14 October 2013

Pumpkin Day: JW Fall Festival

Bringing Church to your Community

Something I absolutely love about our new church, Jacobs Well,  is that we are constantly looking for ways to serve and reach our community.

Pumpkin Day was an awesome way to invite family and friends to a non-threatening place (a park) for fun family time!

Instead of having a normal church service at our church we all met at Babbage Park in North Brunswick and we served food, did face painting, carved and painted pumpkins, had live music from our worship teams, gave out goodie bags all for free!

The kids loved spending time with our friends at Jacobs Well.  And we were able to invite our friends and family to join in the fun too!

My BFF Cinzia came with her husband and boys.  They came right after Football pictures because her son plays football.

The park had about 3 different playgrounds for the kids to choose from and there were loads of picnic tables we could sit and chat and eat lunch on.  Micah had fun being outside and playing.

Julia loved the freedom of going where she wanted and playing with all her friends.  Here Vince was helping her carve her pumpkin.  Then she painted it and then she painted her hands to be silly!!! Oh, Julia, you have so much joy in everything you do!

The carving was a real hit with all the kids, so was the face painting!  I personally enjoyed the social aspect and the CUPCAKES!!!

Check out my Iron Man super hero!  Miss Katie did a great job!

Daddy and Micah...looking extra cute together.  Loved the perfect sunny Fall weather!

My friend Yvonne (my library buddy...she has two daughters the same ages as Julia and Mark) came and it was so nice to spend time with her and the girls!

The girls playing in the playground fort.

My sister in law Laurie came with her hubby Kelsey!  They helped us watch the big kids when we had to help at our carving and painting stations.  So thankful they came out!

Happy Pumpkin Day!!!


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