17 October 2013

Apple Picking 2013

MOPS Playdate

This month's outing I planned for all of the mops mommies to take the kids Apple Picking!  We went to Battleview Orchards in Freehold and let me tell you the apples we picked were AMAZING...I sure hope we have enough to bake with tomorrow because we've been devouring the ones we picked.  I really need to go again!

I had all the moms meet on Wemrock road at the farm store...you could smell the apple cidar donuts!

We took some pictures while we waited for everyone to show up.

I think everyone should experience picking their own fruit...it just is so much fun and tastes so good.

I let Julia use our camera...that was scary...it's so expensive and I was afraid she would drop it, but actually she did a great job!

Tara and Dominic arrived first!  Tara has two older kids but they were at school.

My big kids got a little crazy!

Then we headed down the road to the orchards.  More friends met us there.  Look at Tabitha with her sweet baby boy...I want to bite him!  Tabitha has two older kids who are in school and pre-school.

We gave all the kids a bucket and told them how many apples to pick...my kids picked 7 each.  They got really good ones too.  We talked about how you only pick the ones off the trees not off the ground, and how to try to get the ones with no bruises or holes in them.  We picked Winesap and another kind...oh the name escapes me at the moment!  Mommy Brain!

Angela came with Cassie and Juliana...Angela has 4 kids...her two older boys are in school.

Every year the Mops kids get really close to each other.  Especially going out on all the fun outings and hanging out on Tuesdays when we meet.  Here is Julia with Sasha.

Even babies in buckets came to the play date!!!!!!! Oh my Micah...you have to love that little chubby face!

Renee and Sasha!  Sasha's big sister was at school.

It was a great day!  Our Apple week isn't over...tomorrow we are doing crafts and baking!!!


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