30 April 2013

Taking Advantage of Mommy

Zone Defense

Having two kids was truly a brilliant easy idea!  One for each hand...a girl and a boy, pink and blue, all the rainbows and unicorns came floating in and ...it just doesn't get any more perfect than that, right?

Well, life isn't perfect, and neither are my kids...and now there are three.  And I don't have enough hands or enough energy to chase everyone and do everything the way I used to.

The big kids know this and they have been taking advantage of it.  I love them to pieces, but mama didn't raise no fools.  They know that when mommy is nursing the baby, they can jump on the couch, or climb on the counter, and really, what can I do about it at that moment?

The other night, it was a God-thing that I went into Mark's room when I did because Mark and Julia were climbing on the new dressers we bought for the boys.  I have no idea why, but when I opened that door and they saw my face, and saw me standing there they FROZE!  "How did she know we were being naughty?" They must've thought.  How did I know?

It's been like that a LOT over here lately.  I don't have time to write my long list of to-do items, I just do what I can...which is getting better, but still seems daunting at times.  I can't blog the way I used to, I don't have enough brain cells, or coffee, or time, or enough hands.  I have laundry all the time...the laundry has tripled over here, with a newborn I guess that is to be expected.  And my brain still feels fuzzy most mornings and evenings.

I am still waiting to get 4-5 solid hours of sleep in a row...but that hasn't happened yet either.

Three children is quite a challenge, it's true...but even though my hands and plate are full, my heart is bursting because I AM happy...I'm starting to not care about the ever growing to-do lists, the laundry, and the lack of brain cells and sleep...I'm trying to just wrap my brain around the blessings I have.


29 April 2013

The Mama Bear came out...at Barnes and Noble

A few Sundays ago I was at a Bridal Shower and my husband took the big kids to Barnes and Noble and out to lunch in my absence.  Little did he know that the outing he was about to take would open up a huge can of worms for us as parents.

You all know by now how inquisitive my daughter Julia, who is 5 years old has been.  She is very bright and very curious and has always needed a long-winded answer for every serious question.

Apparently when she walked into Barnes and Noble with her Dad and brother she saw a Danielle Steele (romance novel I presume) novel at the entrance of the store.  This novel had two practically naked people on it kissing and embracing.  Julia immediately began asking her Daddy questions about the book.  From my understanding...this is how the conversation went...

Julia: Daddy, why is that naked man kissing that naked woman?  Why is he on top of her?

John: Julia, that is private between a married man and woman.

Julia: Daddy, if it is privacy, then why is it on the cover of a BOOK!  (seriously, this is a great question!)

John: Julia, you should not be looking at that book anymore. (oh be careful little eyes what you see...)

Julia: Daddy, when you and mommy are in your room in privacy, do you do that? (cringe)

John: Yes, Julia, but that is private between a husband and a wife.  I can see you are very curious about this Julia because you keep looking at the book!

Okay, so at this point they were done getting the gift card John needed and left the store.  Julia got in trouble leaving the store because on the way out she continued to look at the book at the front of the store.  And this is why I am angry at the store.  Why do they have to showcase suggestive romance novels at the FRONT of the store where little people walk?  Isn't there a romance novel section in the store somewhere away from the children's department?  Why do we have to advertise that particular book so my 5 year old can now ask me questions that are way too adult like for her mind?  I'm not trying to shelter my daughter from everything, but seriously, can't we protect them for a little bit without bombarding them with this material?  The mama bear in me really would like to shake the person who put those books near the front of the store, along with the sports illustrated magazine so my son can look at those...I mean really people?!?!

I have no problem being a parent who answers the hard questions.  I will always do my best to be honest and seek advice when need be, but I constantly feel like I have to address topics at such tender ages.  Like for example during Halloween time when we walk into CVS and we see skeletons and blood and knives and guts all over as "holiday decorations"...really? is it necessary? I mean wouldn't a nice round pumpkin suffice?

So, dear Barnes and Noble staff I guess I have to censor and limit my visits to your store now since I have a very curious 5 year old who has seen a little too much too soon.


27 April 2013

Laughter IS the best medicine...

