25 October 2013

November Goals 2013

Planning Ahead

1. Plan NYC trip for Julia's 6th Birthday.  My mother in law and I want to take her to see Annie on Broadway and also go to American Girl Doll store in December.

2. Start organizing/planning Micah's big turning 1 birthday party in March.

3. Find curriculum to start with Mark because he is ready for a more rigid program.  We will probably begin Kindergarten with him in January!  Pre-K is too easy for him right now.

4. Plan our New Year's Eve Party (Julia's birthday) at our home.  Start buying the things we need for guests at Costco.  Get good deals/sales.

5. Start wrapping Christmas gifts!!!!

6. Clean/Organize Garage

7. Clean shelves in laundry room.

8. Get rid of old curriculum, pass on, or toss out.

9. Organize basement office.


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