD Mom...and the next minute I am yelling at Mark for being so whiny...BAD Mom.  We finish all of our homeschool subjects-GOOD Mom....I never got to clean out the fridge or go through Mark's summer clothes...BAD Mom.

For me, this goes on all day long...how do I get out of this vicious cycle?  How do we as moms get through the day feeling peaceful and sane and not a hot, crazy mess? Please Lysa...tell us how?

"Not that we are all on the edge of a breakdown,  but we all live in a place of utter dependence on God.  As a mom, I live in constant need of His love, encouragement, wisdom, perspective, strength, patience, and grace."  --Lysa
Lately I have been so overwhelmed.  After dinner I start to panic and pray that John will hurry up and get home because I am just so done.  I'm so over tired.  I feel so spent.  I feel like I can't give one minute more.  And it's those days I know I've been trying to do it all in my strength.

"Anything I do right as a mom is because of my constant dialogs with God.  Anything I do wrong as a mom is because of trying to do things in my own strength." --Lysa

Why do I wait to call on God for help?  Why do I think I can do it all?  Am I that prideful?  I am really asking God to slow me down and help me to do things in His strength so that I can have more peaceful days.  Nope they won't be perfect...they never are...but with God's help they won't leave me feeling so overwhelmed and so close to a breakdown!

Also another important point...Lysa reminded us in this chapter we are never a "Bad mom"  we may have a bad moment or two, or three, or more...but those moments do not define us as a bad mom.  I will never forget a mother's day card from my sweet mentor/forever friend Christy Weaver after I had Julia...she said "Kristi, God made you the perfect mom for Julia.  Nobody else can parent her the way you can.  God chose you to be her mom!"  Those sweet words of truth have gotten me through a lot of rough mommy days.

"You are a good mom, my friend...even if like me you have had a few bad moments.  You are exactly the mom God knew your children needed.  Live that truth today."--Lysa

22 September 2013

Autumn Wish List

This Autumn

Oh, I just love this weather!  Cool, sunny days, brisk mornings, leaves changing, harvest moons, and the smell of pumpkin spice and apple pies!  Here are some things we are looking forward to the next 2 months:

1. Pumpkin/Apple Picking with our MOPS group
2. The zoo with Daddy
3. Baking Apple Pie in our kitchen
4. Carving pumpkins with Daddy
5. Pumpkin Day with our church
6. Apple crafts in homeschool
7. Collecting leaves jumping in them
8. Going for a hike at Cheesequake Park with our family
9. Micah turning 6 months old!!!
10. Fall family photo shoot


19 September 2013

Julia...my curious almost-6-year-old

Oh, the things a 5 year-old-almost-6-year old will say to you while you are driving...

Mom, how can dolphins see underwater?

Why did God make the sun so bright?

I want to be a fairy so I can fly.

What DOES heaven LOOK like...I guess we won't know til we get there.

But...who takes care of all the puppies in heaven?

....there are just some things mommy can't answer until 2 cups of coffee...


18 September 2013

Could I Be the Worst Mom Ever

Book Club Wednesday-Ch 2

"Write injuries in dust, benefits in marble."--Benjamin Franklin
Sadly, we've all been there.  The moment when you realize you are NOT the perfect mom you strive to be.  
Whether it was lack of sleep, a rough morning, lack of patience, a sharp tongue, whatever it was, you know you've crossed the line and you FEEL horrible.

Lysa Terkeurst, mom of 5 (3 girls and 2 adopted boys) describes her "worst mom ever moment" in grave detail.  Her husband was out of town, she was left to manage all the kids, had to bring them to soccer practice, had to feed everyone breakfast, had to pick up other kids, meant to read her Bible and have devotions before she left, but it didn't happen and her morning went bad really quick.  The moment that stuck out to her was when she told her daughter to hold the drinks from the fast food restaurant, and somehow the drinks ended up all over the car floor (oh I feel her pain...I detest messes and spills, and with little ones it happens all the time)  She tells her daughter, 

"Ashley I told you to hold the drinks!" To which her daughter responds, "You made me spill the drinks!" (bad move honey) ....the rest of the situation went from bad to UGLY..."I whipped my head around to my daughter and yelled, "Shut up and eat your d*** biscuit!" And I wasn't talking about the little houses beavers make.  No there it was in broad daylight...a cuss word that spilled from my lips.  The same lips that read bedtime stories, say nighttime prayers and tenderly kiss my kids goodnight."
As I read this story I thought of the many times I have failed as a mom.  Let's face it.  We aren't machines.  We get tired.  We get cranky.  We lose our tempers.  We don't mean to.  We aren't perfect.  But we fail.  And the question is...then what?  What do you do after you mess up big time and fail.

