16 October 2013

What if My Plans Fail?

God Can Redeem Your Time

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."--Proverbs 16:3

This chapter rang true for me as a mom because I feel like one thing I am really good at (and trust me when it comes to motherhood I don't feel like there are many things in this department) is planning fun things for my kids.  I know I bring this up a lot but one thing I don't remember in my childhood is many fun outings with my parents.  Both worked full time and what I do remember is lots of time with a babysitter or daycare.

I think that is one of the reasons why I feel really blessed that I can be a stay at home mom in such a difficult economy.  I am truly thankful for the past 6 years (I can't believe it's been that long already!) that I have been able to raise both my kids at home.  I am so thankful for John working so hard outside of the home to provide for us.  It hasn't been easy.

For me, planning fun outings for the kids is such a treat.  Whether it be a trip to go Apple Picking with our Mops group, or a birthday trip to the zoo, or a special lunch birthday celebration at the Rainforest Cafe, I LOVE planning these special days.  It usually takes me a few days if not weeks, and if I'm honest with all of you the planner in me sometimes plans trips months in advance.  I'm not usually a pick up and go type of person.  I like to have things prepped the night before at least with our diaper bag, snack bag, water bottles, and back packs waiting at the door...and my "don't forget" list stuck to the counter to check before we leave.

But there are times that with all the planning we do as moms, we can never quite remember everything, can we?  And we cannot always predict what will happen the night before, we may have a crying baby to tend to, or a stomach ache to rub, or some sheets to change because of an accident.  We can't always predict what the weather will be like the next day (I will never forget pumpkin picking in 2012 with my MOPS group in the pouring rain....oh what a trip that was...an hour to drive to Princeton, loads of traffic, and the minute we arrived at the patch the rain came) or the traffic that will be waiting for us on the road.

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." --Proverbs 19:20

The author of this book: Am I Messing Up My Kids tells of a time when she was going on a Disney vacation with her girls when her and she made the error of mixing up her flight time...and so missed a whole day at the parks...she was so frustrated and overwhelmed....because she was so excited to spend this precious time with her girls and now it seemed as though everything would be ruined?

Have you ever planned something to a T, and then watched it unravel, or crumble right before your eyes?  Oh, my word, it's during those times I really want to throw a 30 something year old temper tantrum!!!  I guess in my head I'm thinking: Really??? After all this planning I did, after all the time it took on my part, after packing up 3 kids in the car and driving all this way...this happens!!!!

You know what I usually forget to do?  Breathe and pray and take it all in stride.

Lysa Terkeurst took her situation all in stride!  You go girl!  She stopped and she prayed and from the moment she got on the airplane with her girls she felt a peace and she already felt like God was doing things to redeem her time at Disney even though they lost a day.  Other things worked out and there time together was still sweet.

I find that the more frazzled I get the more downhill the day goes, not only for me...but my whole Team.  As leader of Team Mac when Daddy is at work, I know it is up to me to be the level headed calm one.  But that also means I have to let the planning and the schedule go and give God the control of our day...go figure.  One of my greatest lessons as a mom is that I AM NOT in Control....EVER.  I only think I am.

One of the points that Lysa wrote in this chapter that stuck out to me were: Becoming frustrated and mad will completely drain us and make us feel defeated.  Turning our circumstances over to God will right our heart, change the way we look at the situation, and help us recognize glimpses of God in the midst of our broken efforts.

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."--Proverbs 16:9

Many times I fail to realize that arriving late (in my standards of late which is not early) doesn't make me a bad mom, it makes me human, or having to discipline my child in front of others (giving a mommy talk) is an opportunity for me to show grace and love and use the teachable moment, or having to miss an appointment because of a sick child is not the end of the world.  Sometimes all these things are just built in ways for us to rely more fully on God.

Lysa says, "Remember, that everything that happens to you is first filtered through God's hand."

Oh, I just love that reminder.  It really makes me feel better knowing that anything that happens to me today first had to be approved by someone who really loves me.  And the day that we feel our plans completely failed, might just be the best days for our kids.


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