27 September 2013

Practicing Gratitude

Just Be Thankful

If someone were to ask me, "Kristi, what are the top ten things you are most thankful for this very moment?" This is what I would say:

1. I am thankful that my husband comes home early when he knows the night before was exceptionally difficult with Micah and sleep training and he takes the kids to Awana and picks them up for me.  Having him be so attentive to my needs is just exactly what I needed tonight.

2. Having a happy 6 month old even when he has a cold.  I'm super sad that Micah has the sniffles, but really thankful from all the crawling and joyful screams that he is still a happy guy.

3. I am thankful that my big kids constantly just go with mommy's flow.  It just makes for a smoother day when I can say, "Guys go potty and put socks and shoes on we are headed to the library and then the teacher store!" And they actually stop playing and just do it.

4. Super thankful for decaf coffee right now because it is hot and delicious and tricks my body in thinking I am getting the real deal!  

5. I am equally as thankful for my Kheurig that made the cup of coffee as I am thankful for my crock pot that made the awesome batch of chicken soup that was great for our bellies tonight.  Just a few minutes of chopping led to such a scrumptious, feel-good, tasty meal.

6. Truly thankful for my mini-van, although it could use a huge vacuuming right now, it carries us from here to there and everywhere during the week and is more like a house on wheels than a vehicle.  I love the smooth ride, the roominess for everyone, and the talks we have as we drive.

7. Exceedingly thankful for my sweetheart daughter who can be somewhat bossy at times (born leader) very outgoing (super friendly) and extremely sensitive to others feelings around her (my most favorite trait).  She continues to do well in school, although she does like to just guess at answers at times (especially when she's tired).  I love that she still gives me a hug and kiss at night...she has gotten very affectionate lately...and secretly I love it!

8. Then there is my two boys...frick and frack.  Or as Dr. Seuss says Thing 1 and Thing 2.  I love my Marky and Micah boy aka Mr. Dimples.  Both of them love to laugh and be silly.  Mark is definitely more of an introvert, but at home he is such a ham.  Micah is just a love bug and is an extrovert.  He smiles all the time.  Just like his mommy!  I can't tell you how often people say, "He looks just like you!" It warms my heart.

9.  I'm thankful for this season of my life where I am caring less and less what OTHER people think! Finally!!! It has only taken me 35 years people!  What a relief and what freedom it brings to not CARE what the naysayers say.  I appreciate life on this earth more and I am able to let their comments roll off my back like a duck in a pond.  I think the more confident you become as a woman, a child of God, and an experienced Mom you realize...what other people say really doesn't matter.  As long as you put God first...every thing else just seems to fall into place.

10. I am so thankful for my new schedule this year.  I am still involved in MOPS, BSF, Awana, Gymnastics, and Co-op but the things I said no to this year have left me able to enjoy my evenings at home with my family, I am able to enjoy dinner with my kids and I finally don't feel so rushed all day long.  Who knew?  Sometimes saying no to good things makes life even better!

Thank you Lord...this life you have given each of us is so good.  I am blessed because of all you have done for me.  


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  1. Loved your thankful list! I think "Sometimes saying no to good things makes life even better!" was the best line! It is so true :)


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