Apologize?...of course!  It does not make us weak as parents to apologize to our kids!  It teaches them the right way to respond after a mess up.  It shows our kids we are not too proud to humble ourselves and say, "Mommy was wrong...I'm sorry...will you forgive me?"  It teaches our kids that we need grace too.

Lysa called a friend after this happened.  She felt so awful she had to tell someone what happened.  Want to know her friend's advice?  I loved it.

"That's it?  That's it?  That's what you're so upset about?  Apologize to her, ask God for forgiveness and get over it.  So you had a hard morning.  Stop letting Satan get the best of you and ask God to give you a new attitude."
What I love about her friend's response...there was no condemnation...there was no judgement. We all need a friend or two like this...thank goodness for them.  These are the women who are full of grace, who have been there in the trenches just like you, and offer freedom.  Freedom to be the person who makes mistakes and learns from them.

Have you ever had "a worst mom ever" day?  Don't let it drag you down.  Apologize to your precious kids.  Ask God to forgive you.  And get over it.  Move on.  You can still be mom of the day tomorrow!  Fear not, there's not a mom out there who hasn't had a bad moment.  Pray for a new attitude and for strength.

And you know what...share your moment with someone you trust...who won't condemn you...I bet she will share too!


17 September 2013


Fall Day Trips

The kids started Chinese School this past Saturday.  John now takes both big kids to the Monmouth Chinese School in Marlboro.  Julia did so well last year, and Mark was excited to go to his own class.

John wanted to do something fun after school so we decided to take the kids to Princeton for the afternoon, walk around campus end our trip at the Bent Spoon eating yummy ice cream concoctions.

It was a beautiful fall, breezy day and Micah loved sitting up in his stroller and watching the big kids run ahead and play by the statues, looking for rocks, and taking pictures of cool things.  They are at the age now where they like to take pictures of us!  Mark took this one of us near one of the many Halls on campus.

As we were walking my sandal broke...and so John bought me a new pair of black, leather, ballet flats at my favorite store, J Crew which is right by the Bent Spoon!  Making our trip even sweeter, I got to wear new shoes home.

I got a hot coffee at Alice Gourmet and the kids and John got the coolest flavors...Julia got fuzzy peach, John got coconut and nj corn, and mark got cinnamon...they all let me have a taste...so good!  Another Fall Day trip to add to our book of family fun memories...we won't mention the melt downs the kids had because of no nap...that might take away from the beauty of my story.  Well, melt downs, and all, it was a great day.


16 September 2013


Micah Justice

This is Micah.
He is 5 1/2 months old.
He can sit up.
He can crawl.
He likes to try to pike up as if he's about to stand.
He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.
He smiles ALL the time.
He is learning to sleep at night on his own.
He loves Julia and Mark...especially Mark.
Every time he sees me he smiles so big his binky pops out.
He loves to jump in his Exersaucer.
He loves riding in the stroller.
He has tried every fruit and vegetable, and I don't think he has found one he doesn't like.
His favorite food is sweet potato and apple sauce.
He loves facing out when you hold him.
He is very very chubby.
He is our JOY.


15 September 2013

Zucchini Bread

Kristi's Kitchen

Tonight I decided to finally use the GINORMOUS zucchini from our garden and make some bread!

Here is the delicious recipe:

3 cups flour
2 cups shredded zuch. with skin
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp baking soda
1 cup oil
3 eggs
1 cup raisins (I used craisins...even better)
1 cup nuts (optional)


1. In a large bowl, mix the top ingredients.
2. In another bowl beat the eggs and oil.
3. Then add the mixtures together and stir in nuts and raisins.  stir well
4. Pour into 9 x 5 x 3 pan (I used one bread pan and a mini pan to cook only for an hour)
5. Bake at 350 for 1 1/2 hours (if you use just one baking pan)
6. cool in pan 15 minutes before slicing and taking out of pan.


It was my first time making this bread and the kids loved it!  Great way to sneak in veggies!


12 September 2013

The beauty of homeschool part 2

This year I love how my family has just rolled with our homeschool.  I think it has helped that we have been doing school for the past 3-4 years with Julia, and the last 2 years have been pretty structured around morning school time.
The beauty of homeschool this year is watching Mark grow into such a sponge.  He asks for school all the time now!  Last year I could barely get him to sit still long enough to write his name (he was only 3 of course) and this year, I never have enough work for him!  What a transformation one summer/year can make!

