12 September 2013

The beauty of homeschool part 2

This year I love how my family has just rolled with our homeschool.  I think it has helped that we have been doing school for the past 3-4 years with Julia, and the last 2 years have been pretty structured around morning school time.
The beauty of homeschool this year is watching Mark grow into such a sponge.  He asks for school all the time now!  Last year I could barely get him to sit still long enough to write his name (he was only 3 of course) and this year, I never have enough work for him!  What a transformation one summer/year can make!

I love that Julia has become so independent in her schooling with knowing which books to use and how to study on her own.  And to think...she's only 5.

The beauty of homeschool this year is that we can still go to MOPS and BSF for a bulk of our morning twice a week, and still come home and buckle down and get our work done.  I was worried about how this would work out, but the kids continue to amaze me.

I am also so excited this year for co-op!  Co-op Fridays are going to be my favorite day I think.  I get to connect with other homeschool moms, and Mark and Julia get to work with other home schooling moms in a classroom environment with other children!  So exciting!

Thank you God for 4 weeks of homeschool done!!!


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