31 October 2013

The Problem with Worrying

Julia my almost 6 year old, and my husband John

Do Not Worry

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about it's own things.  Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." --Matthew 6: 34
We are studying the book of Matthew at Bible Study Fellowship this year.  Last year we went through the entire book of Genesis.  I am so excited to study Matthew this year because I feel like I've read the whole book before but I've never studied it verse by verse the way we do at BSF, and so far the first 6 chapters have been so convicting!  

Chapter 5 and 6 talk all about how man looks on the outward appearance, and God looks at the heart.
This past week was focusing on where our treasure is.  What do you hold as your most valuable treasure?  Is it your family, your degree, your career, your home, your bank account?  Verse 19-21 says...

"Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal.  But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
I wholeheartedly want to say that my treasure is in God and God alone, but to be completely honest, and God knows my heart anyway, I really feel like since I've become a mom I've really struggled with balancing where my treasure is.  I don't want to be that mom that only invests in her kids and forgets about her relationship with her spouse, or God, or others.  But it's such a balancing act.

I really am going to start praying that God will always help me to put Him first, and family second, etc.  The kids are always asking me, "Mom who do you love the best?"  Especially my Mark (middle children are big on fairness) and I always say, "Mark, you know I love God the most and then all of you equally!"  I think it shocks them sometimes to hear that God is above them, especially since they can't see God.  They must wonder, why does mommy love HIM so much?

A woman in our group shared that a fifth grader in her child's classroom shared that this was his priorities in life 1. God first 2. Then his family, 3. Then his friends 4 Soccer...I love it!  I think that fifth grader understands the priorities of life better than me!  And I'm in my 30s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The end of chapter 6 in Matthew talks all about worrying...and as a mom of three, and as a woman, I think I worry way too much.  Are my kids going to be safe?  Are they healthy?  Will John be ok in NYC?  Will God continue to provide so I can stay home with our kids?  Will John pass his big CFP exam in 2 weeks?  So many things plague our minds.  And God says, "Do NOT worry!"  If He can take care of the birds, and provide for their food, give them shelter, then why do I worry if He will take care of me?  The big question is...Do I trust Him?  And how does worrying help anyway?  It doesn't!

"Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?  So why do you worry about clothing?  Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow:they neither toil or spin and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these."
So today, I am going to trust Him.  He will provide.  He will protect.  He will give us just what we need for today.  I am not even going to think about tomorrow until I open my brown eyes Thursday morning.  God will meet me just like he does each day and provide the grace I need to get through the day.


30 October 2013

Does Anyone Notice Me?

Wednesday Book Club

"Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing."--Phyllis Diller

Oh, come on, you have felt this way as a mom!  You have wondered...does it matter if I even wear makeup? Does it matter if I put on an a dressy outfit?  Does it matter if I make a killer meal?  Does it matter if I decorate for Fall?  No one will notice!

Sometimes as a stay at home mom, or just a mom in general, it can feel that way.  We can feel unnoticed and not appreciated.  How often do we hear, "Mom this dinner was spectacular!"  or "Mom, I love what you did with your hair?" or "Did you decorate the house, or rearrange the living room, it looks extra nice?"  Especially if we have really young children, or a very busy spouse.  

In just the past few years Julia and Mark have started to say, "Mom, I like your outfit!"  or "Thanks mom, dinner is REALLY good!"  And let me tell you those comments melt me like butter.  Why?  Because I do care.  I do try to make them happy.  I do try to look nice.  I do try to whip up a great meal.  I do want them to notice.

Lysa Terkeurst says, " I wanted Art to affirm me, make me feel important and appreciate all that I do.  I wanted to be noticed and hear the acclaim of his pleasure in my job well done....but sometimes this reveals a heart problem."
If we are filled with Christ's love...our love tank should be full.  We shouldn't have this insatiable desire to be affirmed by anyone but Him.

Lysa said, "He doesn't care about me.  He doesn't love me.  He doesn't notice all I do."
She had spent the day decorating for the holidays and her husbands response was less than desirable, and instead of not making a big deal of it, she made a huge deal of it.  She put all her worth on his response and the poor guy didn't stand a chance.  Have you been there?  Have you set your expectations way too high for other people?  Oh, I have.  And then when my expectation isn't met, I can get downright depressed.