Proverbs 17:22
A cheerful heart is good medicine,    but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Thank goodness for laughter!  As a busy mom of three I am learning how to laugh again even when things like this happen...

*While giving Micah his first bath, Mark accidentally pees on me...

*Realizing that Julia decided to wear a green shirt, orange stretch pants, and a pink tutu to Chinese School (we do let the kids dress themselves, but this was too extreme!)

*Hearing Mark ask for his Spider Man winter boots for the 90th time, when it is 70 degrees out and sunny...

*Changing Micah's diaper and watching him pee all over his own face and mine!

*Listening to Julia ask me as I'm nursing the baby, "Mom is that almond milk in there?"...

If it weren't for all my friends out there (thank goodness for adult friends after being with the kids all day) those who are older and wiser, younger and energetic friends, and been there done that friends, I don't think I would have made it the past 5 weeks...

Learning to be cheerful, and laugh, and not sweat the small stuff, to be able to just keep on keeping on even when I am exhausted...after all this is just what moms around the world do every single day.

And the ones who laugh, and smile through it all, and not only "survive" (although some days you just have to survive) whatever phase of life they may be going through at the time, they begin to appreciate each day, each moment, just as it comes...

So have a good laugh my friend!  And know you are not alone!


18 April 2013

Getting Help

I really can't remember what life was like before Micah...he always seems to have been part of our life somehow.

But I do remember that I used to be able to do it all and not be this tired.  I didn't need two cups of coffee, or constantly feel like I'm forgetting something or someone.  I'm constantly counting my little ducklings.

I never ever ever thought I would need this much help, and to be honest, I do not like it very much.

This week I started Paleo diet and was counting on making all of my meals this week.  But I have gotten 3 meals this week from friends, my friend Peggie Lambertson and her girls brought me a meal, my friend Wendy from MOPS brought me a meal, and my mom's best friend Marni from church brought me a surprise me tonight!  I was not expecting these meals, but knowing that John will be away for 4 days next week I gladly took them because I will need them!

I forgot how much time is spent nursing, pumping breast milk, and just holding/burping a newborn.  I never seem to have enough time or hands to get all I need done.

The past 3 months we have had someone clean our house once a month just to help me while I was super pregnant and couldn't lug a vacuum up and down stairs or scrub a tub with bleach.  And this week I decided to hire someone twice a month just to help me during this newborn phase.  I never thought I would need help cleaning the house, but I really do.  I just can't keep up and honestly the free time I do have I want to snuggle my baby without feeling guilty, or take a nap, or tickle my kids.  I don't like feeling like I have to go go go to keep up.

I've noticed that there are not enough hours in the day to fold clothes, take out all the garbage, organize baby clothes, go through the mail, food shop, check my email, plan for school time...oh the list is absolutely endless.

And so, I've reached out and asked for help.  And I don't feel bad.  I'm excited actually.  Our cleaning woman will come when we are at bible study and Mondays Sara helps me at night with dinner and the kids bath time.  My mom and mother in law, and sister in law, and my friend Christy are available during the day, and I know I can reach out and ask even my neighbors.

God is so good to provide help when we need it.  I think sometimes we just have to be willing to say yes and receive it graciously.


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16 April 2013

Argo...movie review

Argo: My Movie Review

Synopsis from Fandango...click here.

Well, having a newborn has lots of benefits...one of which happens to be breast feeding...and if you are going to breast feed for the next 20-30 minutes...one needs a good movie/show to watch.

John rented this from Redbox recently and we decided to have a date night after the big kids were asleep.  Micah joined us on our date, but he's allowed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, the second and third time I watched it...the first time, on our date...I fell asleep...sorry babe...it's not you, it wasn't the movie, just pure exhaustion.

This movie is based on the true story of when 6 Americans were in hiding by the Candadian Ambassador from the Iranian government and anyone who was found hiding Americans was killed at that time of civil unrest during the Iranian Revolution.  It is a nail biter.  Lots of great acting and suspense.