I love that Julia has become so independent in her schooling with knowing which books to use and how to study on her own.  And to think...she's only 5.

The beauty of homeschool this year is that we can still go to MOPS and BSF for a bulk of our morning twice a week, and still come home and buckle down and get our work done.  I was worried about how this would work out, but the kids continue to amaze me.

I am also so excited this year for co-op!  Co-op Fridays are going to be my favorite day I think.  I get to connect with other homeschool moms, and Mark and Julia get to work with other home schooling moms in a classroom environment with other children!  So exciting!

Thank you God for 4 weeks of homeschool done!!!


11 September 2013

Am I Messing Up My Kids?

Wednesday Book Club

What is your definition of a good mother?  A woman who raises good citizens and keeps a clean home and provides well balanced meals, while maintaining a great figure, keeps her husband madly in love with her, and of course she knits, sews, crochets, and does the laundry well too, while also managing a budget, drives children to and from sports and extra curricular activities is involved in her community, and smiles a lot, right?

Ummmm, you lost me at good citizens!

The first thing I did after having Julia in December 2007 was join a bible study about 2 weeks later.  I needed to get out of the house, I needed support from godly women, and I had a lot of questions, about how to be a good wife and mother.  It's now 2013 and I still have a LOT of questions. But God is so gracious to patiently show me that being a GOOD mom is so very hard and that if I really want to do my best at raising my kids I NEED HIM.  You know, I was a great 3rd and 4th grade teacher, but after a few nights of no sleep, dirty diapers, and a sore body, I was ready to throw the towel in...I did not like motherhood AT ALL!!!!!!!!!

Oh, it feels so good to admit that now.  Because looking back I see that it wasn't that I was a BAD mom, I was just so used to taking care of just me and John.  And I wasn't used to considering a newborn.  I also hated breast feeding which was so hard at first and I just wanted to sleep.  Oh Lord, please, let me sleep I prayed.  Those were the days when John made me, literally, go to bed, and he took care of Julia til 1 or 2 o'clock so that I could get a solid 4-5 hours of sleep.  He was so wonderful.  He still is.  One question I will definitely be asking God when I get to heaven is: Why are babies born not sleeping through the night???  It would make life so much easier, wouldn't it?  But God, I know you have the best plan...sometimes I just want my way.

I remember asking my best friend Liz K. when I would start to enjoy motherhood.  (Her baby was a year older than my Julia and she always filled me in with the coolest toys, what to do about teething, and what stage was the most fun).  She said right around 3-4 months I would LOVE it because that''s when babies start to really respond to you.  She was so RIGHT.  The minute Julia started to coo and smile and laugh, oh wow, she had my heart!  And it also helped that by 2 months she was sleeping through the night...I'm still wondering why it took my boys so much longer to do this?

Chapter 1: Am I Messing Up My Kids?

Anna Quindlen: "The world is full of women blindsided by the unceasing demands of motherhood, still flabbergasted by how a job can be terrific and torturous."
Being a Mom is Tough...understatement of the universe....

So what do we do when we feel overwhelmed by the job of motherhood?  I love how Lysa Terkeurst the author answers this question: "I have discovered that if I can change the way I think about something, I can change the way I react to it."

For me that means changing my attitude about the duties of motherhood.  It's not I have to change diapers all day...it's I GET to take care of this cute little baby.  It's not, I'm always the one to cook around here, it's I GET to make wholesome, delicious meals for my family (hey, pizza can be wholesome and delicious people!!!!!!!!).  It's not, I never see my husband, he's always working, it's I'm so lucky to have a husband that is such a great provider and has such strong work ethics.

Whenever I start to get overwhelmed, overworked, cranky, or am super exhausted I have to make an effort to put positive thoughts and language in my day.  And it really helps to surround yourself with positive people who can help you with this!  I have a boat load of friends I can call at any moment to either pray with me, pray for me, or encourage me and get me through a rough patch in my day.  And starting my day right in the Word, or ending my day in the Word helps to focus and refresh and fill me so that I can POUR out that love and wisdom on my kids.

Lysa says, "I can be a mom who thrives and lives and loves the great adventure I've been called to."
I'll never forget what my friend Suzette once said to me through text after a rude man said to me, "You've got your hands full!" with a sneer in his voice...Suzette said, "Better full than empty!"  What a great perspective on life.  And now whenever people say that to me, (which is pretty much at least twice a week when we are out and about doing our errands)...I constantly say, "Better full than empty!" with a smile, and some still look at me like I'm crazy, but some look at me with a new found respect like, "This mom knows what she's doing."  (Thank you Suzie, I love that response!)

