07 October 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Making Family Memories

I have to say one of my favorite Fall activities is picking apples and pumpkins with the kids!  It is just so exciting to see the kids outside, among the corn fields, and on the hay ride, and just happy.  It was Micah's first time at the pumpkin patch.  And it was our first time inviting Grandma Judy.  The kids were also so glad Daddy stopped studying to be with us.  There was an adult per kid which was so nice because everybody had a lap to be on!

This year I planned two separate day trips.  Saturday my mother in law joined us for our hay ride and pumpkin patch day which was a blast.  Then next week I planned a field trip to Battleview Orchards in Freehold, a huge farm, with my MOPS group to pick apples at the orchard and we may make a trip to their pumpkin patch as well.

The hay ride was fun.  We were surprised at how hot it was (80 degrees and humid).  Last October it was so cold and windy on our ride.  This year we wore tank tops, shorts, sandals, and sun dresses!  Grandma made it extra special because she was able to hold the kids pumpkins, she gave them lots of suggestions, and she snuggled too.

Choosing just the right pumpkin is very important.  Especially when mommy tells you only one pumpkin per child.  But grandma offered to buy a few extras!

On the hay ride Micah enjoyed some hay...oh Micah!  (Look at mommy's muscles!!! See going to the gym 3 times a week and working with a trainer has really paid off!)

Mark is my analytical thinker (like daddy) choosing the right pumpkin is serious and stressful for Mark.  It was hard to get him to smile and lighten up!  Until he saw candy at the farm store part of the trip.

This week is our Pumpkin Week during homeschool...see my pinterest board for ideas.  We will be baking, crafting, painting, reading, and writing all about pumpkins this week.  Isn't God amazing?  From a tiny seed grows this massive, beautiful, bright orange pumpkin!!!


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