Ben Affleck plays the role of CIA agent Tony Mendez.  Tony Mendez creates this fake Hollywood film production in hopes to rescue the 6 Americans over in Tehran.  Alan Arkin, John Goodman, and Bryan Cranston co star in this movie and not only do they bring some comedy relief to a very stressful and suspenseful movie/time...they also have the most difficult task of saving these 6 Americans lives.

I could not stop watching this movie...and it's during the 70's so the hair and clothes intrigued me as well.  To have this declassified story to watch on film was awesome.  Ben Affleck did an amazing job with this movie! Loved it!!!

It reminds you that sin/evil is in this world...and that there is this constant need for a hero...a savior if you will.  We constantly need someone to rescue us from the evil that is all around us.  As a christian it reminds me that I am so blessed to have a Savior who rescued me once and for all on the cross.  He is my forever hero.  He has saved me from a life full of doom and gloom to a life of everlasting hope...hope that there is goodness in the world, hope that there is a Savior who is greater than all the Evil, and hope that He is coming back because He loves me.

Yes, I see everything through my God-lens, I know, but how can you not?  God created this world and for me He is my world.


15 April 2013

Paleo Challenge

Well, Micah is 3 weeks old and I finally feel totally back to normal.  Sara and I went food shopping yesterday at the farmer's market to begin our Paleo Diet this Monday.

This diet is very strict.  NO dairy, NO grains, NO alcohol, NO sugar, NO beans, and NO cheating!

I spent over $25 at the farmer's market on fruits and veggies, and $92 at the grocery store on meats, and other necessities.  Eating healthy is more expensive!

John is also excited we are doing this because we all need to get back into shape after the baby, he wants to lift/workout more, and I still have 11lbs to lose.  I lost 20lbs really quickly but I need to get rid of the last few lbs.

Breast feeding is certainly helping!  Plus keeping up with Julia and Mark is another calorie burner!  Wish Sara and I luck!  We are doing Paleo for 6 weeks...we stop on May 27th...Mark's 4th birthday!  At least I will have cake on my big boy's big day!


12 April 2013

My Angelically Good Baby

Micah Justice, also known around here as angel baby or MJ, has been absolutely wonderful.

He nurses, poops, and sleeps...in that order.  He's not much of a fussy baby, he loves to be held and snuggled, he goes to everyone, and he acutally lets mommy sleep at night.

The only heart attack he has given me so far is last week his belly button thingy came off early and there was some bleeding, but we took him to the pediatrician and it was no big deal.  But  that has been it.  He has the softest skin and sweetest blue eyes.  He is so strong already.  He even tries to hold up his head and stand up in my lap!

He is napping right now which means I have free hands to blog which is a rarity these days...

I have some awesome posts coming up entitled:

Argo the Movie
The Paleo Challenge
The Big Kids
Life with a Newborn


11 April 2013

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I've been so thankful for the extra help and the extra hands in my home.

Sara comes over from work every Monday and plays with the kids, gives the big kids baths and then gets everyone ready and dressed for bed while I take care of Micah.

She helps me set the table for dinner, clear the table, she does the dishes, she's just amazing.

I'm so thankful for her and the help she has been for me.  I don't like to ask for help but with three kids and one of which is a newborn I'm realizing how outnumbered I am!

Thank you Sara, you are a great sister!!!


03 April 2013

My Marvelous Mom

There is something about having a baby that makes you realize how marvelous your own mother is and has been in your own life.

Since Micah has been born, and even prior to the birth, mom has come over and taken the big kids out for walks, out for errands, and picnics in the park.

Today, like many other days, she just texted that she would be in the area and would love to take the big kids off my hands.  Even though we hadn't gotten to our home school time, it was after Bible Study Fellowship and I said to myself, "Self, you could use a break, and your house could use some cleaning."  So I quickly said yes and mom picked up the kids at noon with lunches in hand they ran off to do some food shopping with her.  Anything with Grandma Donna is fun.  Even a trip to the Farmer's Market is an adventure.

And believe you me the past hour and a half, with my sleeping newborn, I have been able to do laundry, the garbage, the dishes, folded clothes, dusted, ate, and even gone to the bathroom!!! As a mother of 3 you rarely get to go to the bathroom when you need to go, I'm discovering.  And since I'm breastfeeding I am ALWAYS hungry!

