01 October 2013

Cleaning Schedule (Back on Track)

My Personal Cleaning Schedule

Yes, I still have a woman who comes to my house every few weeks to help me clean. (It's quite wonderful).  And yes, I'm still the person who cleans like a mad lady before the cleaning lady comes (it's a disease people).  But as all of you home makers know...even if you have help twice a month...that still leaves about 28 days in the month that YOU are required to do the cleaning! So, here is what works for me...to each his/her own. I can not function with a mess or clutter (during homeschool I'm learning to...but even that's hard for me).  This is how I keep mess and clutter to a minimum...a little bit every day so that when it's the weekend I only have the typical 30-45 minutes of cleaning and the rest of my time can be used to play with my kids and/or gaze into John's beautiful blue eyes!

You will notice I tackle at least one room a day. This means I can really focus on getting that room up to par and sparkling and then throw in a load or two of laundry and am done...I also ask Julia and Mark to help me when we clean the play room and do laundry, they are also good at helping me gather all the garbage pails from each room.  And bless their little hearts because they are always willing to help me pick up Micah's toys, which now seem to have taken over the living room!  They help me on laundry days by emptying the hampers and sorting the lights from the darks.  And since the play room is their domain, I guide them as they organize their toys and make sure they put them in the right bins.

I live in my dining room (home-school table) and kitchen (cooking 3 meals)  so these rooms get the most action throughout the day...therefore I am constantly cleaning these two areas.  We do one dish washing load each night and empty dishwasher first thing in the am.

Saturday-2 loads of laundry, downstairs bathroom, sweep the entire back yard deck, sweep the front porch
Sunday-1 load of laundry after dinner time, and put garbage out for collection, vacuum dining room
Monday-2 loads of laundry, organize and vacuum playroom
Tuesday-both upstairs bathrooms, dust and vacuum laundry room
Wednesday-1 load of laundry, empty all garbage cans around the house, vacuum living room
Thursday-vacuum basement steps and hard wood floor, wash kitchen floor
Friday-vacuum upstairs and bedrooms, 1 load of laundry
This list is printed out and is on my refrigerator as a reminder.  Yes, I get teased about it...and no, it does not bother me one little bit!!!


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  1. You go, girl!!!! We all need to print out our schedules for our sanity! Push coffee pot button is ON my list!!!


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