Basically this chapter talked about how we need to only let God fill us and not expect our husbands or our children to fill us up.  People all make mistakes.  We all fail.

"When you aren't depending on your husband to fill you up, then he can make mistakes and you are still ok.  He can say the wrong thing, and you can forgive him quickly.  He can struggle and question his direction, and you don't fall into despair.  He can be your partner and your friend because he doesn't have to be your Savior.  When you are living in the fullness of Christ, your children are being sloshed with His grace and tenderness...They can disappoint you and not bear the scars of your pride.  They can grow up to be vibrant, independent-thinking, loving adults because they did not have to be your Savior."
 I loved this quote.  So true.  So fitting.  Such a great reminder.

And to all you hard working mommies out there.  God notices all that you do.  He sees your labor.  He sees your sacrifice.  And nothing, not a thing, goes unnoticed.  Always remember that.


29 October 2013


Micah...at our latest photoshoot...7 months old


It may seem as if I am not blogging as much, but every day I am thinking and planning some new creative ways to bless you on my blog, along with capturing my family's memories.

Starting next week I am going to try to do themed posts per week.  I think it could be fun and challenging for me!

I've been cooking a lot of new dishes lately so I am going to start next week with new recipes and meal planning ideas! (First week of November)

The week after that (2nd week of November) will be all about our home school.  I will share what has been working, what we have tweeked, how coop is going, and the curriculum we have used and loved.

The week after that (3rd week of November) will be Christmas ideas!!!

The 4th week of November will be all about having an Attitude of Gratitude.

So stay tuned...my blog is about to bloom!


25 October 2013

November Goals 2013

Planning Ahead

1. Plan NYC trip for Julia's 6th Birthday.  My mother in law and I want to take her to see Annie on Broadway and also go to American Girl Doll store in December.

2. Start organizing/planning Micah's big turning 1 birthday party in March.

3. Find curriculum to start with Mark because he is ready for a more rigid program.  We will probably begin Kindergarten with him in January!  Pre-K is too easy for him right now.

4. Plan our New Year's Eve Party (Julia's birthday) at our home.  Start buying the things we need for guests at Costco.  Get good deals/sales.

5. Start wrapping Christmas gifts!!!!

6. Clean/Organize Garage

7. Clean shelves in laundry room.

8. Get rid of old curriculum, pass on, or toss out.

9. Organize basement office.


23 October 2013

Who's Going to Fill Me Back Up?

Wednesday Book Club

We are in Chapter 7 of Lysa Terkheurst's book Am I Messing Up My Kids?

I don't know about you but I am loving this book?!

This chapter talked about how we as moms can begin to feel empty.  We pour out all day in serving our families and sometimes by the end of the morning, or day, or week, we can feel totally worn out emotionally and physically.  Sound familiar?

I think this is true of anyone who really cares about the job that they do.  When you want to do a good job you use all of your time, energy and gifts and you give it your all.  And, unfortunately, the job of mom is never really over even when we are tired or sick.

So, who do you look to or turn to when you feel empty?  Do you go on facebook?  Do you call a friend?  Do you turn to your spouse?  Do you eat an extra bowl of ice cream?

There are some really unhealthy ways to fill up that empty feeling.  I have found that all the above can really never truly fill you up.  Obviously we know that in our mind, but do we really KNOW that in our hearts?  When you feel empty the first person you can turn to is God.  That may sound so silly or weird to you.  But God created you and that empty space in our hearts/souls can only be truly filled with Him.  When we don't turn to Him to meet our needs we usually get really off balance and wind up extra empty and needy.

"Sometimes as moms we get so busy in the business of raising kids that we forget our first love."  
Lysa recommended taking time to pause and praise God for all our blessing is a great way to take time to be with God and draw close to Him so we can be filled by him.

Praise God for the Good

Here is my partial list. I didn't write everything here.  I wanted you as the reader to be able to fill in the blanks yourself. Lysa gave topics and put 5 blanks below each one.  Think about your own list of blessings!