We might not have the answer to every motherhood question.  But we need to rely on God who made us and gave us these gifts called children.  My joy and my strength come from Him.  He is my source and His purpose is for me to embrace this role of motherhood not feel like I'm a failure (or feel like we are messing our kids up).  I don't know about you but I want my family to be my greatest legacy.  Lysa says, "If I fulfill the calling of being a godly wife and mother, then I will be satisfied."

I couldn't agree more.


10 September 2013

A Beautiful Mess

This is by far our busiest Fall week!  We start MOPS, Bible Study Fellowship, Awana, and CO-OP, all in one week!

Our theme this year at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is "A Beautiful Mess".

Isn't that motherhood in a nutshell?

From sticky fingers, to dirty diapers, to piles of dishes in the sink, and that ever daunting task of keeping up with the laundry...we have the highest privilege of raising beautiful little ones...and yet life is SO very messy.

Some mornings I wake up just praising God for the coffee.

Some times I feel like a HOT mess...not seeing the beauty in the day at all, because I may be so overwhelmed with the many  tasks ahead of me.

I love how every Fall I can look forward to meeting new moms at MOPS.  And we moms love a good chatting session, some prayer time, some bible truths applicable to our everyday lives, and the friendships you make at mops, are priceless.  Did I mention we have coffee and breakfast together too, and that child care is provided???

I'm looking forward to another year at MOPS and another crack at my Fall days which are a beautiful mess!  Thankful that God sees the beauty in all that we do as parents.  He has made us fearfully and wonderful.  And every time I see my husband or my kids smile, it is just ALL worth it!


09 September 2013

Cilantro Lime Chicken

Fall weather is definitely here!  Cool mornings, sunny afternoons, and chilly evenings...which means time to break out the crock pot!

My sister Laurie gave me this recipe and it is so good.  We had it last night and John had 3 helpings!!!


1 pack of taco mix
1 16 oz jar of salsa
fresh cilantro
1 lime (the juice)
chicken breasts cut up
2 red potatoes or mushrooms (we used potatoes)

Then you just add to your crock pot and put on high for 4 hours....so good!

I noticed the taco mix made it a little spicy so no need to use the whole pack.

Enjoy!  The cilantro and lime add so much flavor!


05 September 2013


I am so blessed to have my sister Laurie and my mom Judy.
I call them my REINFORCEMENTS!
Do you have helpful family members with really great gifts?
My sister and mother when given a task hit it full force and get the job done!

As you know I like things ORGANIZED!
I married into a family that is also this way.  My mother in law is the QUEEN of organization (that's where John gets it from).  She is even worse than me!  I LOVE it!  Whenever I need to clean out a closet, or a room, or a drawer, with some help because I have so many other things going on (homeschool, cleaning the house, raising 3 kids, etc) I ask them.

Today Laurie and Judy came over for lunch after our school time and re-organized my pantry!  They did such a great job and we all got to hang out, enjoy a meal together, and talk.  It was so great.

I'm so thankful for these two GEMS in my life.
They are wonderful and I know I am blessed.
Don't fogret moms out there: to call on your REINFORCEMENTS!  God doesn't expect us to do everything on our own.  He's given us great people to lean on!


04 September 2013

The beauty of Homeschool

I'm not sure if it's because we've been doing school time since the kids could walk and talk or if it's the curriculum I bought this year, but homeschool has been a warm, happy, place for us.

Julia and Mark continue to amaze me!

And this year with the addition of baby Micah, I am learning new creative ways to make learning time fun before and after nap time.  I'm also giving myself lots of time to just enjoy my life with my kids and my stay at home.

We stopped doing Taekwondo this year because my life was too busy to get three kids to Old Bridge 2-3 nights a week right before dinner.  I was getting so stressed over the summer that I told John, I.  Can't.  Do.  This.

Stopping this one activity has given me so much more time at home and has relieved so much stress.  I don't feel like a mad women every day at nap time having to wake up my kids to rush them to a sport.  I'm so glad for the break.  We will continue to do gymnastics because it's only once a week and it's before nap time!  That works so much better for us.

The beauty of home school is starting school when we are ready.  Sometimes that's 8 am...sometimes it's 9:15...and the great thing about school is when we are done, we are free to go have fun!  Today we are off to the park for a picnic lunch after school!!!

I'm going to call it recess!

Have a great day my loves!

Praising God for the joys that He gives us every day...more on that tomorrow!!!!

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