22 October 2013

Pollyanna by Walt Disney

She brings life to wherever she goes...

Every parent thinks their child is extra special, come on, it's human nature.  I think all three of my children are fabulous in their own ways.  It is so neat to see the people they slowly become and their personalities taking form.

On Monday, my library chum Yvonne, was recommending some old movies to me that I could watch with the kids.  Yvonne is very very picky about the movies her kids see and so am I.  She recommended Pollyanna.  I had never seen this movie but people at church used to call Julia Pollyanna.  I never knew why until I saw this movie.  

This little girl becomes an orphan and her rich Aunt Polly takes her in.  She lives in a huge home with her Aunt and since she came from very meager means she is just amazed at having her own room, having her very own dog, and going shopping for real clothes as opposed to hand me downs sent to the church.  Her parents were both missionaries.

Pollyanna enters her Aunt's life and no matter who she meets or where she goes she brings life to every situation.  She makes everyone stop and start appreciating the little things in life and she has this keen sense of right and wrong and having a positive attitude no matter what.  She always refers to her father's teaching with, "My father used to say..."

Everyone in the movie is so negative and grumpy (even the local preacher) until they meet Pollyanna.  And once they meet her.  They just can't help loving her and picking up on her positive ways.  She always tries to think of how each situation could make her glad...although people in the beginning find her very annoying she begins to grow on everyone.

I give this movie two thumbs up!  And while we watched it I couldn't help but think of my very own Pollyanna right within my home.  Julia is always finding ways to bring joy to people's life.  Whether it is by sharing, or making them feel comfortable, or helping out.  Yesterday we were at the car and I was packing all of our bags in and she goes, "Mommy what can I do that would be most helpful?"  Oh, bless her heart!  Julia you are my Pollyanna!!!

*1960 Disney Studio Album
* We rented it from our Public Library for $1

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