Things that are good about my relationship with the Lord:
1. Being saved at a young age.
2. I have a hunger and thirst for more of God.
3. I have a deep faith and trust that God will always provide and take care of me.
Things that are good about my marriage:
1. I adore my husband and am so thankful for him.
2. We take time for dating each other.  We constantly want to bring joy to the other.
3. We have fun together.  John loves all of me...faults and all.  He is very forgiving.
Things that are good about my home:
1. It is filled with joy and laughter.
2. We have enough room to entertain and love company.
3. It is warm and inviting.
Things that are good about my children:
1. They are friendly and outgoing.
2. They are sweet, creative, artistic and caring.
3. They try to do the right thing and apologize when they are wrong.
Things that are good about my friends:
1. They support me no matter what.
2. They are encouraging.  
3. They are dependable and want to spend time with me.
Things that are good about me as a mother:
1. I am a planner and seek to be organized.
2. I am loving but also firm.
3. I set high expectations but help my children to succeed.

When you let your heart be drawn to Jesus, He will fill you!

22 October 2013

Pollyanna by Walt Disney

She brings life to wherever she goes...

Every parent thinks their child is extra special, come on, it's human nature.  I think all three of my children are fabulous in their own ways.  It is so neat to see the people they slowly become and their personalities taking form.

On Monday, my library chum Yvonne, was recommending some old movies to me that I could watch with the kids.  Yvonne is very very picky about the movies her kids see and so am I.  She recommended Pollyanna.  I had never seen this movie but people at church used to call Julia Pollyanna.  I never knew why until I saw this movie.  

This little girl becomes an orphan and her rich Aunt Polly takes her in.  She lives in a huge home with her Aunt and since she came from very meager means she is just amazed at having her own room, having her very own dog, and going shopping for real clothes as opposed to hand me downs sent to the church.  Her parents were both missionaries.

Pollyanna enters her Aunt's life and no matter who she meets or where she goes she brings life to every situation.  She makes everyone stop and start appreciating the little things in life and she has this keen sense of right and wrong and having a positive attitude no matter what.  She always refers to her father's teaching with, "My father used to say..."

Everyone in the movie is so negative and grumpy (even the local preacher) until they meet Pollyanna.  And once they meet her.  They just can't help loving her and picking up on her positive ways.  She always tries to think of how each situation could make her glad...although people in the beginning find her very annoying she begins to grow on everyone.

I give this movie two thumbs up!  And while we watched it I couldn't help but think of my very own Pollyanna right within my home.  Julia is always finding ways to bring joy to people's life.  Whether it is by sharing, or making them feel comfortable, or helping out.  Yesterday we were at the car and I was packing all of our bags in and she goes, "Mommy what can I do that would be most helpful?"  Oh, bless her heart!  Julia you are my Pollyanna!!!

*1960 Disney Studio Album
* We rented it from our Public Library for $1

21 October 2013

Appreciating the Ordinary

Stopping to Smell the Roses...

How often do you...throughout the day, pause among the chaos and busyness, and just pinch yourself and say, "Thank you God"?

This past Sunday I wanted to give John some ample time to study for his CFP exam so after the kids took their nap we piled in the minivan and headed to our favorite Holmdel Park.  We went straight to the playground and then we went on a nature walk.

Nobody wanted to go on my nature walk.  I got some complaining and whining...why can't we stay at the playground, why do we have to walk, I don't want to...

But then I gave both big kids a job...they each had to find the most perfect leaf.  It had to be red, or orange, or yellow, or a great shape, or have cool markings...well, you know what happened...the boring walk turned into a fun adventure...and our carriage holder at the bottom was full of leaves!

It gave me time to look around at the beautiful Fall weather, and just thank God for all of it.  The sun, the trees, the leaves, my kids, our life, His goodness.  It was a perfect moment.  For once I stopped and smelled the roses.

I appreciated the ordinary around us that wasn't so ordinary.  Actually the beauty of the day was extraordinary.  I'm glad we were able to stop to appreciate it.


20 October 2013

Great Fall Kids Books

Fall Fun

There are so many great books out there for the kids to read in the library that it can really sometimes be overwhelming to know which books to read, and when to read them.  I've been creating a home school children's library from our own books at home and cataloging them in stand up file folders according to months in the year and seasons.

I wanted an easy way to find all of our theme specific books and also be able to grab on the go when we go Apple picking or Pumpkin picking.  We like to read in our car on the way to our field trips or when we are waiting in line.

