04 September 2013

The beauty of Homeschool

I'm not sure if it's because we've been doing school time since the kids could walk and talk or if it's the curriculum I bought this year, but homeschool has been a warm, happy, place for us.

Julia and Mark continue to amaze me!

And this year with the addition of baby Micah, I am learning new creative ways to make learning time fun before and after nap time.  I'm also giving myself lots of time to just enjoy my life with my kids and my stay at home.

We stopped doing Taekwondo this year because my life was too busy to get three kids to Old Bridge 2-3 nights a week right before dinner.  I was getting so stressed over the summer that I told John, I.  Can't.  Do.  This.

Stopping this one activity has given me so much more time at home and has relieved so much stress.  I don't feel like a mad women every day at nap time having to wake up my kids to rush them to a sport.  I'm so glad for the break.  We will continue to do gymnastics because it's only once a week and it's before nap time!  That works so much better for us.

The beauty of home school is starting school when we are ready.  Sometimes that's 8 am...sometimes it's 9:15...and the great thing about school is when we are done, we are free to go have fun!  Today we are off to the park for a picnic lunch after school!!!

I'm going to call it recess!

Have a great day my loves!

Praising God for the joys that He gives us every day...more on that tomorrow!!!!


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