08 October 2013

Encouraging Words for Mark

Ms. Kathy's Text

On October 4 (Friday...the day after AWANA clubs) at 9am in the morning I got the sweetest text from Marky's Awana teacher.

"Hi Kristi, I just have to tell you and John that Larisa (her daughter and helper) and I were discussing how mark is probably the best behaved cubbie we have this year.  He is soooo good and sweet and polite.  He is an absolute pleasure and you should both be so proud of him!

He is always doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing.  If I ask him to do something he does it...no complaints...I don't have to tell him twice.  He is really respectful to the adults as well as the other cubbies.  What a sweetheart!"

This brought tears to my eyes and was music to my ears.  This was the first year Mark is without Julia at awana because she is a sparky.  I was worried how he would feel in class without her.  Sometimes I can tell it is hard for him to see her go.

Clearly he is doing great!  We were so proud of him we took him out to get frozen yogurt after dinner on Saturday!

We told him that now he has to continue doing so great because are expecting him to be just as wonderful!  This text was an answer to prayer.  I made sure I thanked Kathy for this glowing report and for all her hard work (I try to bring brownies and cookies to encourage and bless her each week because the cubbie classroom is always the busiest.)

Marky we are so proud of you!


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