This way all I have to do is go to our September book folder for example to find all of our Back to School type books.  In October you would find all our Fall, Pumpkin, Apple, and Leaf books.  Each book title will have a link that you can go to where you can actually see the book for yourself.  We buy a lot of our newer books from Barnes and Noble or I order online from Amazon.  

I have found that the more often I read to my kids the same book at the same time it is like putting on a favorite sweater.  It makes them feel all warm and cozy.  It has also given Julia confidence in reading as she now sounds things out and picks out the site words she knows.  Repetitive reading is just so important!  

Here is what we have been reading the past 2 months:

Happy Reading!


17 October 2013

Apple Picking 2013

MOPS Playdate

This month's outing I planned for all of the mops mommies to take the kids Apple Picking!  We went to Battleview Orchards in Freehold and let me tell you the apples we picked were AMAZING...I sure hope we have enough to bake with tomorrow because we've been devouring the ones we picked.  I really need to go again!

I had all the moms meet on Wemrock road at the farm store...you could smell the apple cidar donuts!

We took some pictures while we waited for everyone to show up.

I think everyone should experience picking their own fruit...it just is so much fun and tastes so good.

I let Julia use our camera...that was scary...it's so expensive and I was afraid she would drop it, but actually she did a great job!

Tara and Dominic arrived first!  Tara has two older kids but they were at school.

My big kids got a little crazy!

Then we headed down the road to the orchards.  More friends met us there.  Look at Tabitha with her sweet baby boy...I want to bite him!  Tabitha has two older kids who are in school and pre-school.

We gave all the kids a bucket and told them how many apples to pick...my kids picked 7 each.  They got really good ones too.  We talked about how you only pick the ones off the trees not off the ground, and how to try to get the ones with no bruises or holes in them.  We picked Winesap and another kind...oh the name escapes me at the moment!  Mommy Brain!

Angela came with Cassie and Juliana...Angela has 4 kids...her two older boys are in school.

Every year the Mops kids get really close to each other.  Especially going out on all the fun outings and hanging out on Tuesdays when we meet.  Here is Julia with Sasha.

Even babies in buckets came to the play date!!!!!!! Oh my Micah...you have to love that little chubby face!

Renee and Sasha!  Sasha's big sister was at school.

It was a great day!  Our Apple week isn't over...tomorrow we are doing crafts and baking!!!


16 October 2013

What if My Plans Fail?

God Can Redeem Your Time

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."--Proverbs 16:3

This chapter rang true for me as a mom because I feel like one thing I am really good at (and trust me when it comes to motherhood I don't feel like there are many things in this department) is planning fun things for my kids.  I know I bring this up a lot but one thing I don't remember in my childhood is many fun outings with my parents.  Both worked full time and what I do remember is lots of time with a babysitter or daycare.

I think that is one of the reasons why I feel really blessed that I can be a stay at home mom in such a difficult economy.  I am truly thankful for the past 6 years (I can't believe it's been that long already!) that I have been able to raise both my kids at home.  I am so thankful for John working so hard outside of the home to provide for us.  It hasn't been easy.

For me, planning fun outings for the kids is such a treat.  Whether it be a trip to go Apple Picking with our Mops group, or a birthday trip to the zoo, or a special lunch birthday celebration at the Rainforest Cafe, I LOVE planning these special days.  It usually takes me a few days if not weeks, and if I'm honest with all of you the planner in me sometimes plans trips months in advance.  I'm not usually a pick up and go type of person.  I like to have things prepped the night before at least with our diaper bag, snack bag, water bottles, and back packs waiting at the door...and my "don't forget" list stuck to the counter to check before we leave.

But there are times that with all the planning we do as moms, we can never quite remember everything, can we?  And we cannot always predict what will happen the night before, we may have a crying baby to tend to, or a stomach ache to rub, or some sheets to change because of an accident.  We can't always predict what the weather will be like the next day (I will never forget pumpkin picking in 2012 with my MOPS group in the pouring rain....oh what a trip that was...an hour to drive to Princeton, loads of traffic, and the minute we arrived at the patch the rain came) or the traffic that will be waiting for us on the road.

