17 September 2013


Fall Day Trips

The kids started Chinese School this past Saturday.  John now takes both big kids to the Monmouth Chinese School in Marlboro.  Julia did so well last year, and Mark was excited to go to his own class.

John wanted to do something fun after school so we decided to take the kids to Princeton for the afternoon, walk around campus end our trip at the Bent Spoon eating yummy ice cream concoctions.

It was a beautiful fall, breezy day and Micah loved sitting up in his stroller and watching the big kids run ahead and play by the statues, looking for rocks, and taking pictures of cool things.  They are at the age now where they like to take pictures of us!  Mark took this one of us near one of the many Halls on campus.

As we were walking my sandal broke...and so John bought me a new pair of black, leather, ballet flats at my favorite store, J Crew which is right by the Bent Spoon!  Making our trip even sweeter, I got to wear new shoes home.

I got a hot coffee at Alice Gourmet and the kids and John got the coolest flavors...Julia got fuzzy peach, John got coconut and nj corn, and mark got cinnamon...they all let me have a taste...so good!  Another Fall Day trip to add to our book of family fun memories...we won't mention the melt downs the kids had because of no nap...that might take away from the beauty of my story.  Well, melt downs, and all, it was a great day.


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