So, a big thank you to my marvelous mom!


02 April 2013

The Adventures of Julia and Marky

Julia and Mark have been on Spring Break this week which has worked out so well being that I actually had the baby on Monday!

Each day this week has been an adventure not only because Micah our newborn was born, but because the two big kids have been spoiled by someone every day this week and taken on an adventure.

First I wanted to comment on their shirts.  This is what they wore to the hospital on Monday evening to meet their baby brother.  Aren't they delicious?

They wore their shirts proudly, let me tell you!

Okay here is their adventure:

Day 1 Monday: Woke up to Grandpa Jack and Grandma Judy taking care of them.  Julia set the table for breakfast while Marky climbed into bed with Grandpa Jack.  They ate, got dressed and played and waited for Grandma Donna to come over.  Then they did some painting, ate lunch and waited to hear all about Micah being born.  Daddy came home from the hospital (after not sleeping all night and helping me labor all day poor guy) and picked up the kids so they could come back to the hospital and meet Micah.

Day 2 Tuesday: Daddy took care of the kids on Tuesday morning and brought them to the hospital in the afternoon so they could see me and see the baby again.  Then Grandma Judy and Grandpa Jack brought them back home for a nap.  Lisa Coyle and her kids picked the kids up after nap and brought them to her house to play.  Oh, my word!  They had a blast!  Her big kids played with Julia and Mark, and let them jump on the beds, play with all the fun toys in the basement.  Lisa fed them, gave them treats, Lisa dropped off flowers and food at my house, and got Micah a gift.  When we left the hospital and came to pick up the kids both of them informed me they wanted to be a Coyle!

Day 3 Wednesday: This was Daddy day!  First we all brought Micah to see our pediatrician, Dr. Shih.  Micah now weighs 8.6lbs.  I had to fill out lots of paperwork.  John took the kids out shopping to a few stores and they got ice cream.  John wanted to get new furniture for the boys room so he took the kids to Ikea to walk around and pick things out.  They were so good they stopped at Wendy's for chocolate frosties!

Day 4 Thursday: The kids went to Aunt Laurie's taekwondo school today since they had spring break camp.  She picked them up around 10:30 am and brought them back around 2:30 and they were so tired from all the exercises and games.  They learned how to play dodge ball, and some cool moves from the big kids.  There was lots of fun going on there.  Thank you Aunt Laurie for taking the kids and wearing them out!  They slept great at nap time!

Day 5 Friday: We had our family newborn photo shoot today and then my mom took the kids to the park for a picnic and play time for 3 hours.  They came back so happy and tired.  She always knows how to wear them out too!  I love it.


Amy & Aaron Delmanto

We have had an outpouring of people bringing us gifts, dropping off meals, calling us,writing us, knitting hats for us, watching our big kids, all because our son Micah was born.

I wanted to take the time to thank each family who has blessed us as we welcome our newest member, Micah, to our family team.  I can't believe he is already one week old!

A huge thank you to Amy and Aaron Delmanto who brought us over a meal yesterday.  Spaghetti and Chicken Parmesan has to be one of our favorite family meals.  In fact, the day we left the hospital, John took me to the Olive Garden, and that's exactly what I ordered!

Amy came over yesterday for a pop over visit to bring Julia and Mark gifts (they were so happy) and Micah a new outfit, and Lindy Imranyi knitted/crocheted (I don't know which, I'm so bad at that stuff) a beautiful blue hat for Micah...I love hats on boys!  And she is one crafty woman!  Thank you Lindy!

Amy and I both are teachers by trade and we are both a bit of control freaks.  Perhaps that is why she didn't ask me if she could bring a meal, she knew to just say, "Hey Kristi, I'm bringing over a meal on Monday!"  How can I say no to that?  And Aaron her husband sure can cook!  He made us bruscetta appetizers with fresh veggies and goat cheese on top...so good!  And the chicken and spaghetti are practically gone!

I have to say, having a baby is a lot easier when people spoil you rotten and help you no matter what!  Thank you Amy, Aaron and Lindy!  You guys are awesome!

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