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." --Proverbs 19:20

The author of this book: Am I Messing Up My Kids tells of a time when she was going on a Disney vacation with her girls when her and she made the error of mixing up her flight time...and so missed a whole day at the parks...she was so frustrated and overwhelmed....because she was so excited to spend this precious time with her girls and now it seemed as though everything would be ruined?

Have you ever planned something to a T, and then watched it unravel, or crumble right before your eyes?  Oh, my word, it's during those times I really want to throw a 30 something year old temper tantrum!!!  I guess in my head I'm thinking: Really??? After all this planning I did, after all the time it took on my part, after packing up 3 kids in the car and driving all this way...this happens!!!!

You know what I usually forget to do?  Breathe and pray and take it all in stride.

Lysa Terkeurst took her situation all in stride!  You go girl!  She stopped and she prayed and from the moment she got on the airplane with her girls she felt a peace and she already felt like God was doing things to redeem her time at Disney even though they lost a day.  Other things worked out and there time together was still sweet.

I find that the more frazzled I get the more downhill the day goes, not only for me...but my whole Team.  As leader of Team Mac when Daddy is at work, I know it is up to me to be the level headed calm one.  But that also means I have to let the planning and the schedule go and give God the control of our day...go figure.  One of my greatest lessons as a mom is that I AM NOT in Control....EVER.  I only think I am.

One of the points that Lysa wrote in this chapter that stuck out to me were: Becoming frustrated and mad will completely drain us and make us feel defeated.  Turning our circumstances over to God will right our heart, change the way we look at the situation, and help us recognize glimpses of God in the midst of our broken efforts.

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."--Proverbs 16:9

Many times I fail to realize that arriving late (in my standards of late which is not early) doesn't make me a bad mom, it makes me human, or having to discipline my child in front of others (giving a mommy talk) is an opportunity for me to show grace and love and use the teachable moment, or having to miss an appointment because of a sick child is not the end of the world.  Sometimes all these things are just built in ways for us to rely more fully on God.

Lysa says, "Remember, that everything that happens to you is first filtered through God's hand."

Oh, I just love that reminder.  It really makes me feel better knowing that anything that happens to me today first had to be approved by someone who really loves me.  And the day that we feel our plans completely failed, might just be the best days for our kids.


14 October 2013

Pumpkin Day: JW Fall Festival

Bringing Church to your Community

Something I absolutely love about our new church, Jacobs Well,  is that we are constantly looking for ways to serve and reach our community.

Pumpkin Day was an awesome way to invite family and friends to a non-threatening place (a park) for fun family time!

Instead of having a normal church service at our church we all met at Babbage Park in North Brunswick and we served food, did face painting, carved and painted pumpkins, had live music from our worship teams, gave out goodie bags all for free!

The kids loved spending time with our friends at Jacobs Well.  And we were able to invite our friends and family to join in the fun too!

My BFF Cinzia came with her husband and boys.  They came right after Football pictures because her son plays football.

The park had about 3 different playgrounds for the kids to choose from and there were loads of picnic tables we could sit and chat and eat lunch on.  Micah had fun being outside and playing.

Julia loved the freedom of going where she wanted and playing with all her friends.  Here Vince was helping her carve her pumpkin.  Then she painted it and then she painted her hands to be silly!!! Oh, Julia, you have so much joy in everything you do!

The carving was a real hit with all the kids, so was the face painting!  I personally enjoyed the social aspect and the CUPCAKES!!!

Check out my Iron Man super hero!  Miss Katie did a great job!

Daddy and Micah...looking extra cute together.  Loved the perfect sunny Fall weather!

My friend Yvonne (my library buddy...she has two daughters the same ages as Julia and Mark) came and it was so nice to spend time with her and the girls!

The girls playing in the playground fort.

My sister in law Laurie came with her hubby Kelsey!  They helped us watch the big kids when we had to help at our carving and painting stations.  So thankful they came out!

Happy Pumpkin Day!!!


09 October 2013

Why Do I Always Feel So Stretched?

Wednesday Book Club

"I think women see me on the cover of magazines and think I never have a pimple or bags under my eyes.  You have to realize that that's after two hours of hair and makeup, plus retouching.  Even I don't wake up looking like Cindy Crawford."  --Cindy Crawford
Lysa Terkeurst shares a fact about herself that not many women would ever share out loud.  Only the people closest to us know the REAL us.  Lysa shares how her daughter commented about her stretch marks.  Lysa has birthed 3 girls and adopted 2 boys. And trust me when I tell you, that every woman's body changes somehow after multiple births.

