23 October 2013

Who's Going to Fill Me Back Up?

Wednesday Book Club

We are in Chapter 7 of Lysa Terkheurst's book Am I Messing Up My Kids?

I don't know about you but I am loving this book?!

This chapter talked about how we as moms can begin to feel empty.  We pour out all day in serving our families and sometimes by the end of the morning, or day, or week, we can feel totally worn out emotionally and physically.  Sound familiar?

I think this is true of anyone who really cares about the job that they do.  When you want to do a good job you use all of your time, energy and gifts and you give it your all.  And, unfortunately, the job of mom is never really over even when we are tired or sick.

So, who do you look to or turn to when you feel empty?  Do you go on facebook?  Do you call a friend?  Do you turn to your spouse?  Do you eat an extra bowl of ice cream?

There are some really unhealthy ways to fill up that empty feeling.  I have found that all the above can really never truly fill you up.  Obviously we know that in our mind, but do we really KNOW that in our hearts?  When you feel empty the first person you can turn to is God.  That may sound so silly or weird to you.  But God created you and that empty space in our hearts/souls can only be truly filled with Him.  When we don't turn to Him to meet our needs we usually get really off balance and wind up extra empty and needy.

"Sometimes as moms we get so busy in the business of raising kids that we forget our first love."  
Lysa recommended taking time to pause and praise God for all our blessing is a great way to take time to be with God and draw close to Him so we can be filled by him.

Praise God for the Good

Here is my partial list. I didn't write everything here.  I wanted you as the reader to be able to fill in the blanks yourself. Lysa gave topics and put 5 blanks below each one.  Think about your own list of blessings!

Things that are good about my relationship with the Lord:
1. Being saved at a young age.
2. I have a hunger and thirst for more of God.
3. I have a deep faith and trust that God will always provide and take care of me.
Things that are good about my marriage:
1. I adore my husband and am so thankful for him.
2. We take time for dating each other.  We constantly want to bring joy to the other.
3. We have fun together.  John loves all of me...faults and all.  He is very forgiving.
Things that are good about my home:
1. It is filled with joy and laughter.
2. We have enough room to entertain and love company.
3. It is warm and inviting.
Things that are good about my children:
1. They are friendly and outgoing.
2. They are sweet, creative, artistic and caring.
3. They try to do the right thing and apologize when they are wrong.
Things that are good about my friends:
1. They support me no matter what.
2. They are encouraging.  
3. They are dependable and want to spend time with me.
Things that are good about me as a mother:
1. I am a planner and seek to be organized.
2. I am loving but also firm.
3. I set high expectations but help my children to succeed.

When you let your heart be drawn to Jesus, He will fill you!

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  1. I love reading your blog Kristi and I miss you. Love, Ilse :)


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