21 October 2013

Appreciating the Ordinary

Stopping to Smell the Roses...

How often do you...throughout the day, pause among the chaos and busyness, and just pinch yourself and say, "Thank you God"?

This past Sunday I wanted to give John some ample time to study for his CFP exam so after the kids took their nap we piled in the minivan and headed to our favorite Holmdel Park.  We went straight to the playground and then we went on a nature walk.

Nobody wanted to go on my nature walk.  I got some complaining and whining...why can't we stay at the playground, why do we have to walk, I don't want to...

But then I gave both big kids a job...they each had to find the most perfect leaf.  It had to be red, or orange, or yellow, or a great shape, or have cool markings...well, you know what happened...the boring walk turned into a fun adventure...and our carriage holder at the bottom was full of leaves!

It gave me time to look around at the beautiful Fall weather, and just thank God for all of it.  The sun, the trees, the leaves, my kids, our life, His goodness.  It was a perfect moment.  For once I stopped and smelled the roses.

I appreciated the ordinary around us that wasn't so ordinary.  Actually the beauty of the day was extraordinary.  I'm glad we were able to stop to appreciate it.


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