I will never forget the moment when Mark and Julia saw me after having Micah.  They tiptoed inside the room anxious to meet their new brother.  The very first words Mark said to me were something to the affect of, "Mom, I thought you had the baby, why is your belly still squishy?" LOL (motivation for mommy to get her butt in the gym after having this third 9lb baby!!! let me tell you!)

Lysa's daughter asked, "Mommy what are those silvery lines on your hips?" Her daughter Brooke was studying her hips with great curiosity and intensity...Lysa goes on to say, "As I informed her about the beauty of what the stretch marks represented to me, she couldn't get past how unsightly the marks were to her."
"Again , I stressed the fact that the stretch marks were a beautiful reminder that my body was used in a sacrificial way to make her birth and the birth of her two sisters possible."

"It's the mark of the ultimate servant who gives their life to make new life possible for others."
Even after all this explaining of the beauty of those marks her 6 year old daughter said, "You are beautiful mommy...but those marks are not so beautiful!" LOL you have to love the honesty of a 6 year old don't you?

"The marks themselves are not so beautiful.  They are jagged, uneven, and discolored signs that my skin was stretched almost beyond what it could bear.  It was stretched so thin that it will never quite be the same."
Oh, I just love love love this analogy.  Because whether or not we have stretch marks, every mother knows that we will be forever changed because of our children.  They have left a forever imprint on our very hearts and souls.

Lysa goes on to say that these scars "made me like Jesus in a way.  I gave of my life to make new life possible.  I carried this person and took on their weight.  I was stretched beyond what I could bear.  My experience left me scarred and forever marked.  But the product of these scars is JOY I could not have any other way.
Isn't that the same with all wonderful/yet hard things in our life?  Whether it be a great job, a marriage, children, a family, all of these things can be extremely hard, extremely taxing, extremely difficult, yet life would not be as joyful, life wouldn't be the same without the struggle.  And the struggle teaches us all along the way.  We have a chance to grow, and experience life holding onto God's hand tightly.  I feel that now so much.  With 3 kids I just need God so much more, and I realize how I've needed Him all along, but now I am just so much more aware of my need.  I am grateful to rely on such a faithful God.

Think about Jesus' scars.  I think of how much he loved us that he took on human flesh.  That God loved me so much he sent his only son to die in my place on the cross.

"While I have not been called to die for my children.  I have been called to die to the selfishness that characterized my life before kids."
As parents we can all relate to this, can't we?  Our schedules, needs, wants, time, money, desires, dreams, our plans....all these things dictated our life.

Then we start families and have kids and suddenly we realize...life is not all about US anymore! LOL as if it ever were?!  I thank God for my kids because they have truly grounded me.  God had a bigger plan for my life than my plans ever could have been when I was so selfish and wrapped up all in myself.  I think my kids have shown me (or having kids has shown me) that I was and still can be very very selfish!  I guess it's human nature.

Now I am learning to serve my kids, my husband with a happy heart.  I can drive my kids to gymnastics, homeschool, tie shoes, wipe noses, fix dinner, nurse my baby, pour some orange juice, make protein pancakes all of these are ways I can make life wonderful for someone else besides myself.  That is what a servant is...to put one's needs above our own.

And as parents we have the opportunity to model how to serve others graciously or not so gracious.  I am constantly reminded that the way I model taking care of my family is how Julia, Mark, and Micah will one day take care of their spouse and children.  Yikes!!!

"Let's face it.  Motherhood is a stretching experience whether we are talking about our physical bodies our mental capacity, or our spiritual outlook.  But it brings me such joy to see the correlations between my service to my children and what Jesus has done for me that I thought it was worth pondering.  Whether you birthed your children through your body or through your heart through adoption, you have served...you have sacrificed...you have been stretched." 
To all the moms out there...you are so valuable, and you are so awesome.  Keep your chin up darlings.  You are not alone!  I love doing this book club with you.  And I have gotten so many private messages and comments that have encouraged me so much.  My love to you all.  I still have over 20 chapters to share with you!  Keep reading with me!

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