10 September 2013

A Beautiful Mess

This is by far our busiest Fall week!  We start MOPS, Bible Study Fellowship, Awana, and CO-OP, all in one week!

Our theme this year at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is "A Beautiful Mess".

Isn't that motherhood in a nutshell?

From sticky fingers, to dirty diapers, to piles of dishes in the sink, and that ever daunting task of keeping up with the laundry...we have the highest privilege of raising beautiful little ones...and yet life is SO very messy.

Some mornings I wake up just praising God for the coffee.

Some times I feel like a HOT mess...not seeing the beauty in the day at all, because I may be so overwhelmed with the many  tasks ahead of me.

I love how every Fall I can look forward to meeting new moms at MOPS.  And we moms love a good chatting session, some prayer time, some bible truths applicable to our everyday lives, and the friendships you make at mops, are priceless.  Did I mention we have coffee and breakfast together too, and that child care is provided???

I'm looking forward to another year at MOPS and another crack at my Fall days which are a beautiful mess!  Thankful that God sees the beauty in all that we do as parents.  He has made us fearfully and wonderful.  And every time I see my husband or my kids smile, it is just ALL worth it!


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